Portable Dance Floor Reviews

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Portable Dance Floor Reviews

If you are going to hold a party at home while you don’t have a dance floor yet, worry no more! A portable dance floor has been innovated to enable you to either dance for fitness or dance for fun and party.

Truly, you are living in these pandemic years when social distancing is a must and everything is recommended worked and done at home, the idea of having portable dance floor is just a great solution.

In general, portable floor for dance is very much ideal to hold some special occasion such as weddings, competitions and birthdays. This means that there are lots of options you can choose to suit your wannabe occasion. 

Now our buying guide will let you grab all of information about portable dance floor through the sections of the best portable dance floors, the buying guide of portable dance floor, and some frequently asked questions to enrich your knowledge.

The Best Portable Dance Floors

SnapLock Dance Floors3’ x 3’Not Specified18 lbs.1120 years
EventExpress CampLock Dance Floor3’ x 4’½”48 lbs.85 years
Rosco Adiago Portable Dance FloorCustom cut1.5mmN/A25 years
PlankFlex Dance Tiles4’ x 36’½”1.83 lbs.315 years
Portable Tap Dance Floor Kit3’ x 3’5/8”18 lbs.65 years

Whether you want to practice a tap dance or like the ballet, portable dance floor options are ready to let you choose the best dance floors ranging from modern dance to the classic.

The top brands above are going to be reviewed down below so you can compare each brands based on their similarities and differences. 

SnapLock Dance Floors

SnapLock Dance Floors
SnapLock Dance Floors

If you are planning to hold a dance occasion outdoor, SnapLock Dance Floors is the right brand to consider. There are dozens options of unique flooring products coming with some brands such as the popular RaceDeck garage flooring.

This company also tends to produce outdoor portable dance flooring along with the huge selection of styles.

SnapLock Dance Floors comes as the large interlocking tile sections with 3’ x 3’ panels. Each of them weighs 18 pounds, making them manageable supported by the Powerlock technology.

To keep the flooring firmly on its place, the tiles are designed with the unique features across the bottom. This way, 840 support structures are available in per square foot.

These panels receive a 100% rate for their waterproof and simple-to-clean features. The numerous styles options make the tiles perfect for dancing outdoor.

Those styles are including Slate Black and Ebony as well as Luxury White Marble along with the wood-look choices such as oak, maple and teak.

SnapLock Dance Floors offer a great multi-purpose option along with 20-year warranty. Well, these are becoming the major benefits in the line. However, these tiles are expensive. But if you need the best portable dance floor outside, SnapLock can be your perfect choice.

Pros: 100% waterproof, large number of styles, 20-year warranty.

Cons: the expensive price.

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EventExpress Seamless Cam Lock Portable Dance Floor

EventExpress Seamless Cam Lock Portable Dance Floor
EventExpress Seamless Cam Lock Portable Dance Floor

Truly, this type of portable dance floor is considered the best option for long-term use. Basically, all of the dance floors are designed to take abuse.

Some can work well to handle more wear and tear than others. In short, this kind of dance floor is appreciated for its usage in commercial settings on daily basis for years.

EventExpress is a seamless solution offering cam lock system to prevent the separation while it provides a seamless appearance. This way, each of panel has 3’ x 4’ measurement and ½” thickness along with the 48 pounds weight. Thus, these panels are well-built.

The core of each panel is made of plywood and coated with a sheet vinyl on the top while the back is coated with polyurethane.

To improve the dimensional stability, urethane top coat and a glass fiber interlayer are added to the top of the panel. Luckily, waxing these dance floors is possible and allowable to keep them newer for longer.

In addition to the floors’ greatness above, the overall pros you need to know is including the cam lock system, the plywood core with a high quality vinyl top and the commercial-grade durability.

However, in reality, the flooring is heavy and expensive. These become the cons of EventExpress Seamless Cam Lock portable dance floor.

Rosco Adagio Custom Cut Rolls

Rosco Adagio Custom Cut Rolls
Rosco Adagio Custom Cut Rolls

In the world of portable floors for dance, Rosco Adagio Custom Cut Rolls is considered the best roll. This brand is also perfect for the travelling dancers who need semi-permanent dance floors for home use or studio courtesy.

This brand sells the product in rolls and custom cut to the size the customer needs. Each roll is usually sized at 63” wide and 1” up to 101.7” long. Though it is thinner than the common dance floor with 1.5mm, you will enjoy wearing any kind of shoe no matter soft or hard-soled.

What a good news! Rosco Adagio floors are also suitable for bare feet. They fit the dance styles such as jazz, tap, and hip hop. One thing to remember is that the subfloor must be free from any imperfections.

This brand is high recommended by the professionals. It offers 5-year warranty. Available in black and grey, this floor is budget-friendly. The only downside is the fact that it has 1.5mm thick only.

Plankflex Dance Tiles

Plankflex Dance Tiles
Plankflex Dance Tiles

Another best portable dance floor according to our list is Planflex Dance Tiles. You know, it is the best options for weddings, making it growing more and more popular from times to times.

Planflex dance tiles are more similar with luxury vinyl flooring than as the dance tiles. Each plank come with the modular based made of high-impact polypropylene along with the wood-look image on top.

Later, the plank is protected using a 10mil wear layer made of polyurethane finish. As a result, the planks are amazingly resilient to easily handle high heels and work well for most types of dancing.

Each plank of Planflex Dance tiles are typically measured in 4” x 36” long and ½” thick, suiting the weight which is 1.83 pounds per plank. These dance tikes are easy to install and maintain.

You’ll need no special tools or glues. The only you need is level surface, meaning that you must check the ground level outdoor. Further, the tiles can also be installed over a low-pile carpet.

This is one of the portable dance floor options which also serves other purposes. The 10mil wear layer, lightweight and easy installation feature along with 15-year warranty are the pros of the dance flooring product. The only downside is the limited styles available.

Tap Dance Floor Kit

Tap Dance Floor Kit
Tap Dance Floor Kit

The last portable dance floor to consider is probably the Tap Dance Floor Kit. As the name suggests, it is designed to suit the tap dance. Believe it or not, it can your perfect choice if you really love martial arts, Zumba or ballet.

There are nine tiles available in 1’ x 1’ size for each. These tiles are forming a 3’ x 3’ space which is perfect for tap dancing and other dancing styles such as ballroom and Latin dance. Thankfully, expansion is not an issue with this tap dance floor kit.

The modular design of this portable dance floor allows you to combine the kits to create a larger area. The features offered includes waterproof, protective coating and 5/8” thickness. All of the individual tiles are easy to work with. In addition, they only has 10 pounds weight.

Tap Dance Floor Kit offers an affordable price along with the 5-year warranty. There are six colors options available including light oak, dark oak, maple, cherry, walnut and court gym hardwood.

The color range and the design which is expandable and modular are the pros of the dance floor. There is nothing significant recognized as the cons of the floor.

The Buying Guide of Portable Dance Floor

If dancing is not your primary thing to do, well, portable dance floor is an ideal option for having fun in a while.

Based on the review above, there are companies that offer the best dance floor for various styles. The main purpose of this portable dance floor is help you narrow your choices and get you on your feet quickly.

Now let’s learn several things below to find the right choice of a practice pad to perform a little break dancing.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dance Flooring

  • Pros

There are four main pros of portable dance floor described here.

First, the portable dance floor is simple to use. It offers a simple and easy way of installation so that you and your folks can handle it alone.

Second, the floor is durable. It is built to last. This way, the durability also depends on how long the warranty added to the products.

Third, portable dance floor is affordable. It is also possible that building your dance floor in the premium class is very expensive. However, creating a home dance floor is an affordable option. Further, it also allows you to practice dancing at home if you are taking a dancing class.

The forth pros which can be the biggest benefit is the fact that portable dance floor has multi-purposes. It can be used for weddings, birthdays and other outdoor events where a solid temporary floor is required.

  • Cons

In general, there are only two cons of portable dance floor.

First, the quality control seems being the biggest issue to uncover. However, it happens only with some companies. This is when a warranty comes into play. The best thing to do is that you must trust the brand you choose. That’s all.

The second cons of this dance floor is storage. This way, you must figure out where to store the floor when not in use. No matter you use them as a permanent or semi-permanent solution, think of how to store them since it can take up space.


The second consideration to have such dance floor according to this buying guide is the usage. Being a niche product, you must question yourself; how often you will use it.

This is dealing with the expensive price that you must pay to make a purchase. Will it be practical at home?

Alternatively, if you cover your home with carpet, you need a certain area that will fit the dance floor.

If you have no events to hold, then you can just utilize your existing floor to dance on sometimes. Though some options look amazing, the short term use must be taken into account.

Types of Portable Dance Floors

There are four types of portable dance floor available to choose from. Those are tiles, rolls, kits and planks.

Tiles are the most popular type for common use. The systems use interlocking tiles made from vinyl. This dance tiles are easy to install and remove so that you can customize the size of your dance floor based on your own requirements.

Rolls can be fascinating alternative to modular tiles. Dance floor rolls are widely used for studios. Compared to the other types of dance floor, rolls requires proper installation. They also offers the biggest benefits when it comes to speed and control.

Kits are sold in tiles. Kits becomes the ideal solution if you want to most affordable option of portable dance floor. There are various sizes available along with the easy way of expanding. Size and budget-friendly are the two big benefits offered by kits dance floors.

The last type is planks. This portable dance floor is the solution if you want a permanent or semi-permanent installation.

They are also the best options for outdoor events due to their wood-look. Thus, the planks are more suitable for weddings, aerobic and tap dancing.

Dance Styles

There are basically hundred dance styles available to choose from. Considering the dance styles is much important to suit the flooring.

Traditional dance floors will suit sneakers, casual shoes, heels and boots. This way, you must think about your footwear when considering a style.


To ensure the durability, let’s look up the warranty. This way, you can check out the warranty of each dance floor type with the company.

Overall, the warranty provided will determine the overall quality. In this case, it is just common to find companies with the tiered warranty.

Thus, you will get a better warranty if you purchase the premium products. In general, the warranty provided is ranging from 3 years to 5 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I install the portable dance floor on grass?

It depends on the flooring style and how level the ground is.

Can I install the portable dance floor on carpet?

Based on the review, it is possible to install the portable dance floor in a low-pile carpet.

How long it will take to install the portable dance floor?

It basically depends on the size of the dance floor you are going to build.

Is it easy to clean the portable dance floor?

In most cases, it all depends on the surface and wear layer.

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