Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Review, Installation, Colors and Maintenance

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Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Review

So you find your home is like getting an old look? Perhaps, it is the time to update some elements of your home. One of the home elements that will make your home look new and stunning is flooring. Thus, we come with the idea to share you the best Mohawk hardwood flooring review to help gain the inspiration.

We have done some research about Mohawk hardwood flooring in order to gain the exact information about the product either the strengths or the drawbacks, allowing you to know the details so that you can determine whether or not you consider purchasing and installing this flooring type on your home floors.

In the world of flooring, hardwood is well-known not only for its elegant and sophisticated design along with the beauty and value but also its versatility and durability to work on as a modern flooring.

To serve the consumers with the great satisfaction, hardwood flooring comes with the large number of colors and styles options as well as the numerous top brands.

If you check out the list of the top manufacturers producing hardwood flooring, Mohawk is surely on the list.

Believe it or not, Mohawk has become the leading manufacturer since 1878 that produced all of flooring types including carpets and hardwoods.

Mohawks offers a lot of styles and colors of eco-friendly hardwood designed to suit the hectic modern life.

Are all the claims on Mohawk true?

Let’s take a few minutes to have a closer look at Mohawk hardwood flooring review and decide whether it will be the prefect flooring option for your home.

Best Collections of Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

There are basically three collections offered by Mohawk hardwood flooring. Those are RevWood, TecWood and SolidWood.

Each of these collections is designed with the specific styles, finishes, sizes and colors. They are manufactured using the revolutionary technology to add the durability to the flooring products.

RevWood collection comes with the features of resistance to stains, scratches and dents.

Unlike other hardwood types that requires special care and maintenance, RevWood collection comes with the easy maintenance so you don’t have to spend hours each day to clean the floors.

This Mohawk flooring collection also fits any kind of subfloor. It is good to use in some dry environments such as living room and bedroom.

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If you live with pets and kids, it is much recommended to choose and use RevWoood Plus Lineup of hardwood flooring types.

It is due to the fact that this hardwood types offers not only the benefits of most hardwood has but also all the Pet Plus protection.

Furthermore, this hardwood flooring type is featuring waterproof. Thus, it is also suitable to use for kitchens and bathrooms.

Later, the Mohawk hardwood flooring review include the TecWodd collection in the description.

This is one of the greatest hardwood flooring collection since it is designed with the natural beauty, durability and easy maintenance of the hardwood.

The biggest benefit of using this Mohawk hardwood is that its ability to fit any level of home and any level of subfloor.

It is also moisture resistant, meaning that it is nice to install in the wet environment with the humidity atmosphere such as bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.

Well, TecWood collection is noticeably good to use on any space in the house.

The third Mohawk hardwood collection you need to know is the SolidWood. SolidWood is constructed with a large number of style collections, ranging from domestic to exotic hardwoods.

This flooring type is also able to be refinished, thus, it can be used in a room with the controlled humidity.

However, it is not recommended to install this floor above the grade oven a wooden subfloor.

Colors and Styles of Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Review

In our Mohawk hardwood flooring review, we also describe well the colors and styles available in Mohawk hardwood.

Once a person visit Mohawk, he/she must be very happy to find the large number of colors and styles selection, from the light to dark and classic to modern.

Each of the hardwood you choose brings special features and characteristics which make it perfect for any home.

RevWood collection comes with the multiple hardwood looks, various textures, smooth options and different thickness ranging from 7mm to 12mm.

Some of the RevWood collections you can choose are Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Pecan, Pine and Cherry.

These are all featuring deep graining and hand scrapping to present the most beautiful and natural look along with the colors options including gray, golden honey and chocolate truffle oak.

A little bit similar to RevWood, TecWood also comes in various shades. There are light, medium and dark along with the availability of traditional, distressed and had scrapped options.

The styles are also vary from oak, elm, walnut, ebony and tigerwood as well as read oak, Rockingham maple and Parisian.

TecWood hardwood offers some different kinds of wood widths, ranging from 3 inches to 7.5 inches along with the thickness up to ¾ inches.

This allows you to choose any hardwood product that is most suitable with your personal choice and necessity.

Like the former Mohawk hardwood collection, SolidWood also has many different kinds of style options including the domestic and exotic hardwood.

Some of the products are Rockingham Hickory, Hampton Oak and Terevina Maple.

These SolidWood hardwoods are available in a number of widths up to 7.5 inches with the thickness up to ¾ inches.

To add a beauty, SoildWood is available in many kinds of colors categorized into traditional, distressed and hand-scraped flooring.

According to Mohawk hardwood flooring review, Mohawk also provide the consumers with the option of engineered hardwood flooring.

Mostly, many of Mohawk hardwood flooring options can be easily derived from a local home improvement store while other styles can be ordered from the flooring dealers around the country.

Hence, if you insist on purchasing hardwood flooring type from Mohawk collection, you can either go to the local home improvement stores in your town or visit the website of flooring dealers and make an order.

Care and Maintenance

Have you already known the proper way of caring and maintaining Mohawk hardwood flooring? if not, then you must stay with us for a few minutes more.

One of the big advantages in investing Mohawk hardwood flooring is the easy care and maintenance of the flooring.

It you are willing to take a few precautions, it would never be hard keep the floors clean and always look best.

Typically, the maintenance of Mohawk flooring types much depend on what collection you select.

If you choose RevWood, you need only to mop the dust, sweep it with broom and vacuum it using the hardwood-friendly vacuum cleaner.

This is a kind of regular maintenance that you can perform daily. Furthermore, there is also Mohawk’s FloorCare Essentials cleaner you can purchase and use to clean the floor safely.

For more stubborn stains, you can use acetone fingernail polish remover. Make sure you avoid wet mopping that may harm the floor.

TecWoood and SolidWood can also be cleaned just by sweeping them using broom or vacuum cleaner. To keep the floor well, never permit the water to stay on the floor.

Once you notice any spilled water or other liquid, wipe them up as soon as possible. A steam mop for hardwood may be possible but be sure to use humidifier to prevent the wood shrinkage.

Since all Mohawk hardwood flooring is prone to fading and damages, please avoid the direct sunlight.

Alternatively, a window covering is a good idea to avoid the sunlight and prevent the damage due to the harmful UV rays.


Let’s search more about installation types of this flooring from our Mohawk hardwood flooring review, too.

Again, depending on the collection you choose, the installation type available in Mohawk includes the glue-less technique, meaning that you don’t have to use any adhesive for the flooring installation.

In this installation type, RevWood is ready for DIY option. But if you have no experience in doing it before, you had better hire a professional.

For TecWoood and SolidWood, you can carry out the installation projects by yourself or in DIY option even without any experience.

In other words, even you are only an amateur, you can do it yourself as long as you follow the instructions given within the guidance provided by the manufacturer.

In general, installing Mohawk hardwood flooring requires a preparation of the subfloor.

Make sure you acclimate it to the temperature as well as humidity levels of your house. At least, you need to leave t for 48 hours before doing the installation.

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Final Words

Overall, Mohawk hardwood flooring review concludes that Mohawk is one of the best hardwood flooring brands which has been existing for 100 years or more.

This means that Mohawk is very much trustable to provide you with the large number of flooring options dealing with the colors, styles, sizes and collection.

Make sure you know each hardwood collections in detail to help you determine the best flooring option for your home sweet home.

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