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Porcelanosa Wood Like Tile Reviews

Porcelanosa Wood Like Tile Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

If you want a wood-look-alike floor that doesn’t have the weakness of a wooden floor, then Porcelanosa wood like tile can be the best option.

Every homeowner has their own definition of the perfect floor, but you can tell that the wood-like floor would be the most ideal pick for most homeowners.

Most of them like the easy maintenance and care, and the fact that they can make the floor look beautiful and natural without any hassle.

So, it is easy to see why this kind of flooring becomes the next favorable thing for homeowners.

About Porcelanosa Products

There are several things to know about this brand and their products.

First of all, the wood-tile products are able to combine all the best things from two different materials.

You can expect the beauty and classic look of hardwood flooring, but they can also enjoy the sturdiness and toughness of tiles not having to worry about common hardwood issues, such as fading or scratching.

You have yourself the strength of tiles as well as the natural elegance of hardwood.

Porcelanosa is a brand that has gained its own positive reputation in the home improvement industry, especially in flooring sector.

The company has existed for 40 years and the number alone speaks volumes of their quality, ability, and professionalism.

They have manufactured premium flooring for both commercial and residential environments. You can find their products in 140 different countries and that is a lot.

Another cool thing about the company is the fact that they have specialized themselves in the latest high-quality tiles with beautiful European designs.

It’s no wonder if they become one of the leaders in the industry, related to high-quality and innovative (flooring) products, including the wood-like products.

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Available Styles and Colors

When you are looking for high-quality floor, you want to make sure that it has the appealing style that would look perfect for your business or home.

Whether you want a chic, modern, vintage, or classic look, it depends on the flooring styles. Well, no need to worry as Porcelanosa wood like tile comes in two major collections: the Seedwood and the PAR-KER.

The Seedwood variants have porcelain tiles collections imitating the wood and its natural beauty. It has traditional indoor floor as well as outdoor types with their anti-slip features.

The collection has different options of shades, colors, and styles. You can also find different sizes. The PAR-KER collections, on the other hand, offers parquet flooring type.

Not only it is eco-friendly, but it has a perfect non-slip feature super useful for both outdoor and indoor settings.

For this collection, you can also choose different colors and styles, including maple and ash.

The Durability

There is no doubt that Porcelanosa wood like tile looks great and artistic, but what about the strength?

Can it deal with heavy traffic, kids, and pets?

Well, if you install hardwood at home, you are probably worried that you will damage the floor, but with the wood-like tiles, you are free from such a concern.

The tile flooring is super tough and solid, and it can take any abuse just nicely. You are free to place the floor in any room or areas, including those with high level of humidity and moisture.

Can you install the floor in basements or bathrooms?

Definitely and you won’t have to worry that it will warp or stain even when it is exposed to moisture and humidity.

The floor is also available as outdoor flooring options, which also mean that you can install it by the pool or on the patio.

Be advised that the floor isn’t 100% resistant to scratches, especially when it is related to heavy furniture pieces that you drag on the floor.

But it is resistant to regular activities of heavy traffic areas, excited pets, and active kids.

Because the company is quite confident with their products, they offer warranties that last for many months to come.

Porcelanosa Wood Like Tile Maintenance and Clean

As it was mentioned before, dealing with Porcelanosa wood like tile is pretty easy and also fast.

You only need a regular broom (and dustpan, if you like to) to perform regular cleaning. Feel free to use bare floor vacuum.

If you are thinking about doing deep cleaning, use the all-purpose non-oil based cleaners.

They mustn’t contain acids or ammonia as they will damage and wreck the grout. The floor’s surface would be damaged too.

Once you have done the cleaning, just use clean water to rinse it out it will remove any remaining residue so your floor will stay shiny and intact.

What about cleaning out the outdoor tiles?

Feel free to use the pressure washer regular tile mop won’t be able to do it. You can also use brush (made from plastic with hard bristle form) and water. If you have vapor steam cleaner, feel free to use it too.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated or difficult about maintaining and cleaning the wood-like tiles.

And you won’t have to worry that you may damage the floor with your cleaning efforts and products.

Porcelanosa Wood Like Tile Price and Cost

Before getting to the core of the matter, it doesn’t hurt to understand the general price (as well as the installation cost) of the tile. The standard price of tiles may range from as low as $1 to as high as $15 (and even more!) for a square foot.

Of course, it depends on the brand, quality, construction, and such thing alike. Expect $1 a square foot or even less for the low-quality tiles while the premium high-quality ones can take you $15 for a square foot or even more!

Porcelanosa wood like tile is different from other similar products and brands because this brand charges higher price tags. You can pay between $10 and $11 for a square foot and that price range isn’t budget-friendly.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive product for your home improvement projects, then this one is definitely NOT the one for you.

DIY Installation

Generally, you can manage a DIY project on your own, especially if you want to cut costs.

According to the company, homeowners should be able to manage their own DIY project provided that you have the experience, the skills, and the knowledge.

You don’t want to damage the expensive tiles and you certainly don’t want to create a messy final result.

But if you are determined to do your installation DIY work, go ahead. Just make sure that you have the (right) tools and you don’t rush things.

In fact, you need to have abundant of times to do the work properly. Porcelanosa provides instructions for the installation and everything is laid out in details.

You can read them thoroughly and deal with steps like cleaning and preparing the subfloor, picking the proper adhesive, laying and spacing the tiles, and then applying the grout.

Be advised that you will need tools like a rubber mallet, a saw, tile spacers, and trowels to manage the Porcelanosa wood like tile and expect satisfying outcome.

If you are completely clueless and you don’t have the tools you need, then hire professional and skilled installer.

Seriously. It may take extra spending on your part, but you at least won’t have to worry about the final result or whether you have created messy finish.

With professional installer, you won’t have to worry about improper installation or damages happen to the floor.

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Porcelanosa Wood Like Tile Pros and Cons

Porcelanosa wood like tile provides satisfying result with tons of its good features.

Not only it can create natural and artistic look at home, but you won’t have to worry about the complicated and fussy maintenance.

The floor can create homey and cozy vibe while delivering tough and solid construction.

You only need to maintain and care for it in the simplest way, and you can expect it to last for good. Another cool thing about the floor is its flexibility.

Unlike most floorings that can be installed in certain environment or condition, the wood like tile can be placed in anywhere including difficult areas such as outdoors, bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

But then again, you should also be ready with the downsides. Because of the higher premium quality, the price is higher especially when compared to other similar tile items.

It isn’t exactly the most suitable material for homeowners with limited budgets. Besides the high price of material, it also comes with high installation cost you may want to consider hiring a pro to do it.

It would be a shame to let such a floor go into waste because of lousy or wrong installation.

But because of the high quality, you can expect the floor to be durable and long lasting. And the fact that is offers easy cleaning and maintenance is another plus point that you will love about the floor.

And let’s not forget that you can narrow down your option among the wide collections that the brand has.

Just rest assured that Porcelanosa wood like tile will never disappoint you and you will love it so much!