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What to Learn from Millstead Cork Flooring Review?

by Dylan Johnson

When homeowners are looking at many options of different flooring, they should also check reviews including Millstead cork flooring review. Cork flooring from this brand is known for its quality construction that is able to transform your living space into a gorgeous and natural crib without hurting your wallet and your surroundings.

Cork flooring is a type of bare and hard flooring with various perks and beneficial uses. If you are low on the budgets and yet you want to renovate or remodel the house, then cork flooring can be a good option.

Why Cork Flooring?

Cork floor has been increasing in popularity within the last few years. One of the reasons why cork is chosen as the main material is its renewable characteristic and its eco-friendly trait. You see, when you want to make flooring, you generally cut down a tree to get the log and the bark.

You cut and kill a tree for their logs and barks. But it isn’t applicable for the cork tree. Cork tree can live up to 250 years to 350 years where their full maturity happens when they are 25. The tree will naturally shed its bark once every 9 years.

Once the bark grown back, it can be harvested again. With the cork tree, you don’t have to kill or cut it. This environmentally-friendly manner won’t hurt Mother Earth and you aren’t burdened with guilty consciousness when using the floor.

Not to mention that cork floor will break down when it reaches its (life-cycle) end. You won’t have to worry that the waste may fill up the landfill or become pollutant to the environment.

This is one of the many reasons why cork flooring is favorable by homeowners. And Millstead products are manufactured through safe process and stages that are completely safe for the end finish.

No wonder if Millstead cork flooring review is filled with many positive feedbacks.

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You have to admit that hardwood flooring, like oak, has such a beautiful finish and solid wood quality. You can also be sure about the quality the floor can last for many years to come.

Unfortunately, this type of floor is generally expensive and costly and not all homeowners are able to afford it.

This is when cork flooring comes to use. The floor is able to create homey, natural, and gorgeous look without hurting the bank.

How about durability?

Will the floor be able to last for a long time?

It’s a good thing that cork flooring is pretty durable and solid. In general, the floor is able to last for 25 years give or take.

Depending on your way to care and maintain it, you can either prolong the life cycle or shorten it. If you read Millstead cork flooring review, you will see that many users have positive things about the quality and durability of the floor.

There are reviews where users have the floor for more than 5 years and the floor still looks as good as new.

A Glimpse of Millstead Cork Flooring 

You need to understand that the flooring industry is a pretty busy one. You should be able to find various names and brands in this industry. Those who are specializing themselves in cork flooring are also many, but not all of them are reliable and trusted.

Some may come with so-so quality, while some are able to deliver premium and high-quality items. Millstead Cork is one of the top-notch names in this industry.

Not only they are focusing themselves on creating reliable but eco-friendly materials, but they can also help create ideal homes without excessive spending.

Cork is perfect for high-traffic areas. And it has its impressive ‘bounce-back’ quality when dented. But then again, cork is PRONE to scratch, scuff, and dents. Being soft and plush has its own flaw.

Sure, the floor is comfortable on your feet, but the floor can also be easily dented with heavy objects. Although it is ideal for high traffic areas, but  it won’t stand high heels.

So, if you like wearing high heels, then cork flooring won’t be the perfect pick. Despite good Millstead cork flooring review, it isn’t resistant to puncture or pets’ claws.

Styles and Options

When compared to other brands that may a wide extension of cork flooring collections, the options at Millstead may be quite limited. The company wants to focus on the natural feel as well as natural look of the cork. That’s why they don’t produce many designs and styles.

Based on Millstead cork flooring review, they provide 3 major types of Smoke Mineral, Burnished Straw, and Natural. The colors are natural, imitating the shades, texture, and structure of the cork trees.

And the planks are around 5.5 inches in width and 3/8 inches in thickness. Such a construction is nice and convenient because it enables you to cover a wide range of area.

The greatest benefit of Millstead products is the unrefined and organic feel super ideal for nature lovers. The company doesn’t apply any photo layer to the top surface so each item is unique.

If you expect a uniformed look, then the cork floor from Millstead won’t be your best option. Expect to find a unique shape, hue, and anomaly on each item which is quite common for natural wood.

Millstead Cork Flooring (Overall) Cost

As it was mentioned before, cork flooring is relatively inexpensive when compared to other hardwood floor. For a square foot, you need to spend around $3 to $7. Unlike other brands, Millstead sells the products in bundles generally a 10-square-feet bundle.

They provide warranties for commercial setting and residential environment. They are pretty confident about the quality of their cork flooring, and they even have different kinds of warranty coverage.

You can find warranties for radiant heat, structural element, moisture, and such thing alike.

Don’t you love it when you can improve the look of the house without having to worry that your floor will be damaged or defected?

Millstead Cork Flooring Installation

Cork flooring is generally easy to install. It is pretty straightforward and direct. As long as you are willing to dedicate your time and energy and you don’t rush things then you will find cork flooring to be quite ideal and perfect for your own needs.

For Millstead products, you can use the floating type or the glue-down one. Floating floor means that you won’t need to nail or glue the floor down. The floor generally uses a click-into-place mechanism that is easily managed and installed.

Any floor can have such installation, as long as you have the clean subfloor and it is also smooth.

Another type is the nail or glue down type. You may require extra step and extra efforts, but there is nothing else. The glue down type is usually done at rooms where humidity is high at least higher than other rooms. Rooms like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens should use the glue down type.

And make sure that you give it enough time for the floor to adjust itself to the room’s environment around 48 hours to 72 hours before the installation. Leave the material inside the room for those long hours so potential breaking or cracking (during the installation) can be prevented.

Although Millstead cork flooring review is positive, you may want to reconsider the possibility of installing it in bathrooms or kitchens.

Wouldn’t it better if you can consider other materials?

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Millstead Cork Flooring Downsides

Despite all the great benefits of the floor, and also the positive Millstead cork flooring review, you still need to be ready for the possible flaws. After all, there is nothing 100% perfect and cork flooring isn’t resistant to such a downside.

As you are well-aware of, Millstead products are good in quality. They are durable, eco-friendly, and inexpensive. Homeowners with limited budgets will enjoy the greatest perks, including the beautiful visual appeal, artistic aspect, and eco-friendly nature. However, there are some downsides that you need to be prepared of.

First of all, such a floor isn’t completely waterproof. Yes, it is water resistant but it isn’t waterproof. The floor doesn’t absorb water or moisture, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t seep into the inner part and then cause damages to it.

If you want to strengthen the water resistant quality, you need to apply sealant on the surface. But you will have to reapply it at least twice a year, which means that you have extra work for the floor.

Moreover, the floor is also prone to puncturing and holes. If you like wearing high-heels, then you put your floor at risk because that types of shoes will definitely scratch the surface.

Cork flooring is not for everyone keep that in mind.  In the end, you can only do a thorough and clever research concerning the type of cork flooring you want and from which brand.

It is advisable to read Millstead cork flooring review, so you really know their best forte and their downsides too.