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Nuvelle Laminate Review

Nuvelle Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

You have probably been interested in choosing Nuvelle laminate floor for your house, but be sure to check Nuvelle laminate review before marching to the store to buy the floor.

Laminate flooring has gained an increased popularity over the last few years, and it happens for a good reason.

Although laminate floor has been associated with low quality and lame appearance, today’s laminate floor is different.

Technology has brought the best about the floor, giving you improved quality and better appearance.

The problem with laminate flooring is the fact that there are so many different brands of them and Nuvelle is one of them.

Naturally, you want to check whether Nuvelle would be the best option for your house.

So, let’s dig deeper into the brand and reveal their facts!

Appearance and Look

When it comes to look and appearance, Nuvelle laminate flooring has a pretty impressive collection.

There are 48 various patterns (all are coming in high definition style) divided into 6 collections.

The collections themselves are divided into finish texture, style, and plank width.

  • Acacia 800 Collection. This one is featuring 4 Acacia patterns within 5 inches of width plank. The floor comes with 4-sided micro bevel and (light) hand scraped texture.
  • Baby Grand Collection. This one has 2 different species patterns: cherry and another Acacia. The floor comes in 5.5 inches of width. The texture is smooth with classic design and style. This one falls in the middle not too old fashioned and yet not too modern or trendy either.
  • Hidden Valley Collection. The styles are trendy and generally the latest designs. The floor comes in 7.5 inches of width plank, along with white oak wire-brushed texture and micro beveled edge. This collection is perfect for modern or contemporary decor
  • The Thomasville Collection. This floor comes in 6 inches of width. The micro beveled edge comes with a painted contrasting look. The patterns are various, ranging from dark brown to very light shade, along with different variety of wood nut species, like mahogany, rosewood, walnut, and hickory.
  • Vienna Collection. This one comes in modern and rustic combination, along with various wood patterns from different species. The plank comes in 6.25 inches with beveled knots. The final finish is light antiqued texture.
  • Wild River Collection. The plank comes in 5 inches of width along with rich brown shades. This collection has its own vintage and classic charm. The finish is semi gloss with heavy and complicated hand-scraped texture.

When it comes to variety and options, Nuvelle has it all. Based on Nuvelle laminate review, the various collections are one of the best things about this brand.

But be advised that the color options are pretty neutral so if you want bold or very strong color, you won’t find it here.

Moreover, the brand only offers wood patterns. You won’t find tile or stone patterns from them.

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Durability and Performance

Based on Nuvelle laminate review, the floor has the same construction as other laminate flooring.

They are made from high density fiber board for the core and aluminum oxide for the finish. Because of this construction, the floor is resistant to wear, fade, and stain.

But the floor itself isn’t resistant to moisture or water. Thus, it means that it isn’t waterproof either.

In general, the collections have general thickness from 10mm to around 12mm, except for Thomasville collection. For Thomasville, the thickness is only 8mm.

Because of the thickness, most of Nuvelle collections have impressive dimensional stability.

They also have better noise absorption and reduction especially when compared to other brands with thinner construction.

Nuvelle also comes with Uniclic locking mechanism, which is considered the gold standard for laminate flooring.

In terms of installation easiness and joint integrity, the Uniclic is considered the best.

Not to mention that the company offers 50 years of warranty for their products, covering warping, buckling, and delamination but only if the floor has been installed properly as instructed by the company.

The warranty doesn’t apply for water damage, scratching, damage, or product failure because of improper installation.

Based on Nuvelle laminate review, the floor can last for decades some even say that it can go more than the 50 year of warranty.

But then again, there are several factors that will determine whether your floor will last or not. If you have pets and kids, expect more tear and wear on the floor.

And if you have extremely busy household with super busy foot traffic, then you may have to replace your floor sooner than the 50 year expected life cycle.

Installation Matter

One of the greatest things about laminate floor is the easy installation well, at least based on the Nuvelle laminate review.

This gives a lot of freedom and flexibility to the homeowners because you get to choose between installing the floor on your own or hiring a professional service.

Laminate floor comes in floating floor system, which means that you can install the floor over any existing floor or subfloor.

Just make sure that the subfloor is well prepped and it is in a good condition. But the floor won’t need any fasteners or adhesive or even nails.

You won’t have to deal with fussy installation and there is no fancy tool needed either.

Basically, you only need the basic tools and it would be helpful to have a circular saw. Even if you don’t have one, you can rent it, it won’t cost you a fortune.

Despite the easy installation, be advised that Nuvelle laminate flooring doesn’t come with attached pad which can be a turn off for some homeowners.

It means that you will have to deal with extra care and preparation to install the underlayment first before you can actually install the floor.

Not everyone is ready (and willing) to deal with the underlayment preparation, which can take time and efforts.

But then again, Nuvelle flooring comes with Uniclic locking mechanism to support easy installation.

The greatest thing about this mechanism is that you can use drop-and-lock method to secure the planks or you can use the so-called angle-tap to have it done.

The drop-and-lock system is especially helpful when you have to install the floor in tight or narrow spaces and you need to do the work fast.

However, if you are completely new to this installation and you have no prior experience in installing the floor, it is advisable that you use the angle-tap method.

The tongues of the fiber board may seem and feel sturdy, but then again, it is easy to chip or break if you have excessive force when trying to click them together.

And how do you know that the planks are successfully installed properly?

You should hear a nice clicking sound when the planks are locked together. Once you hear it, then you know that you have done the right job.

Be advised that DIY project may not be suitable for those who lack of patience and time.

The job is quite risky in terms that you can make the final result ugly or you may make some damages along the way.

You should do your research about installing the floor before attempting the work on your own.

Then be honest about your ability will you be able to do it or not?

If the answer is no, then you should seriously consider about hiring an experienced installer to help you with the job.

But based on Nuvelle laminate review, the floor delivers a pretty satisfying outcome when it comes to installation.

Price and Cost Nuvelle Laminate

In doing a home improvement work, especially when dealing with floor, budgets are most important.

Laminate floor is known for its inexpensive price, but then again, it doesn’t mean that your expenses would be low.

Based on Nuvelle laminate review, this brand is categorized as the mid-quality products.

Several online retailers provide them, like regalfloorcoverings.com or fastfloors.com. You should also be able to check your local retailers.

If you want to, go to Nuvelle official website and check for the retailer within your area. When sold online, the price is set between $1.25 and$2.75 a square foot it depends on the type of collection you choose.

But then, you should remember that this brand doesn’t have underlayment pad. It means that you have to buy it separately adding your spending between $0.25 and $0.75 a square foot for the foam underlayment.

And don’t forget that you still have to deal with delivery or shipping cost this is applicable whether you buy from the local retailer or from online.

This fee can be as low as $50 up to several hundred dollars which depend on the distance, weight, and freight carrier.

And if you decide to hire a professional installer, it would add another cost to your budgets.

If you decide to do the installation yourself, you can seriously save thousands of dollars a pretty huge amount of money.

But if you decide to hire a pro, make sure that your spending is worth the service. Only check their qualifications and reputation. They must be insured and they must have a legal license.

To protect yourself against fraud, check the official site of the state’s contractor board. Gather as much information as possible. Don’t rush the checking and confirming process. Don’t let your guards down.

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Conclusion Nuvelle Laminate Review

As you can see, Nuvelle flooring has several benefits as well as downsides. Besides the sturdy construction, easy installation, and beautiful finish, the floor is also inexpensive.

Not to mention that they have quite a lot of collections, giving you the freedom and easiness in choosing the right floor to pick.

Nuvelle may not be the cheapest laminate flooring available, but then again, if you want something with quality and performance, then you should be wise in making the right decision.

In the overall outcome, Nuvelle is pretty satisfying based on the information from Nuvelle laminate review.