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regal hardwoods engineered flooring

Regal Hardwoods Final Touch Engineered Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Today, engineered hardwood flooring is very popular. If you are interested in it, there are many brand options to choose. In this article, we will focus discussing on Regal Hardwoods Engineered flooring. We will discuss it further below.

This hardwood flooring is not only warm but also interesting and inviting. This floor will be appropriate for office, home, or storefront. However, you have to understand the installation method well. Besides that, pets, kids, water, and humidity can case danger.

Anyway, Regal Final Touch engineered hardwood is a smart choice because it offers so many benefits. Of course, it has its own pros and cons. The more detailed review can be seen in the following discussion below.

What Is Regal Final Touch Engineered Hardwood?

Regal Hardwoods engineered is a flooring company in the US. They produce high-end engineered hardwood floors. Besides, they have vinyl plank flooring. One of the collections is the Reclaimed Antique Beams. Their products come with rustic decorative accents such as beams and mantels.

Other engineered hardwood floors usually come with a core layer from “soft wood”. Here, Regal Hardwoods’ floors offer a hardwood core layer from Birch.

As the result, it becomes stronger. In addition, it is also less susceptible to contraction and expansion in changing humidity.

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Regal Hardwoods Final Touch Engineered Flooring Collections

Regal Hardwoods engineered flooring offer many collections. Some of them include Havana, Su Vino, Walla Walla Valley, On the Gine, Olde Time Luxe, American Backroads, New England, Elements, Final Touch, and Curator.

The Curator collection comes with a small size and classic look & feel. It will match the look of hand-scraped Hickory floors. It comes with 7” wide planks in 4 colors.

The Final Touch comes with 5” wide planks o highlight the look of wire-brushed Hickory in 6 modern colors such as Pewter and Ash Gray.

The Elements collection comes with hand-scraped birch wood appearance. It is designed for a bright & clean floor. The New England collection comes with 5 shades of classic browns.

The American Backroads collection comes with planks in different widths and lengths. This one has a rustic style and has 3 colors.

The Old Time Luxe collection comes with distressed woods. This one has a timeless and historic appeal, the Su Vino, Walla Walla Valley, and on gine come with modern & refined textures and colors.

All of them are beautiful However; you have to choose the best one by considering the style and color.

Why Regal Hardwoods Final Touch Engineered Flooring?

Regal Hardwoods Final Touch engineered flooring really stands out because of the plank construction as well as quality finishes. You can install it with a floating method easily. Alternatively, you can staple or glue it down with Baltic Birch engineered hardwood core.

The Birch hardwood core is very stable. It also prevents contraction and expansion of the floor. In addition, Regal Hardwoods engineered flooring offer various lengths of planks from 1.5 to 7 feet. So, Regal Hardwoods’ products look natural and classic. With this floor, you can enhance any room significantly.

2 proprietary finishes are offered. It depends on the collection you choose. The Titanium ScuffGARD finish comes with nano-tech that provides rugged, durable, and transparent wear protection.

Besides that, it also resists scuffing & maintains its beauty. Its finish also requires minimal care. It is also time-saving as it requires very little refinishing. Even more, its finish also makes it protected from detergent.

The Natura Gard finish comes with a hard-wax oil finish that improves the natural highlight of the wood’s colors, grain features, and textures. The coating does not only protect it from damage but also enhances its look. Anyway, it really resists starches.

Regal Hardwoods Final Touch Engineered Flooring Environmental Considerations

The good news is that Regal Hardwoods Final Touch Engineered flooring is environmentally-friendly.

Their product complies with the Phase 2 Airborne Toxic Control Measure and California Air Resources Board. Besides that, it also comes with the Forest Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody certification.

Furthermore, their products comply with the Lacey Act. This protects against illegal logging. This brand is also certified for LEED credits for Home, Commercial Interior, and New Construction.

Regal Hardwoods Final Touch Engineered Flooring Care & Maintenance

When it comes to care & maintenance, it is a bit tricky. Here, you have to be careful because not all cleaners will work well. So, make sure that the cleaner will not damage your floor.

The manufacturer suggests you to use a vacuuming hardwood floor or dust-mopping. For regular cleaning, you can use it at least twice per week. If you find spills, you have to wipe them up immediately to avoid trapping moisture under and between the planks.

For your information, moisture is the most common cause of wood floor damage. Therefore, you cannot use a wet mop.

If your floor requires a deeper cleaning, ProCare Citrus Floor Cleaner or WOCA Natural Soap is recommended by the manufacturer. This kind of cleaner is only designed for Titanium ScuffGARD/Urethane finish floors.

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Overall Opinion

It is not easy to know what other consumers think about this flooring. However, we can see that most consumers are satisfied with Regal Hardwood’s products from online reviews.

There are many reasons why they love Regal Hardwoods engineered flooring. One of them is the quality. Regal Hardwoods’ products are well known with their durability and beauty.

If you are still not sure with this flooring, you can consider purchasing the samples. You just need to visit the showrooms. They usually provide samples.

If you are confused to choose the options, you can ask your contractor for the best choice. However, it is better to choose it based on your own desire. There are many collections available.

Anyway, Regal Hardwoods Final Touch engineered flooring is very durable. Besides that, this flooring is also beautiful. There are also a few options of installation method.

If you have no experience in installation, it will be better to hire a professional. Anyway, this flooring will work well for your home, office, or other spaces.