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MS International Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

MS International Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

If you want to have a floor that is able to combine the beautiful visual of a real hardwood flooring and the easy maintenance of porcelain tiles, then you should consider installing MS International wood look tile for the property.

Such a flooring is perfect foal l kinds of properties and conditions whether it is for residential or commercial properties.

There are different kinds of wood-like flooring out there, but each one is different from one another.

So, you can expect the wood-look floor from MS International to be different from other brands.

Wood-Like Floor and MS International

What is wood-like floor?

Well, the name suggests the main feature of the floor. The floor comes with wood-like appearance without any hardwood element of whatsoever.

The floor is generally made from materials other than wood, such as porcelain, vinyl, or others.

But it has a good visual graphic on the top surface that makes it look like hardwood.

If you don’t know it, you probably think that the floor is made from real hardwood, but it actually isn’t.

What’s the good about wood-like floor, anyway?

Well, since it is usually made from porcelain, you can expect the floor to be super tough and sturdy. And yet, it comes with natural elegance and gorgeous look of wood.

So, with the wood-like floor, you can enjoy the combination of natural beauty of the wood without the hassle of wood’s maintenance.

And the material has solid structure that is easily maintained and cleaned. You won’t have to worry about water damage or other weaknesses of the wood.

It’s like having a win-win solution, right?

The MS International wood look tile is manufactured by MSI (MS International), a brand that has gained positive reputation in the flooring, and also home improvement, industry.

The brand is known as the distributor of wall surface and countertops, along with different kinds of floors, for decades.

It has existed from 1975, so you can imagine the quality of the products as well as their professional working ethics.

They originally manufactured traditional (flooring) materials, like travertine and marble.

And since they have been known for their premium products and top-notch services, they manage to create wood-like flooring products that are absolutely promising and satisfying.

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Durability and Strength

Although hardwood flooring is sturdy and naturally beautiful, it is prone to dent or scratches.

If you are careless or the house is super busy (with high traffic areas in most areas), then the hardwood may not last for a long time.

Not to mention that hardwood is also super sensitive to water, so you should avoid installing the floor in areas where the humidity level is high (like in basements or bathrooms).

Well, you won’t have to worry about such a thing when you install MS International wood look tile at home.

Since it isn’t exactly wood, then you won’t have to worry about the sensitive issues of the hardwood flooring.

In fact, the wood-like tiles are waterproof so water damage would be the least problem in your mind. And tiles are durable it is resistant to scratch and dents.

With limited but proper care, you can expect your floor to last for a long time even for good!

The Price MS International Wood Look Tile

MS International wood look tile is the perfect option for homeowners with limited budgets.

If you want to improve the overall look of the house and yet you don’t really have a lot of money to spend, then this floor would be the perfect option for you.

When compared to the real hardwood floor, this one is proven to be quite inexpensive. You won’t have to spend tons of money for the work.

The general price range of the floor ranges from $1 to $5 the price is for a square foot.

But then again, you need to consider the quality of the floor, the type of construction, and so much more. And the price only applies for the material and not the installation cost.

The installation cost would be another extra expense you will have to make if you want to have the floor at home.

Variants and Styles MS International Wood Look Tile

If you want to find the perfect floor for your house, no need to worry.

This brand has tons of options you can find different patterns, sizes, and colors that will match any type of theme or décor for the house.

In terms of colors, feel free to choose classic tones or modern stylish shades like blue or green.

Another thing to like about the products is the fact that they aren’t limited to flooring installation alone. You can use them for the wall too.

So, imagine having the inexpensive tiles for both walls and floors in such a stylish manner.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The tiles are easy to maintain, clean, and care. You only need to use regular cleaning utensils or regular cleaners to do the job.

There is no need any fancy stuff or expensive products. Just use a broom the regular type without hard or stiff bristles.

If you have a vacuum for bare hard floor, you can use it too. Just make sure that you don’t use any abrasive tools that can scratch the surface.

You can also use a regular tile mop for the mopping. If you want to have a deep cleaning work, use regular mild cleaners with neutral pH contents.

Over time, the grout may be worn out. You can do the re-seal on your own.

Or if you have the budgets, hire a professional service to help you with it. You can also hire a pro when you want to perform a deep cleaning work especially if you want to maintain the shine of the floor.

DIY Installation vs Professional Service

When it comes to installing the floor, you are free to decide whether you want to hire a pro or have your own DIY project, especially for this MS International wood look tile.

Even if you decide to do it on your own, you can get a direct access to the installation instructions.

The company provides the instructions in details, which are basically the same as installing the porcelain floor.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to do it perfectly. The result can look like a professional!

But then again, this isn’t a job for busy homeowners who are busy with tight schedules.

You should really dedicate your time and don’t rush things. Although the process itself may not be too complicated, it is time-consuming.

You also need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to install the MS International wood look tile.

Make sure you have thoroughly prepping and cleaning the subfloor. You also need to lay out the tiles, use the spacers (for the grout lines), and then affix the tile right into the subfloor by using adhesive or mortar.

Be advised that you need extra suppliers, tools, and materials (such as wet tile saw) for proper and correct installation. 

If you don’t have the time, consider hiring an extra helper.

If you are clueless about the whole thing and you have zero knowledge, expertise, and experience, then you should seriously think about hiring a professional service.

The installer will know what to do but you will have to spend extra money for the installation.

Expect to spend between $4 and $6 a square foot depending on the installer, the location (where you live), the experience, and also the difficulty level of the work.

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The Pros and Cons MS International Wood Look Tile

You can enjoy the great features of MS International wood look tile with its inexpensive price, the easy maintenance, the solid and tough construction, and also the gorgeous appearance.

Not to mention that you can enjoy different styles, colors, and variants. These are tons of good perks that would be beneficial for your interior décor.

But then again, this floor isn’t a super strong type that is completely flawless. Expect some minor downsides.

First of all, the installation may not be familiar to all homeowners. It isn’t as easy as installing floating floor or laminate flooring.

Even if you decide to do it everything on your own, you will still have to consider the tools or the equipment.

If you decide not to do it yourself, then you will have to hire a professional installer but it means that you will have to make the extra spending.

Ask yourself which path you choose. And the warranty is another downside that you won’t like about this product.

A lot of buyers claim that it isn’t as good or satisfying as other brands. Again, it is up to you to make the decision.

In the end, you should realize that this floor can give you a promising and satisfying result that is durable, affordable, and also fashionable.

And let’s not forget that it can last for good with proper care and maintenance.

So, perform a thorough research for the MS International wood look tile before you make a decision, so you won’t regret anything.