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Ohana Wicker Furniture Reviews

Ohana Wicker Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Determining the best outdoor furniture could be challenging because they come in different styles, colors, sizes, and prices. Learning from Ohana Wicker Furniture Reviews may help you choose the right ones because Ohana offers more on particular products.

Ohana is worth considering because all the products are made from weatherproof and superior materials. Thus, they are not only robust enough to stand the weather but also stylish and comfortable.

Learn more on Ohana products, services and policies in the following passage. Thus, you can decide if they are the home furnishings you need or not.

Product and Price Range

Ohana Wicker Furniture Product and Price Range
Ohana Wicker Furniture Product and Price Range

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In Hawaiian, the name Ohana means family, so we should not be surprised if the products come in several pieces. Some of Ohana’s products, such as Ohana deep seating and its wicker patio furniture, are among the most favorite ones.

Check out the following examples of Ohana furniture products for your consideration :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Deep Seating Sets5 Piece SetsPE resin wicker
aluminum coated frame
tempered glass
As low as $1,999.00
 6 Piece SetsResin wicker
stainless steel frame
Starts from $2,199.00
 7 Piece SetsAluminum frame construction
resin wicker
$2,599 – $3,199.00
 8 Piece SetsHandwoven resin wicker
aluminum frame
$2,999.00 – $3,599.00
 9 Piece & Plus SetsResin wicker
aluminum frame
$3,699.00 – 8,999.00
 Combo Sets  
 Curved Sets  
Balcony SetsChaise Lounge SetPolyethylene wicker
powder coated aluminum frame
As low as $2,299.00
 Bistro SetRust-free frame
PE resin wicker
Starts from $899.00
 Rocking ChairResin wicker
aluminum frame
Dining SetsWicker Dining SetsSafety glass
resin wicker
aluminum frame
$1,799.00 – $3,999.00
 Teak Dining SetsTeak wood$2,999.00
Sofa SetConversation SetsHandwoven wicker
weather-resistant fabric cushion
$2,299.00 – $3,499.00
 Daybed $3,099.00
 Round Seating GroupSafety glass top
resin wicker
aluminum frame
%3,099.00 – $5,999.00
 Seating Set with SunbrellaTufted back cushions
resin wicker
aluminum frame
$4,299.00 – $6,999.00
ComponentsArmless ChairWoven resin wicker
weatherproof cushion
 OttomanResin wicker
aluminum frame
 Side TableResin wicker$499.00
 Stackable Dining ChairsPE wicker
aluminum frame
weatherproof cushion

Ohana Wicker Furniture Pros and Cons

Similar to other furniture lines such as, Ohana also comes with its flaws.

Pros of Ohana Wicker Furniture

  • Help customers save their budgets because it offers free delivery on all orders.
  • Hassle-free because you can order your desired products by phone.
  • A smart buy because the products are attractive and high quality.
  • Aside from being stylish, Ohana products are also durable and sturdy.
  • It is versatile to arrange the products according to your taste and room space.
  • Easy to clean because you only need water and soap to wash it.
  • It offers a more interesting visual because of its round shape.
  • Comfortable and cozy because it is richly padded. Thus, you and your family can prolong your lounging while enjoying the outdoor air.
  • Practical and ease the customers because none of the products require any assembling. Thus, you can arrange your Ohana wicker Furniture on your porch, patio or deck.

Cons of Ohana Wicker Furniture

  • Drain your pocket because the price is relatively high.
  • Uncomfortable for certain people because the seats are on the low part.
  • Requires a spacious room because Ohana sectional patio furniture is a large and expansive piece. Thus, only those who have enough outdoor space can purchase the products.


All products are made of high-quality materials that make them durable but also stylish and admirable. Ohana claims that their products are rust and all-weather proof so that they will stand against any weather, including wintertime.

However, you are recommended to cover your products with a patio cover so that it can prolong their durability.


Ohana Wicker Furniture Warranty
Ohana Wicker Furniture Warranty

Unlike other furniture brands that offer a lifetime warranty on their products such as Lovesac or Novogratz Furniture, Ohana only provides its customers with 2 types of warranties. Take a look at the following Hawaiian wicker furniture warranties :

  • 1-Year Warranty

This warranty is for cushions and metal components, so make sure you maximize it for your best benefit.

  • 3-year Warranty

This Warranty is beneficial because Ohana will guarantee the structural framing of each piece of furniture starting from your purchase date.

However, all the warranties mentioned above are not applicable to any products used in commercial situations.

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Ohana generally ships and delivers the products within 2-4 weeks upon receiving payment, so you need to be patient until your furniture arrives.

Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the product you buy, you can return them within 14 days of the receipt. However, you must ensure that the products are still in their original and complete packaging.

Ohana furniture is worth considering because of its exchange policy. Ohana enables customers to exchange products with a new ones under their defined terms and conditions.

Ohana Wicker Furniture Reviews: Final Words

If you are looking for robust, stylish, and first-class outdoor furniture to elevate your outdoor interior, then Ohana furniture is worth considering. Hopefully, this Ohana Wicker Furniture Reviews can help you due to its information. Thus, you can decide whether Ohana furniture is the product that you are looking for.