Mullican Hardwood Flooring Review

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Mullican Hardwood Flooring Review

Mullican Hardwood Flooring Review – Everyone will never be able to imagine how complicated to determine the flooring when he/she want to complete his/her new-built house. Definitely, there are many things to consider including health concerns, environmental concern, price, installation, styles and more.

Surely, you will feel confused whether to choose tile, concrete, wood, or other flooring type. Here we come with Mullican hardwood flooring review to help you find an idea to upgrade home sweet home.

Mullican hardwood flooring offers the great benefits that you can actually maximize to get the best floors for your homes.

It includes the hardwood flooring advantages, Mullican hardwood differences and consumer reviews that will show you all about the flooring products.

This article will be a good reference for your buying guide due to the fact that it presents the details why it becomes the favorable flooring and the drawbacks that you need also to consider.

Whatever good a product you choose, it will always have some precautions to be aware of. Thus, the product can be long lasting for some years to come.

Without taking too much times, here are the review sections of Mullican hardwood flooring review especially about the detail of the flooring product.

Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring

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In today’s floorings, hardwood becomes more and more popular flooring either for residential or for commercial use.

Hardwood flooring comes with the wide range of varieties of colors and styles, sizes, prices, installation types, care and maintenance and many more.

This time, we are going to explore the reasons why many people turns to use hardwood flooring for their homes.

Health Benefits

The first benefits of using hardwood flooring is the existence of health benefits.

In this case, hardwood flooring is considered the most flexible flooring type that supports the way you are walking on the floors.

It proves to better for human knees, back and the joints. Other flooring types like ceramic or tiles will actually wear on you over time.

People who are suffering from seasonal or environmental allergies, hardwood flooring can be a great solution.

This is because hardwood flooring is regularly cleaned from any dust and dirt as well as other small particles so that it always keeps clean every time.

Since there is no dust, people with allergies will be safely staying on the floors.

Other health benefit you can derive from Mullican hardwood flooring is the fact that the flooring product can improve the indoor air quality.

This is because Mullican hardwood follows the principles suggested by The Environmental Protection Agency to hold less contaminants like mold, animal dander and dust.


Based on the Mullican hardwood flooring review, the second benefit of having this flooring type is the feature of eco-friendly.

In fact, hardwood is a naturally constructed, making it eco-friendly for environment.

In this case, Mullican hardwood uses less energy and water in the manufacturing process than the laminate or concrete.

Furthermore, harvesting the trees will enable to farmers to generate oxygen as well as to clean the air, meaning that it is environmentally beneficial.


Beneficially, Mullican hardwood flooring has become one of the most favorable hardwood flooring type among the homeowners because of its availability of styles options.

These flooring options adds not only a big beauty but also an aesthetical value to your dwelling.

Thus, Mullican hardwood flooring is best considered as a great investment, too.

Mullican Hardwood Differences

Now that you have known more about hardwood flooring in general, it’s time to specifically look at Mullican hardwood.

As one of the hardwoods that people widely choose, Mullican comes with the three kinds of hardwood floorings.

Those are the prefinished solid hardwood, the prefinished engineered hardwood and unfinished hardwood flooring.

In this regards, the prefinished flooring comes with the wood options including maple, red oak, hickory and white oak.

All of these wood types are designed with the smooth hand-sculpture or wire-brushed texture.

Mullican Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Dealing with the categorization of Mullican engginereed hardwood, there are 11 different wood species and colors options such as Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry and Amendiom Birch which are all offering the fun exotic looks.

Mullican engineered hardwood also offers two options of additional texture that are rustic and whitewash.

Each of these options comes with their own colors and styles options that are much of advantages.

Definitely, many homeowners are trying to visualize the appealing look of flooring for their homes.

Mullican Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

In our Mullican hardwood flooring review, it is best described that unfinished hardwood flooring is designed with the wood options of the same species.

However, there are seven different grades and qualities that the consumers can actually pick up.

These options have more price points. In short, Mullican unfinished hardwood flooring is just a perfect choice for some DIYers.

Benefits of Mullican Hardwood Flooring

If you have never known about Mullican hardwood flooring, you will find it offering two big benefits once you search the information about it.

These two big benefits are in terms of options, meaning that the benefits are more associated with the options availability.

The first benefits are the three hardwood categories that the consumers can select ranging from “Made-in-the USA” to the overseas flooring products.

The former hardwood usually exists to support the American businesses and workers while the overseas flooring products focus on manufacturing the engineered products in Tennessee.

There are also a wide range of width and size selections offered by Mullican hardwood Flooring, allowing you to select the “random board lengths”.

Some consumers are mostly interested in these selections since they want to choose the unique and rustic effect of the flooring.

Other benefit you can derive from installing Mullican hardwood flooring is its richness of lengths and textures that bring a specialty to your spaces.

Thus, if you want a hardwood flooring type that comes with so many benefits, Mullican hardwood is very much considerable.

All of the things related to hardwood flooring can be the most advantageous ones that offer the best for all.

Mullican Hardwood Flooring Warranty

Either for finished or engineered hardwood flooring, Mullican comes with the large number of options.

A hardwood flooring with aluminum oxide finish will typically have 15 years warranty up to a lifetime warranty especially for the flooring products with Aqua Shiled system.

In addition to the warranty that ensures the hardwood flooring lifespan, Mullican is noticeably eco-friendly and sustainable for the manufacturing process namely the “Responsible Procurement Program”.

This program is aimed to ensure the wood resources which is non-controversial when harvesting.

This is a very good feature to lead us to feel good about the forest existence in the future on this earth.

Round-Up Review

Referring to the Mullican hardwood flooring review, Mulican is a reputable and trustable hardwood flooring company which is environmentally responsible for American labor.

One of the claims about the products is the various options of colors and styles.

However, what are the reviews saying about it?

Truly, Mullican has a unique square edge milling format on its end joint. Some people like and some others don’t.

One of the advantages of the format is the availability option of the higher board edges than others.

There are a number of complaint about this milling format but the major one is about the milling issues.

Though the materials are good and the lengths and widths are vary, most of the flooring options has the same size and lengths.

This is what the homeowners and the reviewers say about the issue on milling format on Mullican hardwood flooring.

However, Mullican is well-known for its affordable price, making it called a “buyer’s choice”.

It is due to the fact that this flooring is a middle-of-the-road which means the prices are just standard for a hardwood flooring.

In this case, the products are having a good qualities and the prices are just offering value for the money purchased for the flooring.

Either the consumers or the installers are quite satisfied with the colors and styles options. It does allow the homeowners to search and find the most unique hardwood floors through the collections.

It seems that they don’t have to waster much time just to get the exact choice for their home flooring.

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Final Words

Finally, the Mullican hardwood flooring review states that Mullican do offer a good flooring product along with the attractive choices of styles, colors, sizes, lengths, widths and origin.

Due to the sustainability, the buyers will just feel good of look for the most-wanted flooring.

However, some consistent issues are always occurring because of the milling and quality control managed by Mullican manufacturer.

The real problem is the inconsistency of the width and length in the boxes.

Nevertheless, the brand’s benefits have made the appealing recommendation to use Mullican hardwood flooring.

To avoid the inconsistency issue like we have mentioned above, you can directly open every box as soon as possible.

Thus, when you get the issue you can immediately return and exchange the products before bringing them to an installation project.

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