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Regency Furniture Reviews

Regency Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Planning a home with the American style design that is fulfilled by classic-American furniture will make your house look elegant and luxurious. If you need a reference for that furniture, then this Regency Furniture reviews is right for you to read.

Regency furniture brand is one of the premium brands in the furniture industry. It is a family-owned company that was founded in 1999. This Regency brand has been serving furnishings sales in the Washington area for over two decades.

Product and Price Range

The Regency furniture company makes many variants of products. It groups them into several categories. The brand similar to Regency, which owns many variant items, is West Elm Furniture Brand.

To find out what furniture items are in each Regency Product category, you can see the table below :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Living RoomLiving Room Sets
End Tables
TV Stands
Faux wood
Suede Fabric
Engineered Wood
Butcher Block Wood
Tubular Metal
Birch Veneer
Acacia Wood
$99 – $5,711
Dining RoomDining Room Sets
Dining Chairs
Dining Tables
Buffets & Servers
Faux Leather
Linen Fabric
Solid Woods
Birch Veneers
Tempered Glass
Chrome-tone Tubular Metal
Resin Wicker
$91 – $5,582
BedroomBedroom Sets
Chest Of Drawers
Okoume Veneers
Engineered Wood
Acacia Wood
Acacia Veneers
$128 – $5,928
OfficeOffice Chairs
Engineered Wood
Pine Wood
Pine Veneers
Faux Leather
$194 – $1,372
Home AccentsEnd Tables
Accent Chairs
Accent Tables
Accent Cabinets
Sofa Tables
Vnyl/Polyester/Faux Leather
Faux Wood
Engineered Woods
$99 – $1,334
EntertainmentTV Stands
Entertainment Centers
Massage Chairs
Pine Wood
Pine Veneers
Engineered Wood
$255 – $1,265
Outdoor Sets
Nuvella High Performance Fabric
Resin Wicker
Virgin High Density Polyethylene
$129 – $3,819

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Pros and Cons of Regency Furniture Reviews

What are the pros and cons of Regency furniture? Let’s read this :

Pros of Regency Furniture

Some of the pros of Regency products :

  • Regency Furniture company makes all its products with good quality softwood. So, this product just has average longevity.
  • The furniture from the Regency brand has a classic style that accentuates American design style with natural colors like white, black, brown, and gray.
  • For outdoor furniture, Regency uses rustproof aluminum and all-weather resin wicker as its frame. Besides that, Regency also uses an all-weather foam cushion.
  • Moreover, the outdoor furniture uses the Nuvella performance fabric for its cushions and throw pillows.
  • Regency furniture provides the product warranty.

Cons of Regency Furniture

Some of the cons about Regency products :

  • The Regency party doesn’t provide a free delivery service.
  • You will charge when you send back your order item for any reason.
  • Besides that, you only get the manufacturing warranty while getting the protection plan for an extended warranty.


Regency Furniture Durability
Regency Furniture Durability

Due to using the soft wood material for the wooden furniture and the frame, this furniture only has average longevity.

However, it is different from outdoor furniture. This outdoor furnishing uses good material that makes the product durable. For example, the frame uses resin wicker and aluminum that makes the furniture anti-rust and resistant to all weather, cold and hot.

Another example is the use of Nuvella performance fabric that makes this outdoor furniture all-weather resistant and a foam cushion.


The Regency party supports the manufacturer’s warranty for defects or damage to workmanship and material. Regency also provides a guarantee in the form of a 5-year protection plan to cover defects caused by accidents.

Besides that, this protection plan is an extended warranty if your manufacturing guarantee has expired.


Bernhardt Furniture Delivery
Bernhardt Furniture Delivery

The Regency furniture company enforces the In-Home Delivery service. What is it? In-Home Delivery is a service that the delivery team does for delivering, inspecting, and preparing each item product to assemble it. Besides that, the team will also place your item at your home.

Your order item will ship to you two weeks after you place your order. And The Regency brand uses the Expedition courier to deliver your item. However, unfortunately, the Regency party doesn’t ship the item to the international areas.

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Return Policy

The Regency company has a return policy that differs from other furniture companies. Regency enforces the charge fee of $100 for purchasing by credit card. And for every check that is returned will be charged $35.

Refunds will be refunded into the original payment regardless of the status of the customer account. And your refund will be transferred back within 21 business days. In addition, you can report your damaged item within 72 hours to Regency’s customer service.

Final Words

From these Regency Furniture reviews, the conclusion is this product only has average durability with a five years protection plan from Regency Brand. But, Regency outdoor furniture is long-lasting. This product is suitable for you who like American-style rooms with a classic style furniture.