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Olde Wood Hardwood Flooring Review

Olde Wood Hardwood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Don’t take a few minutes to read our Olde wood hardwood flooring review, presenting you the best information covering all the hardwood characteristics.

If you have already had a set of furniture, painted the wall nicely and added the interior with the proper decorations, a must-thing to figure out later is then about the right flooring.

So let’s have a look at your floors. Is it already outdated?

Old fashioned?

Or even worn?

No worry! It implies that you have to upgrade it with the new flooring to achieve another beauty for your home sweet home.

Olde Wood Hardwood has been existing for more than 20 years and manufacturing the custom wide plank both solid and engineered wood flooring.

There have also been thousands of customers beautifying their homes with the high quality flooring selected from Olde Wood Hardwood.

Will you be one of them now or in the future?

Now this article will just let you to explore the best hardwood collection of Olde Wood. Our Olde wood hardwood flooring review will actually include the wood features such as the competitive price, DIY installation, durability, care and maintenance.

Let’s check them all out in the review sections below to allow you to determine which flooring types you can finally choose to suit your every space at home.

The Competitive Price of Olde Wood Hardwood Flooring

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Many homeowners set their budgeting system without knowing whether they have limited or unlimited funds for their renovation projects.

However, for those who comes with the “On-Budget” situation and are smart selectors will be curious to know whether or not the flooring product has a competitive price.

In this regards, the flooring price at Olde Wood Hardwood is different depending on the contributive factors such as where you are living, the retailers you are visiting, the flooring types you are going to purchase and the product quality as well as the brands you select.

Approximately, the average cost of Olde Wood Hardwood flooring ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot.

This is for the lowest quality flooring at which you cannot expect to have a good flooring as you wish.

If you want to have the one with the standard quality, you can pay around $5 to $10 per square foot.

Meanwhile, of you want the flooring product with the high quality, you can choose the types with the process starting from $8 to $14 per square foot.

According to our Olde wood hardwood flooring review, Olde Wood Hardwood is not ready for online shopping.

Furthermore, you cannot buy the products from the dealers.

The only way to purchase flooring products here is by filling the form online and you will be given a free price quote for the products you want to buy.

In general, according to the customers’ review of Olde Wood, the reclaimed and traditional plank flooring offered have almost the high quality. They say that the price is reasonable.

Even the most expensive price offered by Olde Wood still makes sense due to the quality.

In some cases, some customers were surprised by being given the low cost by the manufacturer.

DIY Installation Options

When purchasing the Olde Wood Hardwood has pulled out your wallet and send a lot, you may come to think of selecting DIY option.

Moreover, the cost of installation can even be higher though you may only want to install the new flooring in a small space.

Hundreds of dollars are just the minimum cost you have to pay for the installation. Therefore, many homeowners finally question whether or not they can cut off the installation cost by doing the projects themselves.

Luckily, Olde Wood Hardwood comes with the easy installation feature and DIY options, allowing you to decide on installing the flooring products by yourself.

There are definitely several things you need to pay attention to dealing with the DIY installation.

Firstly, make sure you read carefully the instructions stated in the installation guidance provided by the manufacture.

Secondly, make sure you make the materials and the tools ready for installation.

Later, measure the moisture and humidity level of the spaces where you are going to install the flooring.

If you need to do some treatments, do it to ensure the proper installation and get a good result.

In this regards, it is highly recommended that you use the guidance provided by the National Hardwood Flooring Association on the websites of official Olde Wood Limited.

In addition to the installation, Olde Wood Hardwood offers the complete information including the flooring acclimation, moisture testing and subfloor preparation.

This manufacturer also comes with the detail instruction to allow the DIY installer to install the flooring in any situation such as over the concrete and screeds as well as with radiant heating system.

Though you may have downloaded the complete guidance, installing hardwood is considered difficult.

If you are just a newbie in DIY installation which means that you are not skillful enough to do the projects, you had better hire a professional installer.

Keep in mind that the proper installation, the higher the durability.

The Durability of Olde Wood Hardwood

When it comes to the flooring damages, there is no exception of Olde Wood Hardwood not to get damaged.

Due to the regular use, heavy foot traffic, pets and kids as well as an improper maintenance, the floors potentially get damaged.

However, some preventions are still possible to minimize the damages, one of which is taking the precautions.

According to Olde wood hardwood flooring review, using the furniture protectors under the legs of the heavy furniture and chairs is much of advantage.

It is aimed to prevent the floors from scratches due to the furniture dragging across the new flooring. Later, you can also protect your floors against the pets’ claws.

In most cases, moisture can be the big problem of hardwood. That’s why, you must say no to install the flooring on the wet environment. Otherwise, the moisture will stain, buckle and even cause a damage to the floors.

In order to protect your flooring investment, this manufacturer also provides the products with the 20-year residential warranty and 5-year commercial limited warranty on the UV cured pre-finished hardwood flooring.

In addition to the durability, there is a lifetime hardwood flooring offered by the manufacturer, allowing you to refinish up to 100 years of usage.

According to the experts, Olde Wood Hardwood is considered as the best place to find the best flooring products for your new-built home.

In this case, the experts offers a recommendation for you to consider some factors when you want to purchase a flooring products.

Those factors include the level of foot traffic and the wear resistance.

Finally, they can help you find the most suitable flooring products based on your home floors condition.

Styles and Colors Availability

Later, our Olde wood hardwood flooring review is going to share you the information about the styles and colors availability.

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about the styles and colors collection here at Olde Wood Hardwood. This company has all what you need to complement your home.

There are multiple collections available ranging from the traditional look or sleek to a modern appearance.

You will easily find the most suitable flooring type with best styles and colors to match your home interior.

Olde Wood Hardwood comes with the complete collection of hardwood flooring types including the Reclaimed Wood, the Mustang Collection, the Metro Collection, the Venture Collection, the Traditional Plank and the European Collection.

There are also various types of finishes such as Cherry, Walnut, White Oak, Antique Douglas, Vintage Hickory and etc.

Care and Maintenance of Olde Wood Hardwood Flooring

The care and maintenance that everyone must perform on Olde Wood Hardwood flooring depends on the flooring type you select.

Typically, there is a maintenance guidance provided by the installers to allow you clean and maintain the floors based on the instructions.

In general, all types of flooring use hardwood vacuum and a dust mop for a regular cleaning. It will keep your floors not only best in look but also clean from any dirt.

To support the cleaning actions, Olde also provides the customers with the option to use a special cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

This way, Olde has flooring specialist to help you with the recommendation and consultation whenever you need.

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Final Words

Finally, the Olde wood hardwood flooring review has shared all about the basic and the crucial information about the flooring characteristic, allowing you to know the detail of the flooring just before finally purchasing it.

Now that you know how durable and affordable the Olde Wood Hardwood flooring products are, you must be ready to make a decision whether you pick up the flooring product or not.

Review the product details again whenever you need it to ensure the flooring quality and durability, cost and installation, care and maintenance, styles as well as colors option.

So what are you thinking now?