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Select Surface Laminate Review

Select Surface Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

Be sure to read Select Surface laminate review before you decide to buy the products. Laminate flooring is gaining popularity over the last few years because of the improved quality and the better appearance.

Of course, many homeowners prefer natural elements, such as stone and wood, but the floor has its own flaws. And let’s not forget that the floor comes with complicated care and maintenance.

If you are a busy homeowner who prefers easy care and hassle-free application, then it is only logical if you prefer engineered type of flooring one of which is the laminate.

Select Surface Laminate Flooring Benefits

When compared to hardwood, there are many things to enjoy from laminate flooring.

The floor is affordable and inexpensive. You won’t have to spend a fortune or hurt your bank to buy them.

Moreover, the floor is easy to care at least easier than hardwood. There aren’t extra cleaning or maintenance that you have to pull off to get everything cleaned.

And most importantly, today’s laminate flooring is super beautiful and visually appealing. You won’t have to worry that you floor would look cheesy or ugly.

In the past, laminate flooring might be associated with lousy performance and ugly look. But today’s laminate flooring is completely different.

They look elegant and classy, and in some of the higher brands, you can expect floors that imitate natural elements with similar real textures.

Select Surface is one of the brands with quality products. Not only it comes with easy and simple DIY application (and handy attached pad), but you also have different picks for different variants.

This is one reason why you should read Select Surface laminate review so you get clear ideas about the floor and the overall quality.

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Designs, Looks, and Appearance

Unfortunately, based on Select Surface laminate review, the brand only provides one collection of flooring, but it consists of both classic and trendy options, so you should be able to pick one for whatever home decor or theme at home.

The collection comes in various species patterns, including Walnut, Maple, Hickory, and Oak.

They are coming in standard and general wooden shades, including the various types of beiges and grays that look super fashionable and beautiful.

Yes, the color option and range can be quite limited, but you won’t be disappointed by the quality textures and feel.

Most of the textures are basically hand-scraped construction. Some of them even come with antique and wire-brushed features.

Because of the grain-like design and the depth of the texture, the floor has wood-look and wood-feel alike. This is one winning factor of the floor despite the lack of colors.

And let’s not forget that the floor has high quality printing substance. They have 15-pattern repeat, which means that the possibility of looking at the similar pattern would be slim.

And another winning element about this floor is the fact that each plank has painted four sided micro bevel construction that even enhance the hardwood-look alike design.

So, as you can see from the description above, the flooring has quite good quality.

The only downsides are the fact that the color options are pretty limited and the planks with multi-width options aren’t as much as other brands.

And the company doesn’t provide any samples or such thing alike, so making a decision can be a challenge.

Durability, Construction, and Quality

Based on Select Surface laminate review, there are many things to like about this floor, including the quality construction and the durability.

One of the things that differentiate this brand from the others is the fact that Select Surface has the so-called 14mm Extra Thick Plank.

Well, it’s not completely true or false. The plank does have 12mm of thickness. And there is the attached underlayment with 2mm of thickness. So, the overall thickness would be 14mm.

This is one of the reasons why you should always read Select Surface laminate review before making a purchase.

By reading reviews, you know the details about the products, including their winning elements as well as downsides. 

Well, it doesn’t mean that the quality of Select Surface is lousy or such thing alike. With 12mm of thickness and the extra 2mm of attached pad, the floor is pretty durable and tough.

Not to mention that it affects the acoustic and durability of the floor. Thanks to such construction, the floor won’t sound so hollow anymore. In big rooms, you won’t deal with so much noise and also so much echo.

The company also pays attention to their finish. They use AC4 aluminum oxide abrasion rate type, which can be useful to boost the wear layer quality.

The company is pretty proud and confident about their quality that they are offering lifetime limited warranty for residential setting as well as 10 year warranty for commercial use.

Many users have stated that the floor has pretty impressive scratch-resistant quality.

Even in busy foot traffic areas, the floor will remain intact and it doesn’t show any tear or wear for many years ahead.

The only drawback is that such laminate flooring isn’t resistant to water.

However, the company does offer a new line that was launched in (June) 2019, known as Spillproof.

This one has a pretty premium quality and better water resistant feature at least better than other variants in Select Surface products.

Installation Easiness

Laminate floors are homeowners’ favorite pick whether they are seasoned professionals or DIYers. The floor comes as floating floor type with drop-and-lock mechanism.

It’s like playing the puzzle where each piece can fit to another one. With the drop-and-lock system, you should hear a ‘click’ whenever you lock the planks into their places.

According to Select Surface laminate review, many homeowners who choose to do the installation on their own claim that they have satisfying even fun experience during the installation.

They don’t need any special, fancy, or complicated tools. If you want to, you can rent a power saw when you have to cut the planks so the length and width can be properly managed.

There is no special skill required. You only need to make time and dedicate your time to do the installation.

Another thing to like is the foam attached underlayment. Because of the feature, you won’t have to worry about prepping the subfloor.

You won’t have to deal with the underlayment including measuring, cutting, and also fitting rolls of it.

Having the attached underlayment seriously save you time and efforts for the overall preparation of the floor.

Dealing with transitions and trims would be easy to too. You are free to use the already provided (trim) tracks so you can easily snap them properly.

Or, you can also use construction adhesive of your own choice, but this one is generally picked by the professionals.

A word of advice, though: The floating floor can be installed on top of any subfloor or any existing floor no matter the condition.

But it would be better if you can perform a moisture test (this is something that most manufacturers recommend) so you can avoid serious issues in the future.

The test is cheaper compared to replacing a floor. It is also helpful to determine whether it is a good idea to install the floor in that area or not.

You don’t want to replace your new floor with another newer one in just one or two years, do you?

As a DIY-friendly floor, this laminate floor gives you the flexibility to install it on your own or to hire a pro. If you choose a DIY project, you will definitely save tons of money.

But if you want to avoid the hassle and the complication of doing the work, hire a pro. Be ready to spend between $2.50 and $4 a square foot, anyway.

And such cost doesn’t include extra prep, furniture moving, old floor removal, extra supplies, and so much more.

Select Surface Laminate Flooring Eco-Friendly Solution

You want to choose a product that is environmentally safe it won’t hurt Mother Nature.

Many flooring manufacturers have been using recycled wood fibers and materials from sustainably harvested trees along with special printing pigments with plant based.

What about Select Surface?

Based on Select Surface laminate review and the claim made by the company, they are having Gold GreenGuard certification to ensure that their floor has low VOCs.

The floor is also made from certain wood that is responsibly sourced and with certified forests.

The company wants to reduce the harmful manufacturing impact on the environment.

But when you compare the floor with other brands, others may highlight these eco-friendly features.

Select Surface Laminate Flooring Costs

Where to buy the floor?

According to Select Surface laminate review, you can get it from Sam’s Club.

They usually have enough supply. Walmart’s also has the supply from Select Surface.

However, it seems that Walmart is getting their supply from Sam’s Club and then re-sell the floor in their website.

It would be a good idea to have Sam’s Club membership. You should be able to save 50 cents a square foot.

But the membership is only worth it if you have a very big flooring project or you work in the flooring industry where you may need to do the remodeling quite often or again and again.

In general, you should be prepared to pay:

  • $1.79 a square foot for offline purchase, or around $2.49 to $2.60 online (with discounted or free shipping) for their products of 12mm of thickness
  • $1.49 a square foot for offline purchase for their products with 8mm of thickness

Be advised that this price also includes the 2mm attached underlayment.

Don’t forget that you will likely need transitions and trims. You should be able to find them in Sam’s Club, being sold in kits.

But as an alternative, you should be able to buy each piece of them from the company’s site directly.

The molding kit generally costs around $15 for store purchase or $35 (and shipping) for online purchase.

However, be advised that no matching (quarter) round would be made available. For some homeowners, this can be a turn off.

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This brand and the products have their own positive traits although there are some downsides too.

Not only this product is easy to maintain and install, but it also comes with quite good water-resistant quality.

Let’s value and measure both the positive and negative aspects of the floor honestly.

From Select Surface laminate review, you should be able to determine whether it is the perfect one for you or not.