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nova linoleum flooring reviews

Nova Linoleum Flooring Review – Benefits And Installation Tips

by Dylan Johnson

When it comes to home improvement, you’ll seem never get to an end. Here is the Nova linoleum review you may want to grab to ensure the quality of linoleum for your home flooring element.

However, if you are just new to home flooring, hearing linoleum can be so strange. So stay with us to find more about it as you may probably consider this flooring type for your next home improvement.

In fact, Nova linoleum is best described to be very much durable, attractive in look and pretty easy to clean. Out of all the goodness of flooring, Nova linoleum is popularly known as the most cost-effective flooring to add a modern view over your spaces at home.

According to the manufacturers, Nova linoleum flooring review is designed not only with the attractive and stylish look but also with the durability, versatility and low maintenance which are all fitting modern way of people living. Oh really?

Instead of hopping too much over the manufacturers’ promises, refer to the true source: consumers.

While you are wasting your time opening the web for checking out the consumer reviews, why don’t you just go with us exploring anything about Nova linoleum flooring?

To help you find whether this flooring option suiting your preference, here we come to presents the products durability, installation, styles, care and maintenance as well as DIY options.

Nova Linoleum Flooring Durability

Everybody want to invest in a new flooring which offers stable durability. For everyday life activities, is Nova linoleum flooring proves to last long?

Not only Nova linoleum but also all flooring types basically need the proper care and professional maintenance in order to make the product last longer.

In this regards, the proper care and good maintenance will lead Nova linoleum flooring to a 40 years lifespan. It can even more durable than the vinyl since it is highly resistant to damage compared to the other types of flooring such as hardwood.

However, Nova linoleum flooring may still scratch, requiring you not to step on the floors while you are wearing high heels of cleats. Pay attention to the pet’s nails and make sure you keep them short.

Use only the right cleaning products as it is suggested by the manufacturers. Otherwise, having a durable Nova linoleum is just a dream.

In addition to the linoleum durability, Nova linoleum products come with a warranty for all its products. Typically, it offers 20 year warranty for residential use and 10 year warranty for commercial use.

Juts never forget to perform the proper installation and recommended maintenance to keep the warranty valid.

Nova Linoleum Flooring Installation

So you are wondering where you can install Nova linoleum flooring?

If you have a room which is above grade, on grade and below grade, you can definitely install it there now.

Just clean, lever and dry the concrete or plywood subfloors so that you can install the linoleum. Even the room with the radiant heating system will accept Nova linoleum flooring.

The biggest advantage of using Nova linoleum flooring is the fact that you can install it on a room with the high moisture and humidity.

Thus, unlike most hardwood flooring types that require you to avoid the moisture and humidity, Nova linoleum is just alright and even perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, basement and may other rooms at your home.

Nova linoleum flooring is also good for both residential and commercial use for its durability for the high foot traffic areas including offices, stores and schools as well as hospitals.

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Nova Linoleum Styles

The next Nova linoleum flooring review we are going to share you is the styles. Styles are one of the drawbacks brought by this linoleum. In the other words, Nova linoleum has only a limited styles to offer.

In this case, there are lonely 12 different types of Nova linoleum flooring colors. These are far less than many other brands.

After styles, color options are also limited. However, if you want just a stands-out flooring, Nova linoleum can be the perfect option since it comes with the shades of red (rojo), blue (sapphire), and pink (salmon).

See, there are only three colors available. So if you want other color for your home flowing matching your home interior design, you can simply choose another flooring types. Clearly, Nova linoleum flooring has only a few options of neutral colors to pick up.


If you finally choose Nova linoleum to install on your home flooring, the next thing you must look for out of the Nova linoleum review is the installation method.

Can you install this linoleum flooring by yourself? Why not?

Dealing with the easy installation feature, the manufacturers provide the consumers with the guidance or instruction how to install Nova linoleum flooring by yourself. Well, this is the time when you must challenge your skill of being DIYer for your own home flooring right?

Typically, the installation procedures includes the preparation on subfloor and the list of tools and materials needed for the linoleum installation. This way, different from the other floorings, linoleum installation doesn’t need any special tools and supplies.

All the things you need to prepare are only hammers, circular saw and spacing wedges for the installation. This way, make sure you give plenty of your time for the linoleum installation so that you can get the installation job done well without any significant problems.

Alternatively, if you think you are not skillful enough for installing the linoleum flooring, you can just hire the flooring expert or the installer. This way, you don’t take your time. Instead, you take your money for paying.

Overall, whether you are installing the linoleum floor by yourself or hiring the installer, keep in mind the proper installation of linoleum flooring influences the durability of the floors.

Nova Linoleum Care and Maintenance

Once you have finished installing Nova linoleum for your home flooring, makes sure you know well how to care and maintain the floors so that it can last longer as you wish. Noticeably, it is pretty simple to care and maintain Nova linoleum.

Thus, typical sweeping and vacuuming can be the best ways to perform to avoid the buildup of dust and dirt. Sweeping and vacuuming are just the simple cleaning for linoleum floors in a regular basis.

However, sometimes you need an extra cleaning power for your linoleum floors. So, damp mopping along with the pH-neutral cleaner will be god to apply.

Other additional tips for keeping clean the Nova linoleum flooring are wiping down the spills as soon as possible, raising the floor after being cleaned and don’t use the abrasive cleaners and acetone to clean your linoleum.

By the way, mopping and using neutral cleaner are not too good for linoleum floors. Alternatively, you can just opt to use the mineral spirit to remove the dust and dirt so that you don’t need to carry out a regular mopping.

To prevent the scuffs, tears and scratches, you can optionally use furniture coaster. Make sure you also use chairs with the wider caster of a mat to prevent the flooring damage.

It is also recommended by the manufacturers that you put additional coats of finish on the floors just after the installation process.

Nova Linoleum DIY Options

As it has been described in the previous sections that Nova linoleum review include the DIY options, meaning that it gives everyone a chance of being DIYer for his own home flooring.

Though it may be challenging particularly if you are just a beginner, you can just follow the instruction or guidance provided by the manufacturers. So make sure you are ready for the preparation including the tools and materials as well as the printed steps to help you successfully do the job.

DIY options offers not only a change of being a good installer for your own linoleum flooring but also a way of saving your money.

Installing the linoleum by yourself will not require a cost installation, right? This way, you can save your money and use it for other needs.

Hence, DIY options offered by linoleum flooring leads to save the budget of home flooring. So if you have only limited budget for your home improvement while you want a stylish look of the flooring, Nova linoleum flooring can be the perfect option to consider.

Back to the top and basic feature of Nova linoleum, it is best described that it comes as the most cost-effective flooring types among its competitors.

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Final Words Nova Linoleum Flooring Review

Finally, you can come to the conclusion of Nova linoleum flooring review, stating all about the strengths and weaknesses of Nova linoleum.

Basically, this flooring type is great even for the room with the high moisture and humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

However, it has only a few of styles and colors, allowing you not to have more options to suit your home décor or home interior design.

If you think you are interested in one type of Nova linoleum flooring, just pick it up and transform your home into the more modern-look spaces.