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Phenix Carpet Reviews

Phenix Carpet Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Once you come to the local store or just visit some sites of carpet retailers, you will be confused to see a big number of carpet options in front of you. To help you narrow your choice, Phenix carpet reviews are ready to boost your knowledge of the flooring industry especially carpeting.

Though it would be a mistake if you overlook them, however, carpet has always something swatches, styles and fiber as well as the leading technology used in producing the carpet.

Today, we navigate you to quickly read our reviews with the content of Phenix carpet reviews in general, Phenix carpet collections, cost, pros and cons, ratings and qualified installer you may be looking for installing the carpet.

Now let’s focus on understanding Phenix carpet through the following review sections:

Phenix Carpet in General

Phenix has been existing in flooring industry since 2006. The company is based in Georgia out of Dalton.

There is a big varieties of flooring types sold by Phenix ranging from commercial and residential carpet to luxury vinyl tiles and planks that look like hardwood and other materials.

While we are just focus on carpet flooring product this time, Phenix carpet comes out to be very much impressive.

In producing the flooring product, there are several types of techniques and technologies used by the company for their carpet production. That’s just common. While other companies use only a few, Phenix utilize eigth.

Further, the 5-year warranties featured to the carpet makes it the great option though you may want to look at the fine print on the warranty as other people do.

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Opulence HD

Opulence HD is the top fiber of Phenix carpet. It is a solution-dyed PET fiber which is very soft and rich of suede-like texture. The premium materials have a built-in stains and soiling resistance.

So when your child’s ice cream drops or a cup of wine spills on the carpet, it would not take such effort to deal with it.

Neither pet stains, sun nor urine will match for opulence HD. Its excellent light-fastness won’t be affected by the ozone fading, allowing you to have carpet with the same color and styles decades after the other carpet may have faded.

There are more than 50 choices with fiber feature although there have been more affordable options if you drop down a few levels of SureSoft SD and SureSoft.

Microban & Surefresh

In our Phenix carpet reviews, you must try to search information whether a carpet you are about to buy will stand up against foot traffic and fading or not and whether it would fit people with allergies or not. Well, expecting the comfort from the carpet is a bit necessary to know overall.

In this case, Phenix is featuring SureFresh or Microban. As the name suggest, SureFresh feature keeps the carpet fresh through the technology of unique odor capturing.

Practically, it takes the household odors by breaking up the odors molecules. This makes the carpet fit your home with pets, smokers and various odors.

When it is used along with Microban, you will have something special and comfortable. Microban is an antimicrobial technology combating both mold and bacteria that may cause stains and odors.

Microban is a popular substance frequently found in the kitchen goods. Microban plays the role in taking the cleanliness of your carpet to the entire level.

Remember, these technologies (SureFresh and Microban) are combined to form a carpet which is free from odors and bacteria.

One of the carpet examples used with these technologies is Assurance which feature SureFresh and Microban while the fibers are Opulence HD.

Phenix Carpet Collections

As we have mentioned, Assurance is an example of Phenix carpet with SureFresh and Microban features.

However, that is not the only one sample you can check out. When you are surfing on the website and searching for the collections, you will be viewed a hundred of carpets with PetProtect and StainMaster LiveWell. These carpets are good options for people who are suffering allergies.

Due to the fact that Phenix carpet is designed with the toned neutrals and solid colors or blended hues, you will never find a wild styles or patterned carpet from Phenix.

For finished options, there are many kinds of finishes, ranging from smooth to texture along with the few basic patterns like diamonds and multicolored lines with Chic Stria.

All in all, more than 100 styles are available across all the series and a large number of colors and shades.

In Phenix carpet, the most popular option is SureSoft SD which comes with more than 1,000 variations and 100 ColorSense line with its discreet color placement techniques.

There are also some options in Opulence HD but most of the products are featuring Microban especially those which are at the higher tiers. However, you will never feel disappointed by the collections provided by Phenix carpet.

Phenix Carpet Cost

Phenix carpet can be purchased actually from the big-box hardware stores such as Lowes or from some online retailers specializing in carper flooring.

The average costs are ranging from $1.72 to $4.82 per square foot though you may have to go to the flooring store for the full line up you want to see.

SeriesFiberSpecial FeaturesColorsPrice Per Square Foot
Bleeker StreetNylonPerProtectBelle$4.75
LakefrontPolyester100% Solution-Dyed PETTweed Coat$2.65
Griffith parkNylonPetProtectCottage Cream$2.96
Extra InningsPolyester100% Solution-Dyed PETTurner Field$1.08
Day BreakPolyester100% Solution-Dyed PETElements$1.74

Phenix Carpet Pros and Cons

To provide you with a clear consideration, we are now leading you to the pros and cons of Phenix carpet so that you can determine whether or not you will buy the carpet product.

Once you know that Phenix offers premium carpeting along with affordable price and premium carpet products which are in-line with the other brands, you will exactly be about to buy.

But what if you check out the downside, too?

Will you insist on purchasing the product?


Price is a significant benefit offered by Phenix, particularly if you want a pet-based carpet or pet protected nylon. The colors and texture selections are both solid and coming with the new lines to keep the carpet fresh.


When it comes to carpet fiber, there are only a few selection. In this case, most of the carpeting comes in polyester. There is no wool fiber carpet in the recent collection while nylon is scarce compared to the other brands.

Phenix Carper Ratings

Based on this Phenix carpet reviews, the color and style rate 3 along with the fiber which is also rating 3. Pet, stain and fade resistance are all ranging 4.

Qualified Installer You May Be Looking for

Some readers express their complaint that they couldn’t find the qualified carpet installer locally. Therefore, we suggest them to search online.

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Final Words

Overall, Phenix carpet is quite considerable. If you are living with pets and kids, this carpet will be much suitable to pick up and install in your home. The features of SureFresh and Microban are excellent to free up the space from bacteria and odors.


Is Phenix carpet suitable for commercial applications?

Yes, it. But is suits the residential more than the commercial applications.

Can I install Phenix carpet outdoor?

It is not proper for outdoor applications. It is more suitable for indoors.

Is the price quite budget-friendly for families?

The price are varies depending on the series of carpet you choose. So far, the price is affordable enough.