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Room and Board Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross
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Room and Board have been around for years – almost four decades now. People refer to this brand when it comes to buying furniture items. Room and Board Furniture reviews below will help you decide which furniture to purchase.

According to the company’s claim, they have a strong commitment to sustainable products and practices. Reading this article will help you understand the Room and Board brand more.

Product and Price Range

This brand has a wide array of collections. Here is a list of furniture for each room and the price range.

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Living RoomSofas and sectionals
Chairs and ottomans
Accent tables
Storage and organization
$85 – $17,000
Dining and KitchenTables
Storage and bar
Kitchen accessories
Dining and kitchen décor
$10 – $7,000
BedroomBeds and mattresses
Bedroom décor
Various fabrics
$55 – $3,900
Bath furnitureVanities
Mirrors and medicine
Various types of woods
$249 – $8,500
Storage and entrywayCabinets and tables
Bookcases and wall units
Various types of woods
$59 – $8,800

Room and Board Furniture Pros and Cons

Room and Board Furniture Pros and Cons
Room and Board Furniture Pros and Cons

Room and Board furniture sofas – along with other furniture pieces – come with some pros and cons. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks will help you determine whether this brand is worth the money.

Pros of Room and Board Furniture

  • All items are made in the USA.
  • The Room and Board outlet are available for in-store purchases.
  • Free returns policy.
  • This brand has many collections, sizes, material selections, and colors.
  • An excellent rating of Room and Board customer service.
  • Full-service delivery for purchasing large items.

Cons of Room and Board Furniture

  • However, the delivery cost is not cheap, starting at $99.
  • Return window and warranty terms are not specified.
  • Compared to other prices, each item seems a bit more expensive.
  • According to buyers, the delivery waiting list is quite long.


Room and Board Furniture Durability
Room and Board Furniture Durability

Room and Board outdoor furniture are known for its durability, even though this brand does not focus on outdoor furniture alone. The price point is high for some people, but it is worth the quality of each furniture item.

Buyers love this brand because it provides excellent customer service and wide options for aesthetic design aspects, choices, selections, and customization sections.

However, people give mixed reviews about durability, even though those are only for a few items. According to the company, Room and Board is trying to provide sustainable and conscious material sourcing, which should’ve improved each furniture piece’s quality and – hopefully – durability.

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If you can go to the outlets, you can find out more about the warranty and pick up the furniture directly. There are plenty of Room and Board locations, such as California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, and many more.

In-store purchases allow you to know what items you are buying in the first place. A few previous buyers stated that the warranty policy is unclear. They purchased an expensive recliner, and when it got broken after two years, the company wouldn’t do anything because the warranty had expired already.


The Room and Board delivery reviews are pretty pleasing. Lots of users stated that the delivery is on-time and fast. However, you need to pay for the delivery service in the first place.

Later, the staff will provide full service, so you don’t need to worry about unpacking and setting up the furniture. More than anything, Room and Board deserve a five-star rating for the delivery – for those who don’t mind spending their money on delivery services.

Return Policy

Generally, Room and Board is an excellent brand for those who look for quality furniture. However, you may need to look for other options if you plan to get heavy wear on your furniture – especially the sofas.

The return policy is as unclear as to the warranty. Still, it doesn’t make Room and Board less reliable as a huge furniture brand. The choice is yours, after all.

Room and Board Furniture Reviews: Final Words

Overall, Room and Board offers a wide collection of furniture items that may suit your style. Besides the quality is quite good and has been recognized by many people, the delivery service is also worthy of appreciation. So, it’s not wrong if you choose this brand as your home furniture choice. However, some negative experiences came from very few users – everything is subjective.

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And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about this brand. You can use Room and Board furniture reviews as a consideration before purchasing a specific furniture item in the first place.