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Palliser VS Flexsteel

Palliser VS Flexsteel

by Ethan Ross

Have the names Palliser and Flexsteel crossed your mind when you want to change your furniture to redecorate a room at home? Yes, both have reclining seats and similarities in style. Although, they still have so many differences that you will know from this Palliser vs Flexsteel review.

This comparison is being made based on price range, the variant of products, and the ordering and shipping process, same as other reviews, for example, Arhaus vs Restoration Hardware. Besides that, you may see a glance at each furniture brand, including the pros and cons.

The Comparison Palliser vs Flexsteel

Price RangeIt varies, depending on the authorized dealer’s price.$301 – $3,890.29
Product RangePalliser only has two product categories, living room and bedroom furniture. But this product is a reclining type.Flexsteel produces many variants of furniture items. And Flexsteel has made them into 4 groups, living room, bedroom, dining room and home office.
The Ease Ordering & ShippingYou can not shop online from its website. Only information about its product is available on its site.

The website of Palliser is user-friendly. Unfortunately you can not shop on it. But this site provides a “find a retailer”  menu.

The shipping process comes from your dealer. So the courier, time shipping, and service method depend on your dealer.
The Flexsteel brand doesn’t provide online shopping on its website.

Luckily, you can shop from authorized retailers that you can find on the product information page on its website.

The delivery process comes from the authorized dealer. So all that you need to know about this, you must contact them first.
Quality of Service DeliveryAll processes about delivery service, including the quality, depending on the authorized retailer.All process  of shipping service, including the quality, depends on the authorized dealer.

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About Palliser Furniture

About Palliser Furniture Pros Cons
About Palliser Furniture Pros Cons

The Palliser brand has been in the furniture industry for over 75 years. This company is family-owned and was established in 1944 in rural Manitoba.

This brand, Palliser, allows its customer to design their furniture. You can select the style, and the upholstery material, whether it’s leather, fabric, or leather alternative. In addition, you can choose the leg model and ideal configuration.

Palliser Pros

This Palliser furniture brand has some pros :

  • Palliser company carries the Go-Green issue, which this brand dedicates to the long-term conservation of natural resources.
  • This brand, Palliser, provides two choices for your upholstery material that you can choose leather and fabric.
  • One of the Palliser product’s main pros is tight joints to resist weight and movement.
  • In addition, the Palliser product uses a high-density foam that makes it durable from bottoming out for a long time.
  • All products from Palliser were made by craftsmen hand-skilled.
  • You can customize your style’s shape, size, and other components.

Palliser Cons

The following are the cons of the Palliser furniture brand :

  • Some shoppers complain about poor quality because some sofa parts don’t function properly.
  • Some other buyers complain about bad service from the customer service.
  • You can not shop directly from its website. So the price, delivery process, and others depend on your retailer.

About Flexsteel Furniture

About Flexsteel Furniture Pros Cons
About Flexsteel Furniture Pros Cons

The Flexsteel brand was first launched in the 1900s. So, this is an old brand with hundreds of years of experience developing the furniture industry. It keeps growing until now it can compete with new brands. 

This brand makes the product with good quality materials. Not just that, the parts and techniques Flexsteel uses to produce its furniture are of high standard quality. That’s why all furniture from Flexsteel is so durable and lasts longer.

Talking about style and design, Flexsteel doesn’t want to be left behind. It designs its products by following the developing furniture designs that are contemporary, simple, but still chic.

Flexsteel Pros

This Flexsteel brand has some pros :

  • This Flexsteel company is a trusted furniture brand. Because it has 75 years’ experience in the furniture industry. 
  • There are so many product variants available that ease you to mix and match your furniture in one style
  • Professional craftsmen make all products.

Flexsteel Cons

These are the cons of Flexsteel furniture products :

  • You can not shop directly from its site. It would be best if you found your retailer.
  • Price, the ordering, and the delivery process are related to the authorized retailer.
  • You only get a one-year warranty for any particular condition.

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Final Words

These two brands, Palliser and Flexsteel, have similarities in designing products with simple, chic, and contemporary styles. Besides, they neither provide online shopping nor direct purchasing on their website. But Flexsteel has many more product variants than Palliser.

While the price, ordering, and shipping process depend on the authorized retailer. Thus, this Palliser vs Flexsteel review was made. May this can help you to ease choosing which brand that suits you.