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Rowe Furniture Reviews

Rowe Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Are you looking for a customized sofa to turn your living space into a one-of-its-kind? If so, you may have added Rowe Furniture to your visit list. But are Rowe sofas good quality? Also, is Rowe Furniture expensive? Well, you can get your answers in these Rowe Furniture reviews.

We know how intimidating hunting for upholstered furniture online can be, but it does not have to be. Luckily, this review is here to guide you along your journey. Without further ado, let us get started.

Products and Price Range

Rowe Furniture was founded in 1946 in Virginia and specialized in handmade upholstery furniture. Slipcover sofas, sectionals, and chairs are among their eco-friendly offerings. The wide range of forms and designs available in Rowe sofas makes them quite popular.

Rowe Furniture prices are in the midrange compared to its construction quality. In other words, they are not as affordable as the budget brands but are also not as pricey as the luxury ones. Here are some of Rowe Furniture’s best-selling upholstered furniture:

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Derby Cushion Sofa

Rowe Furniture Derby Cushion Sofa
Rowe Furniture Derby Cushion Sofa
Dimensions36 H x 88 W x 39 D
Weight191 lbs
Color(s)Sand, Platinum, Royal Blue, Slate, Beige

The frame of this upholstered piece is made of solid wood. Plus, the cushions are exquisite and extremely long-lasting. Because of its transitional design, it will look great in any household.

Merritt Sofa

Merritt Sofa
Merritt Sofa
Dimensions37 H x 92 W x 45 D
Weight195 lbs
Color(s)Putty, Slate

The Merritt sofa has a plinth base, the thinnest track arms, and a delicate and graceful contour. It is striking in any context.

Bradford Cushion Sofa

Bradford Cushion Sofa
Bradford Cushion Sofa
Dimensions37 H x 82 W x 39 D
Color(s)Slate, Beige, Platinum, Sand, Royal Blue

Any room in your house can benefit from this product. Enjoy the high-quality look and feel of the velvety cushion, loose-back, classical arm, and timeless legs.

Rowe Furniture Pros and Cons

Not all companies are perfect, and neither is Rowe Furniture. You will see it in the list below:


  • They have a large selection of sofas to choose from, so you can put your spin on things.
  • You can request a personalized order if you do not find what you are looking for in their catalog.
  • A standard warranty covers their items.
  • When a problem arises, Rowe Furniture knows just what to do.
  • Rowe Furniture has more fabric and finishes options than any other furniture manufacturer.


  • Recently, Rowe Furniture’s products have slipped in quality.
  • Several of their pieces are on the priciest end of the spectrum.

Rowe Furniture Durability

Many customers of Rowe Furniture who purchased their sofas more than two decades ago say they are delighted with their purchases. Surprisingly, their couches are still in great shape years after they got them. Moreover, their cushions and materials have been kept very nicely over time.

Despite this, recent purchases have shown a decrease in the quality of the products. One customer said their new couch began creaking loudly just one week after purchasing it. It was assumed that the fall was a response to the economic downturn.

Rowe Furniture Warranty

Rowe Furniture Warranty
Rowe Furniture Warranty

The warranty offered by Rowe Furniture is only applicable to furniture that may be used in a standard home setting. One to five years, depending on the damage you are concerned about.

Parts shipping and handling fees are covered for one year following the date of purchase. Then, it is your responsibility to pay for shipping and handling after the initial period of use.


Rowe Furniture currently does not serve direct purchases, meaning you cannot directly buy from a Rowe Furniture outlet. However, they do work with verified retailers in various US states. You can get Rowe Furniture merchandise from a dealer near you.

Or, if you are the type who prefers to shop in comfort, you can find Rowe Furniture items online. Some online furniture stores selling Rowe Furniture are Wayfair, Hickory Park, and LuxeDecor.

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Return Policy

The system of each dealer determines Rowe Furniture’s return policy. So, a good rule of thumb is to check with the retailer of your choice regarding their return policy.

You will also want to take note of the refund claim procedures and requirements. It will be helpful in case you find a defect in your product and want a repair or replacement.

Rowe Furniture Reviews: Final Words

Is Rowe Furniture a good brand?

There is no doubt that if you like the idea of being able to design a piece of furniture that expresses your identity, this brand is for you.

Ethan Allen is a great alternative, but check our Ethan Allen furniture reviews before buying anything from the store. All in all, we hope these Rowe Furniture reviews can be of good use to you.