Shaw Laminate Flooring Reviews for Your New Look Interior Design

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shaw laminate flooring reviews

Do you want to find a big variety of laminate flooring? Shaw laminate flooring reviews has it all for you.  Shaw is one of the biggest laminate flooring manufacturers that productively produces laminate flooring in a handful of colors.

There are nearly 24 lines grouped into three types of collections, meaning that this laminate flooring manufacturer is trustable.

Either online of in retail flooring stores, Shaw laminate flooring is considered having higher prices than the other top brands of laminate flooring. However, we are not going to talk about the price.

Instead, we are going to reviews the Shaw laminate flooring ideas along with its laminate flooring type to inspire you.

Who know, one type of Shaw laminate makes you interested in picking it up for your next home improvement.

So we had better check out the ideas below to find more information about Shaw laminate flooring.

Shaw Laminate Flooring Ideas
Shaw Laminate Flooring Ideas

Shaw Laminate Flooring Ideas

In so many ways, laminate flooring always becomes a good alternative to hard floors. Laminate flooring offers several big benefits that you may not find in hard floor.

Truly, laminate flooring has much affordable price, fitting your “on budget” situation. Laminate flooring is pet and children friendly, providing safety to your pet and children when they are playing on.

What’s more?

Laminate flooring comes with the pretty easy installation as well as low maintenance, suiting your modern mobility.

Is anything you are feeling doubt?

Here are the Shaw laminate flooring ideas to ensure you.

Shaw Waterproof

Shaw waterproof laminate flooring comes with a 100% waterproof feature, allowing you not to avoid wet areas when installing the laminate.

This laminate type is designed basically for the wet home areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

These areas are high in moisture. If you don’t install the waterproof laminate, the floors can easily get damaged because of the high moisture.

Hence, Shaw waterproof laminate flooring not only beautifies your wet home areas but also provides the areas with the best protection against the moisture.

Now you don’t have to worry about installing the laminate flooring to all of your home areas.

Not only the living room, bedroom and hallways or even basement but also other home areas with high moisture can be best protected by the all-in-one laminate flooring by Shaw.

Shaw Waterproof Laminate Flooring
Shaw Waterproof Laminate Flooring

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Shaw Natures Element

Shaw Natures element laminate flooring is one of the recommended variant of Shaw laminate. It promises a new look with the various options such as hickory and cherry wood-look.

It offers much affordable prices to fit your on budget purse, too. It is even best described t have the lowest prices from luxury vinyl, laminate, plank to hard floor.

Shaw natures element laminate flooring has a wide range of color options such as the grain wood, dark brown and light brown, rustic wood look, gold and gray along with the different kinds of patterns and textures.

Accordingly, a beautiful new look of your home now can be started from Shaw natures element laminate floor.

So if you are expecting the lowest prices yet the best products of laminate, Shaw natures element laminate flooring can be considerably opted.

Shaw Natures Element Laminate Flooring
Shaw Natures Element Laminate Flooring

Shaw Wood Look Laminate Flooring

It is not too hard to find the Shaw wood look laminate flooring. Most of laminate products are produced in a great wood look.

Shaw also comes with the stunning laminate that looks like wood, meaning that the laminate is mimicking the look of a real wood.

From hickory to cherry wood look, Shaw laminate floor offers wide selections of colors, patterns and textures.

For example, the classic hickory offers the wood-look along with the beveled edges on all four sides, making it look so elegant to transform your interior into modern spaces.

Shaw wood laminate floor also comes with the Handscraped laminate in Boulevard Maple style, resembling the look of real maple wood.

Supported by the innovative technology, you can also change your house into a classical look suiting your classic home style.

Shaw Wood Look
Shaw Wood Look

Shaw Industries

So you need of the best Shaw laminate flooring, Shaw industries come to provide supplies of carpet, hardwood, resilient, tile, stone and laminate floor products.

As the world’s largest brand marketplace, Shaw industries give you any of opportunity to choose your favorite products.

In regards to the product quality, nearly all Shaw laminate products are designed with the patented features and quality.

They are highly durable, easy and quick to install, much affordable, stain and scratch resistant as well as waterproof.

In addition to these good features, Shaw industries laminate floor is pets and kids friendly, meaning that the laminate floors are safe for them to play on.

It’s just too fortunate to have Shaw laminate floor installed at home for its quality and realistic look. It functions much not only to cut off your budget but also have a good looking floors in a high quality.

In short, laminate flooring is not always about affordable price but more about the stunning appearance and high performance.

Shaw Laminate Tile Flooring

If you like a tile look over your laminate flooring, no worry! There are always a big range of Shaw laminate products, one of which is Shaw laminate tile floor. It is the Shaw laminate floor that looks like the real tile.

Shaw laminate tile floor enables you to start the journey of your home design through its large number of selections.

It surely offers the various laminate colors, patterns, styles and textures. The tile laminate also proves to be as durable as other type of laminate flooring.

Shaw Laminate Flooring Installation

Now that you have known more about Shaw laminate floor, wouldn’t you like to know how to install the Shaw laminate?

As it has been mentioned, Shaw flooring is pretty easy to install even by you yourself.

So, be acknowledgeable and skillful enough to carry out the proper installation. Here are the laminate flooring installation types and methods you need to check out.

Laminate Flooring Installation Types

There are some different types of laminate flooring installation. The first common type is the glue-less installation which uses tiles or planks requiring no glue for the installation. Instead, you need just to affix them to the floors.

The second laminate flooring installation type is glued installation at which you need to glue the laminate joints together.

This installation type may spend more money and take time, however, you will get a very strong and solid floors.

The next laminate installation type is pre-glued installation. You can definitely use this pre-glued installation if you choose the planks laminate. Planks laminate have already the glue applied on the layer.

This is the easiest and quickest installation type of a laminate flooring yet you must carefully check the installation procedures.

Other Shaw laminate floor installation type is underlayment. This is also a kind of glue-less installation at which the planks has been included with underlayment.

All you need to do is just to snap the planks into the place. Along with the locking systems, the underlayment attached will be able to reduce the noise levels.

How To Install Shaw Laminate Flooring

Once you decide to install Shaw laminate flooring by yourself, you must start preparing the floor, installation tools and process.

In preparing the floors, make sure the subfloor is flat, clean and smooth to provide you with the way of coverings the subfloor well.

To prepare the installation tools, make sure those tools are reachable.

Now the next important is starting to install the laminate flooring. Test the flooring layout to fit the laminate planks.

Next, roll out the underlayment and start with the first row of planks, finish it and planks the next rows. Continue laying more rows until you finally install the last row.

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Shaw Laminate Flooring Reviews

Replace your old worn-out floors with Shaw laminate flooring reviews now and your home will truly turn to a beautiful zone with the brand new look.

Shaw flooring is available in a stunning designer look, allowing you to find the nice-looking floors that both suits you and your home.

This laminate flooring type has more to offer. It comes not only with the everyday durability but also easy and quick installation as well as low maintenance.

Shaw laminate floors is basically designed to stand up to the toughest household matters, making it scratch, stain and fade resistant.

It is also pets and kids friendly, meaning that the laminate flooring provides the space with the protection for pets and kids to play on.

Featuring easy and quick installation, this laminate flooring type is installable especially if you are a skillful DIYer, thus, you can not only install it as you want but also cut off the installation cost.

Due to the waterproof and water resistant feature, Shaw laminate products give you time to clean up every spill, making it easier to protect and keep the beauty of your floors.

Now that you all about Shaw floors along with its installation tips, no doubt to choose this laminate floor and install it soon to change your home with the brand new look.

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