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Mannington Laminate Review

Mannington Laminate Review and the Quality Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

It is highly advisable that you read Mannington laminate review before buying the brand or installing the floor.

It is pretty understandable that most homeowners are often tangled in the complication and overwhelming sensation of choosing the right floor.

You probably have been thinking about remodeling the house and changing the floor. Or you probably have just bought a house and you want to have a completely new floor.

But what should you consider before you buy anything?

Laminate vs Hardwood Floor

Most homeowners pick hardwood floor because of the gorgeous and natural effect.

When you install hardwood at home, you will immediately get that gorgeous and beautiful effect and you don’t have to do anything else.

The problem is, hardwood is super costly. Not to mention that it is also difficult for cleaning and maintenance. You need to really pay careful attention about the cleaning.

You can’t leave any spills left unattended because it will lead to stains. And let’s not forget that hardwood is vulnerable against water. When you have hardwood and your house is flooded, then you are doomed.

It’s because wood is natural element, which means that it is porous. Water can easily seep into the inside, creating damages and havoc from the inner side.

When water gets to the inner side of the wood, it can cause warp, buckle, and other damages.

That’s why laminate is now becoming a popular option for budget conscious homeowners. Laminate is more resilient and it is basically stronger than hardwood.

Laminate can deal with moisture quite well because it is an engineered material, which means that it isn’t porous. It won’t be able to soak up moisture in.

Moreover, it isn’t difficult to clean or maintain. If you don’t want to spend a lot of times doing the clean and care, then laminate would be a perfect go for you.

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Today’s Modern Laminate Floor

But isn’t laminate floor cheesy and somewhat lame?

Won’t you get that lousy and cheap look when you install it at home?

Well, here’s good news about today’s modern (laminate) floor: it can look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful even mimic the look of natural elements (such as wood or stone) just perfectly.

The floor has undergone impressive development. Fifty years of time is a pretty long and it should be enough to perform quite extensive improvement.

You won’t have to worry about the cheesy look or lousy effect anymore. As it was mentioned before, today’s laminate floor comes with advanced technology. It can even imitate the look of stone or wood flawlessly.

In some premium brands, you can even tell the difference between wood-look alike laminate floor and the real hardwood floor.

And what about Mannington floor?

This is the reason why you are advised to read Mannington laminate review. You can learn about the strength and flaws of the floor from other users’ experience or perspective. The review can help you in making a decision.

About Mannington Products

If you read Mannington floor review, you’ll know that the company has been around since 1915. This is one of the oldest vinyl and laminate flooring manufacturers in the industry.

The name has its own reputation as a professional name in luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl sector. And now, they are expanding their business to laminate sector.

You also need to consider the availability and easy find. This is one brand that you won’t find easily at the local and big-box hardware retailers. This is the brand that you particularly find at specialty flooring suppliers or retailers.

If you want popular picks, then Mannington would not be the popular pick. But if you are willing to dig through specialty retailers and spend extra efforts for the floor, then you should go for Mannington products.

Style Choices and the Collections

If you check the Mannington laminate review, you’ll know that Mannington has different types of collections for their laminate lines.

They are Coordinations, Revolutions, Value Lock, and Restorations. If you want to learn more about each of the collections, feel free to visit the website.

The company has quite useful and informative website that can give you handy insight and information about the collections. Feel free to perform the search based on the color shade or palette in general.

  • Restoration

This collection has ½ inches of thickness around 12mm along with 6 inches of width and high density core. Within this collection alone, you can find more than 50 different species and colors.

You can even find more than a color option in woods, like hickory, oak, pine, and maple. If you are looking for fun options and exotic choices, this is your go-to line.

Whiskey Mill Barrel or Driftwood is some of the examples of the line. This is about distressed looks and more cutting-edge feel.

  • Revolutions

This collection implements high-end technology, called as NatureForm Optix that is able to imitate the look and feel of real wood.

However, the planks are smaller. The overall width is only 5 inches but you get a real hardwood appearance. And another downside is the limited color options.

The previous collection has more than 50, but this one only has 18, ranging from walnut to cherry. The colors themselves are more traditional and less sophisticated.

But if you are more into classic and traditional look, then this collection would be more suitable for you.

  • Coordinations

This one uses the so-called NatureForm finish so the planks have this natural feel of wood grain. This collection has wider planks around 7 inches in width.

When it comes to color options, this one has pretty a lot of options, which is similar to Restorations.

They have more than 50 options, along with the extra patented coating (known as SpillShield). Thanks to this coating, the Coordinations is pretty unique and special.

The SpillShield itself is a special coat that would fight against spills and moisture longer up to around 72 hours.

It means that the planks can be freely used in any room and areas of the house, even in laundry rooms and bathrooms.

  • Value-Lock

This collection is especially designed for budget conscious homeowners. The planks are available in 7 inches of width planks.

Unfortunately, the line only has 5 color options. And those colors aren’t unique or special either.

Moreover, the warranty is shorter than the others only lasting to 15 years.

Warranty Types Mannington Laminate

If you want to learn more about Mannington laminate review, you can learn about their types of warranties.

The products generally offer 25 years of warranty because they include AquaEdges (locking) technique and Melamine Wearsurface patented coating.

The combination of these features would protect the floor, especially when dealing with moisture penetration.

Penetration between the planks is an issue that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. But before you make any decision, you need to read this article until the end.

Health and Environmental Benefits

Because of the recycled wood core, Mannington laminate floor is considered a green option. Instead of wasting the wood, it is included in the production process.

Moreover, the four collections of Mannington products have FloorScore certificate. This is crucial because floor score is designed to promote indoor air performance and quality and it is based on the industry standard.

Some materials are dangerous because they produce (and emit) dangerous substance. It is known as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that makes people unhealthy or sick.

If the flooring products have FloorScore certificate, it means that they are safe. If you want to build a green house complying to LEED requirements, then choosing floor products having the FloorScore certificate would be crucial. Based on Mannington laminate review, the floor products are quite safe.

The Pros and Cons Mannington Laminate

Many positive Mannington laminate review say that the floor is pretty good in quality. They are durable and sturdy, and they have impressive performance.

But the company had different policies after 2015, which has affected the overall service and quality of the floor (and the reputation of the company).

Before 2015, the company had professional service. They were able to deliver professional service. They honored the warranties.

Whenever there were low-quality items or defect products, they would replace them right away. But then, the policy changed.

They would require personal inspection by the inspector (chosen by the company) concerning the installed floor.

Then the inspector would authorize whether refund or replacement can be done. And up to now, it is the company who sends the inspector.

And somehow, the inspector would always be able to put the blame on the installers or the homeowners.

These are serious accusations and pretty harsh too. No one would be able to claim these are true or not.

However, you should read as many Mannington laminate review as possible. You may find many of them saying the same thing. So, the decision and the option are yours completely.

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The Verdict Mannington Laminate Review

Be careful about what you are about to choose for your floor. It doesn’t mean that Mannington floor is bad or such thing alike, but you need to consider and assess the risks too.

When it comes to floors, there is nothing right or wrong. Browse more for Mannington laminate review so you can really understand the floor completely.