Penny Mustard Furniture Reviews

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Penny Mustard Furniture Reviews

Carefully set your budget because one of the considerations when choosing home furniture is its price. However, learn Penny Mustard Furniture reviews to help you know the products and company services well.

Thus, you can make a better decision in picking the most suitable pieces of furniture.

If you ask questions such as “Is Penny Mustard furniture expensive?” the answer is relative. Some might say it is expensive, but others agree that they come at an affordable price. 

Thus, take a look at the following article to help you decide whether you desire Penny Mustard as your home furnishings.

Product and Price Range

Penny Mustard Furniture Product and Price Range
Penny Mustard Furniture Product and Price Range

Penny Mustard offers various home furnishings, unlike other furniture lines such as katy furniture. This company provides standard home furnishings and accessories such as rugs, pictures and lighting.

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Check out the following price of items like Penny Mustard living room chairs or Penny Mustard wall art and more :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Living RoomSofaLeather
metal frame
fabric upholstery
$1,730.00 – $8,367.00
fabric upholstery
$3,655.00 – $12,363.00
 Chairs and SeatingLeather
metal base
$835.00 – $4,799.00
 Tables and AccentsWood
metal frame
glass top
$510.00 – $2,264.00
 EntertainmentSolid wood
glass shelves
metal frame
$1,145.00 – $6,625.00
Dining roomTablesWood
$1,431.00 – $5,437.00
 Dining ChairsWood
$323.00 – $1,040.00
 Bar StoolWood
metal frame
fabric upholstery
$268.00 – $803.00
$1,577.00 – $6,391
BedroomBedsSolid wood
$1,299.00 – $3,821.00
 Dressers and chestsSolid wood$898.00 – $3,521.00
 MirrorWood frame
$303.00 – $1,478
 NightstandsSolid wood$592.00 – $1,483.00
OfficeDesksSolid wood$1,094.00 – $3,889.00
 Office ChairsWood
leather cushion
$837.00 – $2,418.00
 BookcasesMetal frame
$564.00 – $2,750.00
DecorRugsHigh quality thread$55.00 – $435.00
 ArtWood frame
$297.00 – $825
fabric shade
$218.00 – $876.00

Penny Mustard Furniture Pros and Cons

Be thoughtful because whichever Penny Mustard outlet you buy from, their products may still have strengths and flaws. Thus, learn more about the pros and cons of the products and services from Penny Mustard for your best interests.

Take a look at the following significant information you might need to know :

Pros of Penny Mustard Furniture

  • Offers its own delivery service so that the customers can receive the products as soon as possible.
  • Save your budget because their collections are affordable.
  • Worth considering due to its good quality pieces of furniture.

Cons of Penny Mustard Furniture

  • Offers no returnable policy on clearance sales so make sure you purchase the item wisely.
  • Uses some third-party carriers for certain areas so that it might delay or slow down the delivery process.
  • Quite upsetting because customers are responsible to transportation fees for and from their residence.


Penny Mustard Furniture Durability
Penny Mustard Furniture Durability

This brand is worth considering because many customers have stated that their Penny Mustard sectional and other items are durable over time. However, you still need to check on more reviews on penny mustard furniture for your best benefits.


Like other mid to higher-level furniture brands such as Broyhill furniture or Floyd furniture, Penny Mustard also provides its customers with a warranty. The following is one standard warranty a customer will receive :

Lifetime Limited Warranty

To know more about this warranty, you have to ask Customer Service to help you learn more about its coverage and restrictions. Use your products correctly because this warranty validates misused, improper caring, and products used in commercials.


Penny Mustard Furniture provides its customers with several delivery services so that customers receive their products quickly. The following is some information on its delivery policy :

  • Take note that this company makes its own delivery for certain areas such as Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. Thus, you can expect their professional staff to deliver the products to your home.
  • The company uses third-party carriers to reach other areas within the US.
  • They claim that their drivers are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in delivering each product well.
  • The delivery includes placement, unloading, removal of debris, and light assembling, so you know what to expect when your furniture arrives.

Return Policy

Penny Mustard Furniture Return Policy
Penny Mustard Furniture Return Policy

The return policy of Penny Mustard includes the following aspects :

  • Carefully place your order because you cannot return or exchange any particular order after 48 hours from when you place the order.
  • Be cautious when buying any sales or clearance products because those items are not returnable.
  • Please keep your order number in a safe place because you will need it when you want to return the products you buy. Call Customer Service for detailed information on the return process because you can only do that with their help.

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Final Words

Getting the right home furnishings is daunting due to many considerations one must contemplate before buying one. You should consider its quality, durability, price, and more before deciding.

Hopefully, by learning the above Penny Mustard Furniture Reviews, you will determine your choice of these products.

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