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NovaCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

NovaCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

NovaCore vinyl plank is another brand in the flooring industry that you can consider for flooring project.

Although most homeowners think that all vinyl floors are the same, they are actually quite different.

Vinyl floor and luxury vinyl flooring are different in construction, materials, and quality. It’s safe to say that luxury vinyl flooring is better than the standard vinyl floor.

What can you expect from such flooring?

Is it truly durable and affordable giving you the benefits of having premium visual aspect without hurting your financial?

About Luxury Vinyl Floor

Luxury vinyl floor is basically a non-organic floor that imitates the look of other flooring materials, such as stone or wood.

It is pretty common to have hardwood-look floor and yet the floor is made from engineered material. It is NOT wood.

Luxury vinyl floor basically combines all the great features of vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring.

The floor has beautiful and natural look (remember, it imitates wood or stone just perfectly!) and yet it doesn’t have the weaknesses of hardwood.

Whereas hardwood is sensitive to moisture and water, luxury vinyl floor won’t experience such a thing. This floor has better resistance against water.

Some brands are even able to create waterproof floor, which means that you can have gorgeous wood look without having to worry about any water damage.

Sounds like a good bargain, right?

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NovaCore Products

So, what’s so special about NovaCore vinyl plank, anyway?

The company claims that this is their luxury line for flooring items, so this should affect the ambiance and look of the house.

Is it possible to have a premium and luxurious ambiance at home?

Why not?

If you are into eco-friendly products, this brand would be right up your alley. The company claims that the floor isn’t only durable and sturdy, but it is also waterproof and tough.

Let’s dig deeper into the basic features of the floor so you can make further decision whether it is the right floor for you or not.

Designs, Variants, and Styles

There are 2 major collections of NovaCore vinyl plank, and it is determined by the size of the plank.

The first one is the standard one with 6 x 48 inches size.

The second one is the extra big type with 9 x 60 inches size.

On the first collection, there will be 8 different colors offered, including tan, gray, and brown in some hickory and oak species patterns. It has matching four-sided micro (beveled) edge for easy installation.

For the second collection, it isn’t very much different, really.

There are also 8 different colors, including gorgeous tobacco brown and pretty charcoal gray. The pattern species also imitate the oak and hickory, but some planks have vague maple.

Both collections have super authentic and real colors and texture, instead of focusing only a tree species.

Most of the planks have grainy texture with tons of knots. Some homeowners say that the floor looks more like shiplap instead of real wood.

For some people, this kind of look is just perfect for them. They adore it!

For some, though, such floor has too much character which will lead to too busy floor.

For them, this kind of floor may not be too ideal for rooms with minimal furniture or for small rooms.

But then again, different people have their own opinions and preferences. With these options, homeowners are basically given a lot of options for installing the floor.

Since this NovaCore brand has versatile product, the floor would be just perfect for all kinds of settings and home styles from trendy and contemporary to classic and traditional.

It’s unfortunate that the company may not offer a lot of options. The collections aren’t exactly many, especially when you compare it to other flooring brands within the same line of business.

However, NovaCore products can be an ideal pick for those who are easily overwhelmed by tons of options. At least, they won’t have to be confused about which floor to pick.

Durability and Strength

In the past, vinyl flooring was always associated with being lousy, flimsy, or ugly. Not only the floor looked hideous, but it wasn’t good in construction either.

But today’s vinyl flooring is quite different from the past, especially for the luxury vinyl type.

One thing to like about NovaCore vinyl plank is the fact that it is durable. The waterproof quality is just super, making it perfect for any kind of rooms or areas.

Feel free to install it in any kind of subfloor and expect it to last for many years. It’s because of the solid construction and the HPC (High Performance Core) element.

In general, this core is similar to the WPC type, constructed from wood fiber, resin, and vinyl composites.

However, the HPC is better with better waterproof quality, improved dimensionally stable character, and enhanced impact resistance feature.

The plank is made from fiber-reinforced vinyl construction with core-bonded method. It has printed image (usually laminated) on the top layer.

And then, 12 mil wear layer from urethane is applied on top of the image to protect it. In an overall thickness, the plank has 5.0mm thickness.

The urethane wear layer is waterproof and scratch resistant although it may not be as sturdy as ceramic bead or aluminum oxide wear layer.

But urethane layer is sensitive to discoloration or fading when exposed in direct sunlight.

From the explanation about the construction and layer, it’s obvious that this is the right floor for areas with high level of moisture or humidity, such as bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, or kitchens. It is also great for high foot traffic areas or houses with pets and kids.

After all, the company offers 10-year of light commercial warranty and limited lifetime residential wear warranty.

What are covered by the warranties?

Wear-through, delamination, or product defect (failure). But the warranties won’t cover damages or failure resulting from improper installation.

Installation Easiness

One of the biggest issues about installing new floor is the installation cost, which can cost you between $2 a square foot and $4. If you are rather low on the budgets, then you have done it right by picking NovaCore vinyl plank.

This is the floor that you can easily install on your own no fret or no drama. You don’t need any expertise or skills. With only minimal tools, you should be able to do this project during weekends.

It’s a good thing that this floor has easy and simple click-and-lock system. It is similar to doing a puzzle you just need to fit each plank together.

The floor is known as the floating floor where you can attach the floor without using fasteners, adhesive, or nails.

When you have to make cuts, a (heavy-duty) razor knife will do. Forget the power saw because you won’t need it.

Keep in mind, though, that this floor doesn’t have any pad attachment. It is up to you whether you want to use an underlayment or not.

Even if you decide to have an underlayment, buy the (vinyl plank) underlayment separately. You can find them from the local dealer. Not all homeowners are interested having the underlayment, which is completely fine.

But you should know that underlayment helps with noise reduction as it absorbs the noise, especially for upstairs areas or vaulted ceilings. But the underlayment itself won’t affect the floor longevity or durability.

Thanks to the rigid core, you have the ability to install the floor in various types of subfloors, including cement, gypcrete, particle board, and plywood.

And there is still another perk to this floor: the various matching trims to beautify your floor.

There are plenty to pick, including stair nose combo, multi-purpose reducer, T-mold, and a quarter round. Install them with construction adhesive or the trim snap-together track.

This is basically a floor for everyone: either a seasoned and skilled professional or a beginner. But make sure that you dedicate your time to do the project. You mustn’t rush things as it will create messy and unattractive floor.

NovaCore Vinyl Plank Eco-Friendly Feature

If you are concerned about the environment, rest assured that NovaCore vinyl plank is completely eco-friendly.

It has GREENGUARD Gold certificate. The floor has passed many inspections and standard checking.

It has been certified for FloorScore safe, LEED safe, phthalate-free and bio-based content.

With the certificate, you can rest assured that the floor won’t emit dangerous gas or chemicals, which makes it safe for humans and everyone. It is even safe for healthcare and schools settings.

What if you have to replace the floor?

Contact the local waste management to recycle the floor.

NovaCore Vinyl Plank Price and Cost

NovaCore vinyl plank can only be found at authorized dealers, and not all big box retailers have them.

Go to the company’s official site and use the dealer locator feature to find one in your area. Buying from the local dealer has its own benefits.

They provide check out sample program where you are allowed to take home a collection of product’s swatch for a day or even two. This sample is helpful to help you determine which floor to choose.

But here’s the problem: most small business dealers don’t have ready stocks. You will have to be ready with the shipping costs which can cost you up to $150.

You may be able to discuss it with your local dealer, especially if you buy in large bulk. After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask and try.

Since the floor is considered a luxury and premium item, the price is set for around $6 a square foot.

For transitions and trims, the price is between $15 and $30 for each. The price for the underlayment may be various, but expect to spend around $0.30 up to $0.70 a square foot.

Companies generally sell the underlayment within a roll form in 100 square foot measurement. 

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NovaCore Vinyl Plank Conclusion

If you read the long descriptions of the floor, you will see that it offers tons of benefits and positive traits.

Not only it is rigid and sturdy, but it is also waterproof and scratch resistant. In terms of quality, the floor is better than similar products out there.

But then again, it has limited options and designs. Not to mention that it doesn’t have any pad attached to it, which means that you will have to buy it separately.

But if you are looking for quality and long lifespan, the NovaCore vinyl plank won’t disappoint you.