Moduleo Vinyl Plank Review for Your Flooring Consideration

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Moduleo Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

It would never seems that you are going to find a perfect floor even though you might think of Belgian products which come with the velvet chocolate, tasty waffles and imported beer. Sadly, even the TV shows with the flooring commercial breaks will not lead you to exactly find the idea of the floor. This is when the Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review comes into play.

So let’s just focus on Moduleo which is a part of the IVC group owned by Mohawk industries.

Getting started in Belgium, the manufacturer has been a leading vinyl flooring company both in the United States and Europe.

There are three lines of vinyl planks of Moduleo in the US. Those are Embellish, Horizon and Vision.

These are all designed with the great features of stain, scratch and water resistance. They can even be installed using both a glued and locking technique.

To understand more about Moduleo vinyl plank, here we come with the detailed review sections including the difference of Embellish, Horizon and Vision, pricing, eco-friendly feature, durability, installation options, customers’ reviews and the final thoughts.

So don’t wait a second. Scroll down the page and get what Moduleo offers over the manufacturer claims.

The Differences of Embellish, Horizon and Vision

Before we talk about price, this Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review is going to show you the differences of the three lines of Moduleo vinyl plank.

Embellish come with the high-end features including the 11 color variations and the width of planks which is 9.5 inch along with the wear layer of 22mil and a lifetime warranty for residential use.

The second one, Horizon, is the mid-rage line of Moduleo plank. It offers 21 varieties including wood and stone patterns.

Horizon planks with the standard option have 52 inch long and 75 inch wide. The series also comes with the 20mil wear layer and 30  year warranty for residential use.

Vision, which is the last collection of Moduleo vinyl planks is designed with the same dimension as Horizon.

However, it offers 26 variations along with the 20 year residential warranty and 12mil wear layer.

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Moduleo Vinyl Plank Pricing

When it comes to a product pricing, people often become too sensitive.

In this case, the average price set by the individual retailers is approximately $3 to $6 per square foot.

However, it is just the price of the planks materials. You still need to calculate the price of underlayment, adhesives, and installation tools as well as cost of hiring the professional installer if possible. These expenses look small but add up fast.

Moduleo vinyl planks are usually available on some online sites. If you want to order them in an online store, make sure you check out the reviews, return and shipping policies of the manufacturer.

You can look for either a free sample of the paid one before finally ordering and purchasing the products in a large scale.

This is aimed to help you look at the flooring product details including the colors, styles and patterns.

One more thing to remember about purchasing vinyl planks is that you must be sure to present the delivery day when you will receive the package no matter you buy them online or at the local market.

Don’t forget take a picture any shipping damage. Be ready with the delivery paperwork and sign with “subject to inspection” when the driver doesn’t want to wait for your inspection over the products.

Once you notice a damage, you had better contact the store as soon as possible. Perhaps, the warranty covers such damage so that you can ask a replacement.

Eco-Friendly Feature

The Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review we are presenting today is also questioning whether or not the planks are eco-friendly.

In this case, you have probably heard that vinyl floors emit a certain amount of toxic chemicals into thin air, making the environment unhealthy.

This has become a special concerns dealing with the way on how to find a solution. Due to the consumer reports about these concerns, the manufacturers offer the helpful tips in relation to installing vinyl planks at home.

In this regards, Moduleo vinyl planks are popular with their environmentally consciousness.

The manufacturer produces the flooring products which is 50% made of recycled materials.

Vinyl is also certified green and produced based on the government formaldehyde emission guidelines.

Luckily, Moduleo planks also have SCS Global certificate, meaning that the products have passed the test about environment safety.

Thus, Moduleo is best described as one of the industry fore-runners in safeguarding.

As we have mentioned, Module vinyl planks are constructed from the recyclable materials, meaning that years from now they can be reused as a useful material instead of blocking up the landfills.

Module Vinyl Plank Durability

Durability is the next important thing to check out after the pricing. Here we are also going to share you information about Module vinyl planks durability in our Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review.

In this case, this kind of vinyl planks are considered scratch resistant, making them rarely get damaged, as the manufacturer’s claim.

However, the manufacturer keep suggesting that you not install the vinyl on areas with the large pets, high-heels and several furniture. These are all potentially causing damage to the floors over time.

Module vinyl planks manufacturer also warns not to do rolling loads as they are also causing harm to the planks. This can be a real dealbreaker if your family often uses a mobility aid.

What else?

To support the durability of Modul vinyl planks, avoiding direct sunlight for a long period is a must.

If you are installing this floor to the open areas where there are lots of direct sunlight coming into the room, use the floor mats or window coverings. These will enable you to reduce the effects of fading.

When spills and pets accidents are unavoidable, once you notice them, you must immediately wipe them up.

In this case, Moduelo provides you with a cleaning guide which is written and presented in detail so that you can follow the instructions on how to treat the stains and daily spills on your floors.

If you are able to perform these daily maintenance well, you will also be able to keep the floors highly durable.

However, most people say that daily maintenance is rarely required. They tend to clean the floors with the damp cloth.

Moduleo Vinyl Plank Installation Options

How lucky we are! Module vinyl planks are available in both glued versions and click lock technique.

If you want the easy installation, you can select to use the click and lock installation technique at which you just need to connect each board to the next ones by using the attached beveled edges.

Once you finish locking the floors, you can flatten the seams using the hand roller. Next, tap down the sides using the vinyl scrap piece.

Stagger the vinyl planks at 6 inch minimum and provide ¼ inch for the expansion at the walls. In this case, don’t install the vinyl on the expansion joints since it can cause a buckling.

Alternatively, gluing down the floors with the aid of adhesive can be a good option to consider.

For most installers, glued down installation technique is preferable and more common since it can guard against water seepage and shifting.

Remember, gluing down the vinyl planks needs some additional materials such as 100lb roller, extra preparation and extra drying time as well.

Our Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review also state that whatever installation option you take, make sure that the existing floors must meet the requirements set by the manufacturer.

In this relation, you cannot install Moduleo vinyl planks over the carpet, laminate or cushioned floor.

You must also pay attention to the precautions including the humidity and temperature changes, storage and acclimatization guidelines. These are aimed to prevent the damaged to your vinyl floors.

One more! If you lay this flooring over the radiant heating system, make sure you let the floors to saty for 24 hours before and after the installation.

What The Reviews Say

The realistic appearance offered by this vinyl planks is mostly impress people out there.

In this regards, some reviewers say that the flooring is much comfortable and can withstand the everyday abuse.

On the contrary, some discussions come with the issues about shifting and curling over the planks.

Either the homeowners or the professionals have recognized the issues on the temperature sensitivity, faulty click and lock mechanism as well as delamination.

In any products, the unhappy reviewers review more that the happy ones. The negative posts mostly talk about the improper installation, not the flooring quality.

In this case, when issues are arising from times to times, the customers seem frustrated.

The manufacturers always come with the products featuring stain and scratch resistance.

However, you need to look up some other brands before finally purchasing a product. This way, Moduleo comes with the informative videos posted on Youtube channel. Go surfing it!

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Final Thoughts Moduleo Vinyl Plank Review

Finally, this Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review proves that this flooring is worthy enough to consider. The styles variations are undoubted.

However, it isn’t perfect for everyone. It would be more complicated if you decide to choose DIY installation option.

Dealing with the installation, some reviewers say that click-lock is the easier technique. However, the warranty is not available for the break.

One positive side of Module vinyl flooring is the unique sizes that are much attractive for everyone who are looking for either classic or modern style.

This vinyl flooring planks are actually designed with the realistic textured compared to any other brands.

They are also reasonable in price and available in many online stores as well as at the local retailers.

To summarize, this Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review states that it is good as a mid-range choice if you want a flooring type in a wood look.

Now if you really want to have this floor at your home, don’t forget to share how you feel about them. Give your comments or visit us on our social media.

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