Mirage Hardwood Flooring Review

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Mirage Hardwood Flooring Review

There is never enough to talk about flooring either for your personal residence or for your business places. So here we come with Mirage hardwood flooring review that may be very helpful to share you with the ideas for the next flooring remodel or new flooring installation.

Mirage hardwood flooring is a kind of hardwood produced by Mirage Bills, the manufacturer that is very popular for its world finest hardwood floors collection.

However, we might still be wondering whether the products are the best option we could take. That’s what we are going to search and find the answer.

This time, we share you this article to deeply present the Mirage hardwood flooring review including the durability, warranty, cost, colors and styles, care and maintenance.

We will also include other related information from the trusted resources. So you don’t have to worry about gaining information as much as you wish.

Now keep reading to learn more.

Mirage Hardwood Flooring Durability

Since the durability is the first thing that people are often wondering about a flooring product, well, let us tell you more.

As the world’s finest hardwood manufacturer, Mirage Bills promises that it has the finest and the most durable hardwood floors you can consider purchasing.

It is not surprising that you will probably find it very expensive though you choose the product that is much budget-friendly.

However, the durability is worthy enough. A big question is: Is this claim true?

Unluckily, some complaints of few consumers are reported especially about the product’s weaknesses that are scratching and denting easily.

They stated that the damage occurs on their floors is noticeably having a typical use.

Weren’t they pay attention to the precautions such as putting off the shoes before stepping on the floors?

They said, they were. However, the damage tends to occur.

Other complaints come as the floors scratches are also caused by the pets’ nails and the heavy furniture.

In this case, you always trim your pets’ nails and using pads for the furniture legs are the best solution you can consideration to keep the floors standstill with the minimum problems.

What about the children?

Even when you have no children playing on the Mirage hardwood floors, it is quite possible that the damage is possibly occurring.

It can be because the households can usually scratch the floors especially on its surface.

In addition to complete the Mirage hardwood flooring review, some other consumers send also their complaints about the customer care services.

People say that the customer care services are not helpful enough to help resolve the problems.

In short, though it is claimed that Mirage hardwood flooring is durable, you can find it less durable when it scratches while you don’t know what to do with it since the customer service isn’t there for help.

Mirage Hardwood Flooring Warranty

Just after the durability, people may be asking for the product warranty for so many times.

Is your purchase backed by a warranty?

That’s a question you must be asking overtime, right? No worry!

Mirage hardwood products are added by the purchase warranties including not only the lifetime structural warranty but also a 35-year finish warranty with residential installation.

For some commercial use, the finish warranty is shorter at 3 to 5 years only.

Specifically, the structural warranty does not cover the products which are fading because of the excessive exposure to direct sunlight, damages caused by the pets’ nails and the damage caused by the installation under the over radiant heating systems.

Meanwhile, the finish warranty does not cover the damages caused by an improper maintenance and accidents, water damage, abrasive factors and pet claws.

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In this case, the warranty can even be a problem when so many consumers are having problems with their floors.

There will be no refund or hardwood replacement offered by the manufacturer for the damaged flooring.

To avoid this warranty issues, all you need to do is just finding the professional installer to install your Mirage hardwood flooring.

You must also perform the proper care and maintenance to minimize the damage on the floors.

Mirage Hardwood Flooring Cost

The next thing listed in our Mirage hardwood flooring review is the cost.

Knowing the fact of durability of the products and the restricted warranty provided by the manufacturer, you may ask whether the cost of this flooring type keep being expensive.

In fact, hardwood is one of the flooring types that come with the expensive price.

So how much will you pay for a Mirage hardwood purchasing?

Let’s start estimating based on the estimated cost below.

Hardwood flooring prices offered by Mirage manufacturer are about $4 to $10 per square foot.

For some exotic wood species, you will probably be required to pay $10 or even more per square foot.

This way, keep in mind that the prices are vary and might be different from one wood species to another.

This is due to the factors such as the brands and the location where you live and purchase.

However, the costs above are only the hardwood flooring materials.

They do not include the installation costs and the other additional materials costs required for the floors installation.

Particularly, the hardwood prices offered by Mirage are based on the style and size of the hardwood planks and the retailers at which you are purchasing the flooring products.

On the market, you will mostly find the prices ranging from $6 to $8.50 per square foot. And for some exotic species, you would find around $10 per square foot.

Compared to the other typical cost of hardwood flooring, Mirage hardwood offers higher prices. However, these are not the most expensive prices on the market.

Noticeably, for those who have only a limited budget cannot actually expect to buy this flooring. There are still many affordable options available out there.

If you think that these prices are just fitting your budget while the flooring products meet your requirement, you may pick it up soon either online or in some home improvement stores in your local areas.

Colors and Styles

Mirage hardwood flooring colors and styles are also best included in our Mirage hardwood flooring review.

Luckily, there are a large number of textures, colors and styles options available at Mirage.

This way, you always have choices to pick up Admiration, Exotic, Natural and Flair Herringbone which are all the Mirage best collection.

Truly, Mirage also comes with the matte, semi-gloss and ultra-matte finishes.

The textures includes the distressed, smooth, brushed and engraved while the colors come in white, brown, black, grey and beige.

You can also choose your favorable flooring types out of the various species such as maple, oak, read oak, walnut, African mahogany and Brazilian cherry.

Is there any Mirage hardwood colors and styles that make your heart just fall now?

Mirage Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

As the manufacturer promises, Mirage hardwood is design with the easy clean maintenance feature, allowing you to take care of the floors easily without taking any effortful cleaning action.

Most of the products manufactured by Mirage do not leave residue, thus, rinsing is not required.

However, if you want to deeply clean the hardwood floors using the other type of cleaning product, it is much recommended that you use the one without waxes.

Mirage hardwood flooring review also state that the manufacturer suggest you not to use steam mop, refreshers, and floor polishes.

They are all just contributing damages to your Mirage hardwood floors.

Next, you must also avoid water in order that the floors won’t be stained, buckled or even warped.

For a regular cleaning, you can always do sweeping using the broom and vacuuming using the vacuum cleaner.

You can do them regularly twice a week to keep the floors clean and look good as you wish. If there is a high level of footsteps, well, you need to do theme more often.

To avoid the hardwood fading due to the direct UV sunlight, you can provide protection by moving through rugs or furniture regularly.

You can also treat your window by providing it with curtain to help reduce the fading.

However, if you notice your floors showing wear, you have an option to sand them up to four times.

In this case, the manufacturer recommends that you resurface the floors every 7 to 10 years to let them look great and best.

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Final Words

Finally, Mirage hardwood flooring review comes to the conclusion that Mirage Hardwood is claimed to be the best hardwood flooring products available on the market.

Scratching and denting easily, fading and getting damages are all just the common complaints expressed by the consumers.

The price point is noticeably expensive while the quality and warranty makes people feel worry.

This is because the warranty does not cover the damages over the floors.

However, due to the wide range of options available including the textures, size, colors and styles supported by the affordable options and easy maintenace, people are just happy to lay their decision on Mirage hardwood flooring.

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