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Refinish Hardwood Flooring Costs

Refinish Hardwood Floors Review

by Dylan Johnson

If you are just confused of thinking about the cost to refinish hardwood floors, stay here and get the problem solved. Just because your hardwood flooring looks so old and needs upgrading, you cannot directly decide to replace it with the new one while the price might be very expensive today.

You have always an alternative option that fits your budget much without doubting the quality.

In relation to solving the problem about upgrading the hardwood floors, refinishing is one of the best ideas to upgrade your floors without even replacing them with a new one.

Thus, we come to share you the cost you will predictably spend for refinishing project and other related information such as the advantages of refinishing the hardwood floors, the things to consider before refinishing project is started, DIY cost to refinish the hardwood floors and the cost to hire someone for your refinishing hardwood floors.

So here are the reviews of the cost to refinish hardwood floors you can check out later so that you can draw the whole prediction of the cost for refinishing project.

Advantages of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Prior to figure out the cost, it would be better to know the advantages you can derive from refinishing your hardwood floors.

One of the first big advantages is the fact that you can save a significant amount of your money.

Though you may hire a professional installers for the refinishing project, it is still less expensive than installing the new hardwood.

Now if you have no idea of replacing your hardwood floors, be sure that you can still have a fresh new look of home flooring by refinishing project.

However, before you finally go to the home improvement stores and prepare everything, there are several things to consider.

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Things To Consider Before Starting The Refinishing Project

There is no a single project started before preparation, isn’t there?

Dealing with the idea to refinish the hardwood floors, first of all, you need to have a look at your hardwood thickness.

If your home is already old, the floors might have been refinished overtime.

Thus, the floors can be extremely too thin to sand down and refinish once more time. So make sure you measure the thickness and see.

If you still have ¾ thickness or more, well, you can just start the project.

Secondly, you need also to get to know the humidity level of the spaces since it has an impact to the flooring.

If the spaces have a high level of humidity, you would take a longer time to refinish the hardwood floors.

Thus, if you seems having to refinish the hardwood in a humid space, you had better wait for the weather to cool down and dry.

The next thing to consider is the dust, dirt and other small particles as well as the stains and finishes smell will also influence the air quality in your entire home during the refinishing project.

Hence, you can opt to move your family into a hotel or staying with the relatives when the floors are on the project of refinishing.

DIY Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors

Are you so curious about the DIY cost to refinish your hardwood floors? Look at your budget!

If you are just on your tight budget while you also enjoy doing the project by yourself, you have definitely a DIY option, meaning that you can carry out the refinishing process by yourself based on the instruction that is usually given by the manufacturer.

Refinishing the hardwood is actually an easy project to carry out. You can even do it by yourself without hiring a professional installer.

However, sometimes you still needs an expert’s advice to make sure that you are refinishing the floors well.

To help you minimize the cost to refinish hardwood floors, some sanding equipment can be rented easily from the local home improvement stores.

Even the sanding pads available there. In this case, the general costs are predictably around $300 and $400.

In addition to carry out your refinishing project, some stains, finishes, brushes or sprayers can be necessarily bought to apply on your hardwood floors.

A wood stain is not so expensive. It usually costs only under $10 per quart. And there are around 275 square feet covered by each quart.

Finishing process is very much important. The better the finishing, the more protected your flooring will be.

Truly, the refinishing action can help you protect the floors to scratches, stains and other related damages.

In this regards, the cost to refinish the hardwood flooring usually starts from $50 to $90. This cost will cover the 700 square feet of hardwood floors.

Remember, just before the finishing or within the finishing project, you need also to apply some coatings to the floors.

Hence, the overall cost you need to prepare in DIY refinishing projects will be less than $5000 for 275 square feet of space.

The Cost To Hire Professional Installer To Carry Out Your Refinish Project

Though DIY refinish option is available, it is not actually for everyone. In the other words, not everyone can do refinishing by himself.

Thus, if you think you are not sure enough for DIY option, you can definitely hire a professional installer.

In this case, it turns out to be less expensive to refinish than that to replace the hardwood flooring.

On average, the cost to hire a professional installer is between $1.50 and $5.00 per square foot. It is a broad range of price.

However, there are some factors that influence how much you will pay for refinishing project by a professional expert.

Those are the factor of labor cost, the size of space, the furniture position and the refinishes staircase.

In relation to the cost to refinish hardwood floors, labor cost includes the amount of time that the installer needs prepare the spaces and the cost of sanding, staining as well as refinishing the floors.

Next, the size of space also speaks more to determine the refinish costs.

Sometimes, refinishing the smaller spaces need more payment than refinishing the larger spaces.

It means that refinishing the small spaces is much more expensive than the other space available at home.

For example, a bathroom and laundry room. They come as a tight room at which the sanding equipment is not provided. The installer may need a special tools to work with it.

Thus, you will pay more, won’t you?

During the refinishing project, if you have some heavy furniture, I think you need to move them first to another room so that it doesn’t significantly ruin the refinishing project.

Dealing with the hardwood refinish cost, the services you need to remove your heavy furniture also cost a lot. And, in some estimation, it is included in the cost to refinish hardwood floors.

Other cost you need to take into account when refinishing the hardwood floors is the refinish for the staircase which is increases the project cost.

Sometimes, it can reach up to 50%. Thus, the overall cost you need for staircase usually starts $4o to $75 per stair.

The last cost that you have never imagine to include in the list is the trip cost.

Well, the trip cost is usually adhered to those who live quite far away from the home improvement stores.

Typically, the home improvement stores are located on the town, city or other major metropolitan areas.

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Final Words

Conclusively, there are some definite things to consider just before we summarize the cost to refinish hardwood floors that include the hardwood thickness, the humidity of the scape, the dust, the refinish project option whether you do it yourself or hire a professional and the cost of refinishing.

This way, the cost of refinishing projects include the cost of materials, the tool rentals and the cost to hire the installer.

If you choose to replace the old hardwood floors, you need around $8 per square foot while refinishing the floors need only around $3 per square foot.

This means that refinishing is saving more money than replacing with the new ones.

Refinishing floors is worthy enough to make your home feels like new though you need only a simple change. Definitely, it will be smelly and so messy as well as taking time.

You need to bring your family out to leave the home for several days to avoid the smelly conditions.

However, the result will give you a great surprise through the brand-new feeling space much more than even replacing the hardwood.

Plus, you will feel great of being a DIYer or even a good installer for your home refinishing project.

Furthermore, recycling your own wood flooring leads you to a green action for your environment.

Finally, if you want to sell your home, it will get such an increasing resale value due to the refinished floors. Truly, it is potentially supporting your price list.

So what are you waiting for now? Go and refinish your floor!