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Milliken Carpet Reviews

Milliken Carpet Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Milliken Carpet Reviews – Have you ever walked through a government building, office or high-end commercial place several decades ago? There you might have stepped on Milliken carpet.

Milliken is one of the carpet company offering an impressive reach including flooring either for residential or for commercial usage. Most of the carpet products from Milliken are used widely in sectors like schools and hotels.

While there are a number of products offered, we would like to focus on reviewing the carpet collection.

So let’s go ahead to the content which includes the unique technology from Milliken carpet, Milliken carpet collections, the green factor, Milliken carper cost and availability and conclusion. We would also include some frequently asked questions for additional information.

Here are the details of the reviews to check out:

The Unique Technologies from Milliken Carpet

Historically, Milliken has been entering the textile business for more than a hundred years. Accordingly, there have been innovations that helped keep the company at the top rank while others come and gone.

This way, the company still stand out with the new ways to invite the consumers. One of the ways used to produce favorable carpet is called StainSmart.

StainSmart is the technology used on Milliken carpet to add resistance feature to the carpets so that they are able to fight against dirt and stain.

In this case, the StainSmart works by preventing the dirt and stain from bonding the carpet’s fiber. This leads to a breeze maintenance.

There is also a full line of branded adhesives like TractionBack and Mosaic Moisture XT-Spray which are particularly designed to deal with the modular carpet and LVT.

Milliken is aware of a case when the carpet can even break because of padding. As a solution, WellBAC Cushion Backing is developed through the technology to provide supports and prolong the carpet lifespan.

WellBAC Cushion Backing is just standard on all of Milliken carpet. It is permeable enough to deal with moisture problem and significantly reduce the noise.

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Milliken Carpet Collections

There are definitely varieties of Milliken carpet at which you can find a pattern that may be challenging for consumers. This way, the company groups the carpet products into some different collections.

However, to narrow your choice, you can just sort the carpet options based on the market type, fiber, primary color and many other. Accordingly, carpets from Milliken come with two sections: Broadloom and Modular carpet.

Milliken Broadloom Carpet

Milliken has been popular for their modular carpet. They offer a solid range of broadloom carpet, too. Based on their catalog, Milliken carpets are mostly used in Hospitality sector. This way, they come with 34 different patterns available nowadays.

Noticeably, each of Milliken broadloom carpets has a distinctive style. The vibrant patterns include the Flora; Trace Field version of Force of Nature and Creo which is inspired by Brazilian street artists.

If you want more eye-catching patterns, you will have Modern Masters and Altered Form. On the other hand, the end of spectrum offers Lincoln Park.

Most of the carpets offered for Hospitality are constructed from Nylon apart from a few blended wool choices. The Company’s broadloom deals the carpet collection with six patterns only.

Each of these patterns is designed for living centers aimed for senior. As anybody expects, the carpet patterns are tamer along with the cut-pile construction. Further, they are made from Nylon 6,6.

For residential broadloom carpet, Milliken offer five styles for your selection. The best options for most homeowners are usually Hardanger and Crystal Stitch. These two options offer simplicity for those who likes something simple.

Hardanger is a series of lightly patterned carpet while Crystal Stitch is offering a palette of solid and calming colors. In these five residential styles, there are more than 80 designs, leading to hundreds of combinations.

Milliken Modular Carpet

If you prefer something that is truly unique either for your home sweet home or for your business, Milliken modular carpet is very much considerable from our reviews.

This carper collection from Milliken is also considered ideal if you want to mix the carpet tiles with the other flooring types like D2, OBEX and Milliken LVT.

This time, there is no residential Milliken modular carpet available in the company’s website. However, you can still use their modular system wherever you would like.

Milliken modular carpet has 69 styles in all. Each of the styles comes with its own selection of colors and designs like the company’s broadloom carpet collection. Though it makes it impossible to cover every combination, some options stand out more than others.

Milliken modular carpet pattern becomes one of the consumer favorites. It is Sound and Fury. Though there are only two designs, but the color palette lets them blend in with many kinds of room style.

Among the homeowners, Latitude is the popular option they pick up. Latitude can flow seamlessly along with the styles like Color Field and Southern Analog.

Different patterns are available with the modular carpet collection along with the solid hues feature. For example, Multiform offers 20 different colors ranging from the vibrant colors like Elation to the mossy green of Uplift. Nordic Stories Americas comes with calming color options and five styles as well as 20 color combinations.

Other interesting Milliken carpet collection in the Contract Carpet section is Color Thesis Artwork which is popular with its tie-dyed look, Encryption, Live Circuit and Heavy Meta.

This way, most of Milliken modular carpets are constructed from Nylon 6,6 or Nylon 6 along with the loop construction. There are also a few of cut and loop and tip-shear carpets provided by Milliken.

The Green Factor

While the fact that some companies have only started to adopt the environmentally-friendly practices is true, Milliken has been doing it for more than 100 years.

In producing the carpet, this company reuse the packaging in the early days before reducing their carbon footprint in the process of producing eco-friendly carpet.

All of Millieken’s plants have OSHA VPP STAR certification while their main facility in Georgia also has ISO-14001 certification.

The key standards are all exceeded in the carpet industry. This way, the company manages to reduce their carper production impact on the environment by 50% in 15 years only.

One thing to impress you all is the pledge of “No Carpet to Landfill” along with the programs like Sample Return that keeps snips from going into the garbage.

Milliken Carpet Cost and Availability

Unfortunately, it seems that many high-end brands including Milliken carpet is not available from hardware stores or other venues outside of the carpet industry based on reviews. This means that the carpet is available only under the umbrella of the company.

If you fall in love with their carpet products, you can track them down locally by visiting the large carpets and flooring stores in your local area. Alternatively, you can also use Rep locator tool that is usually displayed on the company’s website.

So if you are wondering how to find Milliken carpets, you cannot expect to have it soon.


Conclusively, our reviews about Milliken carpet is largely a go-to-brand option either for businesses or for other sectors that are willing to have modern styles of carpet. Milliken carpet is also high-end, making it suitable for most Hospitality sectors.

The modular carpet tiles enable the home designers as well as homeowners to come up with thousands of unique combinations. Modular carpets from Milliken are also socially responsible.

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FAQs Milliken Carpet Reviews

There are some frequently asked questions below to add your knowledge as well as fulfil your curiosity more about Milliken carpet. Perhaps, you have some similar questions:

Can I find the unique traditional style from Milliken?

Unfortunately, Milliken carpet offers most of modern styles.

Can I expect Milliken Carpet to have stain resistant?

Milliken Carpet is resistant to stain and dirt, so there is nothing to worry about.

Is there any residential carpet available from Milliken?

Residential carpet is available from Milliken especially in Broadloom Collection. There are five styles you can check out in the hardware stores. Note, the company does not include the residential carpet in its website, so you cannot find it online.

Is Milliken carpet affordable? Or is it expensive?

Unfortunately, there is no information about pricing either in the company’s website or in the other sources online. The best way to check with the price is visiting the hardware stores in your local area and asked them for the pricing information.

How can I purchase Milliken Carpet?

Since Milliken carpet is not available online, you can just go to the local hardware stores under the company’s umbrella. This means that you cannot find the products outside of the company’s umbrella.

What is the most impressive offering from Milliken carpet dealing with the green factor?

There is a pledge “No Carpet to Landfill” and Sample Return program that are considered good in case of environmental concern.

How can the company help me to track down the carpet products?

They offer Rap locator tool on their website to help you find the location where there are hardware stores selling Milliken carpet.