Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews – Pros Cons & Cost

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Mohawk Vinyl Plank Review

Welcome to our Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews today and have a nice journey to explore more about it!

Apart from the company’s top ambassador who made an internet sensation through the “Doug the Pug”, we are just stepping to our own way, seeking the truth of Mohawk vinyl plank.

In this regards, we have more to share about this popular flooring product including the reasons to choose Mohawk, SolidTech styling guide, SolidTech benefits and drawbacks, pricing and installation factors and the final thoughts about it.

Without wasting time, now let’s take a closer look at each review sections below.

The Reasons to Choose Mohawk Vinyl Plank

Believe it or not, Mohawk industries have been running on flooring business since 1878. So you can predict how old it is now.

Many kinds of changes and innovation are developing over the years to meet the customer’s need.

However, Mohawk has committed to provide the customers with the affordable and high quality flooring products.

In this case, the industries have their own budgeting consideration in determining the price of SolidTech to produce the planks along with the sustainability guidelines under the United Nations agreement.

Mohawk focuses not only on selling the products for the purpose of the business but also on giving supports to the worthy charities and organizations.

Mohawk flooring industries do good to promote the safety of the employees.

Mohawk is just one of the most reputable vinyl plank manufacturers. In fact, many of the reviewers show their satisfaction of suing Mohawk flooring though some negative reviewers arise the customer service responsiveness.

As one of the best flooring manufacturers, Mohawk pays more attention to the customer concerns. Either positive or negative reviews are evaluated well for the goodness in the future.

This shows that Mohawk makes the customers feel comfortable about to purchase or to review the flooring products.

There is a wide range of flooring produced and sold by Mohawk. Those include carpet, laminate, wood and vinyl.

These times, Mohawk have just released a line of luxury vinyl plank which is called SolidTech.

One thing to know about this SolidTech is the fact that it is designed with the waterproof core construction.

Later, this SolidTech comes with the three different collections which are offering the same levels of waterproof and scratch resistance.

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SolidTech Styling Guide

In our Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews, we also come to inform you the SolidTech styling guide.

Dealing with the styles availability, there are 12 versatile colors and designs available in The Grandewood collection.

In this case, Grandewood planks are described to please the eyes, meaning that they offers simple line and deep tones along with the rustic but elegant look.

Typically, these planks are available in 5.5mm thick, 6 inch wide and 49 inch long.

The next collection after Grandewood is Revelance. This collection comes with the traditional look to mimic the color and grain of natural wood.

Revelance collection planks is 100 percent made of vinyl and not recyclable. The wide planks will be available in 6.5mm thick along with the layer of 12 mil.

Planks variations are the final offering of Mohawk. There are definitely unlimited vibrant and trendy designs. In this case, the 7 inch wide planks are always available for the customers.

Typically, all the planks are designed with the natural colors, ranging from silver to sand. Along with the flooring variations, you can create bolder patterns. However, you can have only 4 limited options that are 4 shades.

In this regards, styles much determine your choice decision. Thus, you must refer to the pros and cons of the vinyl flooring.

Benefits and Drawbacks of SolidTech

Now Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews comes to look at the benefits and drawbacks of the SolidTech.

Due to the waterproof core construction feature, Mohawk SolidTech vinyl planks can withstand every changes of the temperature, matchbox derbies and liquid assaults.

Revelance and variation series come with the preattached 1mm underlayment to provide the flooring with the comfort and insulation.

To ensure the top appearance, Mohawk vinyl planks can be mainly maintained by vacuuming, dam mopping and cleaning with broom.

To provide you with the easy way of maintenance, Mohawk sells some cleaning products which are particularly formulated to keep the SolidTech planks clean.

According to Mohawk, these planks are almost dentproof while many other vinyl products on the market are not.

Thus, Mohawk vinyl planks are noticeably pet-friendly because they are also constructed with the built-in odor protection and stain guards. Unfortunately, the guidelines as well as the warranty say the opposite.

In this relation, SolidTech offers the warranty on its furniture only on padding protection.

It is much recommended that you use the floor mats in areas with the high level of foot traffics to prevent the floors from being stained.

Mold and mildew development are not either covered by the warranty.

This means, though the flooring top layer is protected by the waterproof feature, the spills can potentially cause damage. And this is not covered by the warranty.

Usually, you need specific guidelines from the manufacturer if there is any of your family member use the mobility aid while none is stated in the warranty.

Furthermore, it is still questionable to know the 30-35 warranty provided for SolidTech for residential use.

In fact, only 7 to 8 year warranty is available for light commercial use.

If it stated that SolidTech can resist to damages caused by pets and children’s activities, then why isn’t it recommended for the light office environments?

Are all the claims toward Mohawk vinyl plank still questionable?

For any flooring project, choosing Mohawk vinyl plank must take the cost and aggravation levels into consideration.

So how will Mohawk vinyl planks stack up?

Pricing and Installation Factors

The next thing we are going to open up in Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews is the pricing and installation factors.

Compared to vinyl planks, SolidTech has a lower price either in online stores or at the local retailers.

The average costs of SolidTech is about $3 per square foot, making it very much reasonable for any renovation or remodel projects.

It is more common to install SolidTech as a floating floor especially if you use Mohawk’s Uniclic designs. You can even lock the planks just after laying them.

If you find any expansion gaps, you will actually need spacers including a miter or jigsaw for cutting and a tapping block to secure the uneven seams.

Thus, prepare your flooring so that you can determine where to run the planks. In this case, you can use a pencil to put a mark on the plank areas you want to cut.

Work form many kinds of boxes so that the best shading and variations can be resulted.

Don’t forget to move the heavy furniture from the areas and trim the wall before you start installing SolidTech.

When you are done with the first row, continue the next rows. This installation must be done fast and seamlessly.

To ensure you about the correct installation, Mohawk will provide you with the clear instructions within the guidance, leading you to get the versatile flooring at your home.

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Final Thoughts Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

Now that you have read our Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews, let’s find the closer final thought about it.

In the world of flooring, every manufacturer claims that their products are the best options.

In fact, most of the vinyl planks offers the identical advantages. When they said that their products are great due to the addition of waterproof and scratch resistance as well as easy-maintenance feature, many shows a failure to prove what they claim.

In flooring business, Mohawk is one of the manufacturers with the large number of loyal customers.

Though the warranties might be doubtful, the new solid core technology has ensured people about the products’ strength and sturdiness.

If you are living with pets, children and more family members, Mohawk vinyl planks can be the excellent choice. They are not only comfortable to feel but also affordable to reach.

Truly, the pricing of this vinyl planks are more affordable than the hardwood flooring. Furthermore, if you find any damaged to one of the planks, you can easily replace it with the new one.

Is there data supporting the Mohawk SolidTech planks to be the worth choice of all?

There is no guarantee about it. However, Mohawk reputation along with the SolidTech construction, affordable price and safety ratings will actually be the reasons why using Mohawk vinyl planks is much considerable.

Don’t forget to make a trial by asking for samples. This is very important to do to make sure about your choice before you finally make a purchase.

Did you ever see a house with Mohawk vinyl planks flooring?

If you did, it would be good to gain more information about it from the home owners and share with us anything.

Don’t hesitate to post your comments on social media regarding this vinyl planks since we would very appreciate if you would like to add your thoughts in our Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews.

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