Home Flooring Luxury Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl Flooring, Which one is Better For You?

Luxury Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl Flooring, Which one is Better For You?

by Dylan Johnson
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Luxury Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl Flooring – When moisture and stain resistance are the most increasing issues, vinyl flooring comes as the best options.

However, it would be very confusing when you must decide a flooring for your home. Thus, we pack the expected review to help you learn the key differences of luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring.

Sheet vinyl is typically the best choice for wet locations where the issues are all about moisture and stain.

Some wet locations noticed are bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. Different from sheet vinyl, the standard vinyl is constructed from a thin layer with the printed design protected by the coating for covering.

Therefore, standard vinyl is susceptible to tearing and gouging. It can be hard underfoot if installed over concrete.

For this reason, the vinyl flooring manufacturers go with an innovation to produce a new kind of vinyl that is luxury vinyl flooring. People popularly call it LVF.

This kind of vinyl is available in semi-rigid planks (LVP) or tiles (LVT) with the same installation method that is click-lock like you find in laminate flooring.

Unfortunately, luxury vinyl stood out only until 1980s though it was introduced in 1970s.

Nowadays, people widely use laminate flooring as the best second option after the hardwood and stone tiles.

To help you understand luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring better, here we come with the review of both luxury vinyl and the standard vinyl flooring.

The topics we are going to present here in the article includes the major differences, appearance, water and heat resistance, care and cleaning, durability and maintenance, installation, cost, lifespan, sizes, resale value, comfort and sound, the final words and the top brands you may want to know.

So here are the complete review:

The Major Differences of Standard Vinyl Vs Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Available in flexible sheets or in square tiles, standard vinyl flooring is made of a thin backing layer of fiberglass bonded to a thin layer of solid vinyl.

Later, this layer is printed along with the design and covered by the transparent protective coating.

Standard vinyl flooring is created with a very thin and flexible layer along with just 10 to 15 mill wear layer.

On the other hand, luxury vinyl is manufactured differently though the PVC vinyl is similar.

Luxury vinyl is created with multi-ply planks or tiles. Its wear layers ranges from 2 to 8 mm thick, making this flooring thicker than the standard vinyl.

Thus, luxury vinyl flooring is categorized into the flooring type with semi-rigid nature.

Further, luxury vinyl comes with the considerably construction that is 6 to 8 layers of materials along with the clear top-coat layer to offer shiny look, a clear wear layer to give protection to the design and a design layer to make the image printed as well as a cushion layer of foam to allow the flooring to be comfortable to step on. It doesn’t stop here.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also designed with the fiberglass and solid PVC backing layer to add such strength and rigidity.

Luxury vinyl with the stone look is usually composed of ground mineral content that is usually pulverized limestone.

Look at the table below to see the clear differences of luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring at a glance.

Standard Vinyl FlooringLuxury Vinyl Flooring
Dimension6 -12 foot rolls; 6-18 inch square tiles4 ½ x 48 inch planks; 12-18 inch square tiles
InstallationFull-glue-down bondClick-lock edge joints; floating installation
ThicknessVery thinThicker, more rigid construction
Cost$0.50-$2 per square foot$2 to $7 per square foot
DurabilityLast for 10-15 yearsLast for 25 years
Real estate valueBargain flooringMore prestigious


Appearance is usually the second best thing to consider in evaluating luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring.

Truly, both the standard vinyl sheet and tiles are designed to mimic the ceramic or stone tule.

There are many designs, colors and patterns available in this vinyl flooring that also look like wood.

However, due to the smooth wear layer and solid surface along with the easy-crack planks, people think twice to pick up standard vinyl flooring.

Nearly similar to the standard vinyl, the luxury vinyl plank is designed to resemble the other flooring but in a wood look while the luxury vinyl tile is designed to mimic the ceramic tile look.

Today, people can convince themselves to choose the newest form of luxury vinyl due to the availability of colors and styles.

So which of the vinyl flooring will be the best for appearance?

The answer is luxury vinyl. Either tiled or planks, luxury vinyl flooring offers the more realistic look of wood and stone tile.

Water and Heat Resistance

Both the standard and the luxury vinyl flooring type have an excellent feature of water resistance.

Thanks to the materials that are completely waterproof, making them the best choices for wet locations such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, basement and kitchens.

Standard vinyl flooring comes with a fewer seams to let the water to seep down through the subfloor while the luxury one is completely synthetic material, making it more resistant to water damage.

However, the number of seams between the planks and tiles potentially let the water to penetrate the underlayment.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for water and heat resistance?

The answer is the standard vinyl. For the heat issues, both of the vinyl types are tolerable with the normal heat such as the direct sunlight.

However, it is strongly recommended that you not bear them up under the extreme heat. So be aware of the dropping hot pan onto the vinyl floor.

Care and Cleaning

Luckily, the both types of vinyl flooring use the same cleaning techniques.

For regular cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming are just the two best ways to keep the floors always clean.

If spills and stains are noticed, be ready the wipe them up as soon as possible. Weekly dam mopping can be the most effective way to remove the difficult stains.

In this way, you can mix the mild soap with the warm water. Remember, don’t use wax or sealers since they can damage the shiny wear layer.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for care and cleaning?

The answer is tie. None of them provide the benefits when it comes to talk about care and cleaning.

Durability and Maintenance

Due to the soft surface in the flooring construction, the standard vinyl is prone to scratches, tears and dents.

People rarely repair the damages. It is likely that you must replace the damaged planks or cover them with the plank if there is any plank damaged.

On the contrary, the luxury vinyl appears to be more durable due to its thicker wear layer.

Replacing the damaged plank with the new one is common. Direct sunlight can cause the luxury vinyl to fade.

So you are much recommended to use the shading windows to avoid the issue.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for durability and maintenance?

The answer is the luxury vinyl. The thicker layer of luxury vinyl makes it highly durable. Furthermore, it is also easier to repair the damaged luxury floors.


Installation is just the next thing to open up in this luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring review.

When you take a quick read at the table of major differences between the luxury vinyl and standard vinyl we have stated above, it is clear that the standard sheet vinyl uses a full-glued-down installation technique. The glue will definitely secure the flooring to the underlayment.

Some types of standard vinyl flooring can be installed using the perimeter adhesive to secure the flooring around the edges only and along the seams. Glue-down installation technique is also used by standard vinyl tile.

On the other hand, the luxury vinyl flooring comes with a click-clock installation system in which the edges of the tiles or planks are interlocked.

Luxury vinyl comes also as floating floors so that it requires no adhesive. However, for particular circumstances, glue-down technique is used as well.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for installation?

The answer is luxury vinyl flooring. Further, luxury vinyl flooring is also available and easier for DIY installation.

Meanwhile, the standard form is hard to install, requiring the professional for the good and proper installation.


Have you had an estimation about the cost of luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring?

In this regards, the standard vinyl flooring offers the more affordable price which ranges from $.50 to $2 per square foot. You can get this price at the big box home improvement stores.

Not only the materials that are affordable to reach but also the installation. A professional installation costs $1 to $2 per square foot.

On the other hand, you can purchase the luxury vinyl flooring at $2 to $4 per square foot. Some designers grab this luxury vinyl at specialty flooring stores with the price of $7 or more per square foot.

Since DIY installation is available for this flooring, some homeowners feel happy to be able to cut down the installation budget.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for the cost?

The answer is the standard vinyl. This is because the flooring comes with the raw materials that are noticeably affordable.

However, luxury vinyl flooring can be much of advantage due to the DIY installation option.

Lifespan of Luxury Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl Flooring

It is well estimated that the standard vinyl flooring is expectable to last for 10 years. The high quality of this flooring can even last for 15 years.

Meanwhile, the luxury vinyl flooring is more durable than the standard vinyl. It can last up to 25 years as long as it is well maintained.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for lifespan?

The answer is definitely luxury vinyl. This is due to the thicker and heavier materials constructing the vinyl, making it highly durable and able to last longer.

Sizes of Luxury Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl Flooring

According to our finding on researching luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring, the standard sheet vinyl is available in 6 to 12 foot wide rolls while the tiles are usually 9-18 inches square.

On the other hand, the luxury vinyl typically has 48 in. x 4 ½ in. size for the planks and 16 x 16 inches for the tiles.

If you need the smaller as well as the larger size if this luxury vinyl, you can just have it since it is available in many different sizes.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for size?

There is no noticeable size benefits on both luxury vinyl and standard vinyl flooring.

Resale Value

So you are planning to move out, then you must pick up the flooring with a good resale value.

In this regards, the standard sheet vinyl is considered as a bargain flooring. It improves nothing to the real estate value.

Similarly, the luxury vinyl tiles or planks do not come with the convincing resale value either. However, it is probably better than the laminate flooring.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for resale value?

The answer is luxury vinyl. It is quite possible that this kind of vinyl flooring offers more resale value than the standard vinyl flooring.

Comfort and Sound

Due to the thin material constructing the standard vinyl, you may find it hard and cold underfoot particularly when it is installed on the concrete subfloor. Differently, luxury vinyl comes with the thicker layer, making it soft underfoot.

The sound-blocking properties possessed by this flooring is also better that that of the standard vinyl flooring.

Furthermore, the luxury vinyl flooring is designed with cork or foam underlayment layers, making it superior for comfort compared to laminate flooring.

So which of the vinyl flooring type will be the best for comfort and sound?

The answer is luxury vinyl flooring. This flooring type proves best to provide underfoot comfort as well as sound transmission.

Top Brands of Luxury Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl Flooring

Both luxury vinyl and standard vinyl flooring are available in home improvement centers because most manufacturers produce these floors in term of sheet and tile as well as plank.

Here are the major brands you can check out to lead you find the best flooring product as you expected.


Either for sheet standard vinyl or luxury vinyl planks and tiles, Armstrong offers the engineered tiles series combined with the luxury vinyl which is completed with the pulverized mineral substance, in this case is the limestone.


Shaw is the flooring manufacturer that offers the full range of premium-quality of standard sheet vinyl as well as the luxury vinyl planks and tiles.


In our luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring review, we would also mention that Mohawk is a flooring company comes with the impressive collection of 600 styles and more. In this case, both standard vinyl and luxury vinyl are available in Mohawk.


COREtec is a flooring company that focuses on producing luxury vinyl only, either planks or tiles. COREtec comes with the higher price which is ranging from $6 to $8 per square foot.

However, it has a unique construction called a cork underlayment functioning to offer softness and good thermal insulation.

Typically, their flooring products are mostly easy to install.

Final Words

In short, you must carefully evaluate luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl flooring if you want to find the suitable choice for your home flooring.

In this case, the luxury vinyl is a better choice if you can afford the price.

By comparison, the standard vinyl flooring may be good if you don’t have enough budget. The standard vinyl is a standard choice for your family due to its waterproof feature.