Modani Furniture Reviews

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Modani Furniture Reviews

If you are living in the big city, you might be familiar with the name Modani Furniture. As one of the most popular furniture manufacturers and brands, it is crucial to read Modani Furniture reviews before purchasing an item. But is this brand legit?

In this article, you will learn a lot of things about this brand – from where the furniture is being manufactured and the shipping time. So, in case you plan to purchase furniture, make sure you read the Modani Furniture reviews. It is worth your time in many ways.

According to internet reviews and the team observation, Modani Furniture has at least three top picks. These three items get lots of attention and are better in sale than others. Those pieces are such as the Bloom 2 Seater, Casa Bed White, and Florinda Motorized Dining Table.

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On the other hand, several users make a serious Modani Bloom sofa review. They generally love this sofa because it looks great, fits in modern and contemporary design, and is comfortable to sit on. The only issue is that Modani should’ve sold the covers separately so it can be replaced over time.

Other than the Bloom Sofa review, the motorized dining table also grabs the attention of prospective clients. This one is made of a wooden pillar, stainless steel base, and a sturdy tempered glass top. The table comes with a remote that may adjust the table length automatically.

If you check from the Modani Furniture reviews in general, this brand is pretty legit. And if you love modern as well as contemporary styles, choosing Modani would be a good idea.

Pros and Cons of Modani Furniture

According to Modani Furniture reviews found on the internet, there are not many complaints. Generally, people love this brand very much. Other than that, the Modani Furniture locations that can be found in at least 10 places across the US make this brand quite popular.

The only thing that people want this brand to consider is the replacement options. For instance, buying the entire set of sofa is a waste of money if all the customers need is the cover replacement. So, this thing might be a point of consideration for Modani Furniture.

Other than that, this brand gets 4.8/5 for the ratings according to 330 buyers. Thus, the reputation of this brand is not something you need to doubt. More than anything, this brand is a perfect choice for your home.

How Much Does It Cost?

Modani Furniture Living Room

Sofas$640 – $8.080
Coffe / Side Table$199 – $2.190
Lounge Chairs$490 – $3.190
Bences / Stools$290 – $730
TV Stands$650 – $1.690
Consoles / Libraries$469 – $1.480
Lighting$129 – $970
Rugs$490 – $1.990

Modani Furniture Bedroom

Beds$849 – $2.399
Mattress$549 – $1.049
Dressers$1.210 – $1.490
Nightstands$199 – $499

Modani Furniture Dining Room

Dining Tables$790 – $3.490
Dining Chairs$190 – $490
Stools / Counter Stools$340 – $449
Lighting$320 – $970
Buffets / Consoles$469 – $1.480

The price surely depends on what item you are purchasing. However, many Modani Furniture reviews stated that this brand is worth your dollars. Also, you should check out this brand if you are on a budget.

For something that could make your space more gorgeous and stay in-style, Modani Furniture has so many things to offer. And if you check the official website, you will find plenty of discounts.

So, where is the outlet?

The information is available on its website or you can purchase online instead.

Are They Durable?

People love this brand for its style, designs, and affordable pricing. Even though most of the items are sold at affordable prices, quality is always on top of everything. According to Modani Furniture reviews, durability is one of those things shown by this brand in the first place.

In case you want to purchase the furniture online, you can check how it will fit your room by using Modani’s virtual room designer feature. Generally, this brand provides excellent service both in-store and online.

Delivery and Returns

So, what about the Modani shipping time?

According to the official website, you can return furniture within 7 days after you get it. However, make sure you haven’t opened the item in the first place.

According to Modani Furniture reviews, the shipping took weeks. However, those only happened on certain packages. The processing time itself takes up to two weeks – so, it makes sense.

You can arrange the delivery time as well. The carrier may call you 48 hours before the package is sent to you. And this is where you can list the details about your place. Modani may charge an additional cost if the location is kind of difficult to reach.

Generally, you can return everything you’ve purchased as long as it meets the requirements – see the official website. However, according to Modani Furniture reviews, any item marked as Floor Samples or Final Sale won’t be able to be returned. In case your furniture arrives in unpleasant conditions, you can directly contact the customer care.

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Where is Modani Furniture manufactured?

Modani Furniture has manufacturer facilities across the USA. You should ask the distributor before purchasing any furniture item in the first place.

Who owns Modani Furniture?

This furniture brand and store was founded by Nathan Cohen, Steven Athea, and Yonel Fellous. Check the Wikipedia page for further information.

Does Modani Furniture accept card payments?

Yes, Modani Furniture commonly accepts card payments. However, it depends on the outlet where you buy the furniture in the first place. Thus, you should ensure this aspect in the first place.

Do you ship abroad?

Unfortunately, Modani Furniture doesn’t run overseas delivery. For now, this brand only ships within the USA, including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Feel free to ask the customer service for further information about shipping and supported locations.

Final Words

Other than checking the quality of a product, you should also check the Modani Furniture return policy. Of course, you don’t plan to return the item in the first place. However, things may happen and sometimes returning back what you’ve purchased is the only thing you have to do.

All in all Modani Furniture is an excellent brand like big lots you can consider when it comes to buying furniture pieces. Yet, checking the Modani Furniture reviews before purchasing anything is always a smarter move. By that, every item you purchase for your home will make the space nicer.

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