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Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas To Have A Cool Spot For Bathing

by Dylan Johnson

Small Bathroom Flooring – Being small is cool. Look how cute the puppy is and how adorable the babies are.

So if you have a tiny bathroom, then it is not a nuisance, is it?

Having no idea how to work on the tiny bathroom, then don’t take it that hard.

Here we are going to share you the small bathroom flooring ideas to transform your tiny space for taking a bath into a cool spot.

Believe it or not, mini bathroom is great. It needs only an easy light cleaning, faster way of panting and cheap price to afford. However, some people like the tiny space for bathroom and some do not.

Simply to understand, small space for the bathroom floor means you can cut off the flooring budget.

To play with the tiny bathroom, many of homeowners choose the high-end flooring to install like the real travertine. But this will definitely depend on their budget availability.

On average, small bathroom usually requires the costs as much as $10 per square foot. So if you have a 50 square foot bathroom, you need to pay %550.

On the contrary, small bathroom flooring that comes along with the seams make all the things visible due to the cement that highly contrast with the tiles. This will make your bathroom looks ponderous.

Dealing with the small bathroom flooring ideas we are going to share, we would include 4 best floorings in this article.

Those are ceramic spiral tile, luxury vinyl plank flooring, waterproof laminate and slate or other natural stone.

Now let’s check them all out in the review sections below.

Ceramic Spiral Tile Small Bathroom Flooring

Ceramic spiral tile is also called spiral mosaic tile. It is a kind of flooring that is much considerable for small bathroom.

It is also an unglazed porcelain mosaic that is used not only for bathroom but also for walls.

It comes with the design of four white rectangular tiles that are spiraled around the square black tile.

In fact, ceramic tile is so simple yet very effective.

Most of homeowners choose this flooring type for their tiny bathroom for its numerous style options, good resale value, easy maintenance and suitability with the radiant heat system.

However, due to the fact that ceramic tile is cold and hard underfoot, sterile-looking and slippery, some other people consider to take another option.

In the world of flooring, ceramic tile is considered best for bathroom either the large one or even the small one.

Like stone, ceramic tile is waterproof and designed with the rich, textured ad solid feeling.

Like vinyl, it is fairly affordable. Plus, like the hardwood, ceramic tiles have a very good look.

What about porcelain tile?

Is it different from ceramic tile?

Basically, porcelain tile is just a kind or type of ceramic tile comes only with one difference. That is the water absorption rate.

The types of ceramic tiles including the porcelain tiles has been certified by The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) to have 0.5 percent of absorption rate or even less.

This means that you don’t need to buy porcelain tile if you have only a half bathroom or powder room. This is because no bathing facilities will be in the bathroom.

There are lots of ceramic tile options based on the small bathroom flooring ideas, thus, you can search and find whatever look of ceramic tile you want, including the one with the wood or stone look.

Individual tiles are available in a wide selections of shapes and sizes. There are square, rectangular, octagonal and hexagonal shapes.

If you want to choose the smaller mosaic tile, it is pre-mounted on plastic mesh sheets, allowing you not to set each tile. You can even be more creative in installing the tiles due to the tinted grout.

Wet tile may cause you slip away but the texturing will prevent you from being injured because of the slippery flooring.

Choose the smaller tiles which are less slippery than the bigger ones. That is because there are more grouts used and acting like a non-skid surface.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank Small Bathroom Flooring

The second considerable option for small bathroom flooring is the luxury vinyl plank flooring.

If you want an exotic look for bathroom flooring while you cannot expect the hardwood because of the water issue, luxury vinyl is the solution.

Vinyl actually offers an ultimate waterproof solution to figure out since it will have more resistance to water penetration.

Don’t forget that bathroom is a wet location that is almost watery along the day. So you must find a flooring with the suitability to water penetration.

There are pros and cons about optioning a flooring for a tiny bathroom, especially the luxury vinyl flooring.

Through the small bathroom flooring ideas, we let you know why most homeowner made their decision on luxury vinyl.

That is due to the 100 percent or waterproof feature, cost-effective price, waterproof plank seams, DIY options availability and easy replacement.

However, some other people show their dislike toward the flooring because of the poor resale value and the gaps on the underlayment that can transmit to the surface of the vinyl flooring.

If you don’t like vinyl tile due to its mousy look, no worry!

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be the perfect vinyl flooring option to pick up soon.

Todays, vinyl has been innovatively produced by the manufacture with the wood resemblance. Thus, it looks like a real wood more than it was in the past.

Remember, what you pay what you get. This means that the higher the price, the better quality it offers. The higher the price, the more different the materials are constructed.

Noticeably, the low-cost luxury vinyl flooring comes with the 2mm thickness or even lower that is 1.5mm. This kind of luxury vinyl is designed with the peel-and-stick variety.

If you tend to choose this low-cost luxury vinyl, you can expect to install Karndean Canadian Maple Plank which is produced in 5mm along with the click-and-lock joinery for installation.

However, you must be careful in using the wider dimension of the planks for the small bathroom.

This is because the planks often overwhelm the space. Wide plank is usually more suitable for a larger bathroom space.

One more!

Using luxury vinyl plank in small bathrooms will offer you a strange experience. This is due to the fact that it is rarely to see wood flooring or flooring with the wood look in the bathroom.

Perhaps, you have great expectations to have a realistic wood flooring. Well, it happens. However, other people will find it weird to see a wood-look bathroom floors.

Waterproof Laminate Small Bathroom Flooring

Now let’s search the extraordinary small bathroom flooring idea that is the use of waterproof laminate flooring.

You will probably figure out that bathroom and laminate would never mix. Well, this is just an ordinary thinking.

In this case, laminate is increasingly used in major flooring Aqua-Step.

If using vinyl makes your feel worry and worry, laminate flooring will be not only the solution but also the smartest flooring option since it mix the flooring materials with the look of wood without worrying about the flooring performance in the bathroom.

What Is Waterproof Laminate?

What is waterproof laminate?

This is a question dealing with the reason why laminate can fit the bathroom where water is the major issue.

Waterproof laminate is designed with the thermoplastic core, not the laminate’s traditional water-hungry fiberboard base. This fiberboard usually swells up to 8% when it contacts the water.

Laminate is actually a bad option for areas that are very prone to water penetration such as basement, under clothes washers, near water heater and definitely bathroom.

Waterproof laminate like the one that is produced by Aqua-Step is designed in 88mm thickness along with the addition of honeycombed plastic base.

This base means that the flooring is good to feel more akin to the straight laminate than that with the vinyl.

In short, refer to the cost-effective pricing and easy installation to this waterproof laminate flooring if your heart juts falls upon it.

However, you should remember that the ordinary laminate may come with the water damage, making it unable to repair but the waterproof laminate may not.

Slate or Other Natural Stone Small Bathroom Flooring

The last but actually not least small bathroom flooring ideas to consider installing a flooring in your bathroom is slate or other natural stone.

In fact, laying and installing the slate or natural stone is really uneasy and unaffordable choice on the globe.

Firstly, we must realize the one big and major issue in flooring project is money.

Cost of Slate or Other Natural Stone

Slate or natural stone is not actually cheap. Natural stone is not derived domestically.

The natural stone flooring materials are usually originated from Indonesia or Turkey brought through the container shipping across the ocean to your area.

There must be a payment for the long process of supply line.

On average, the price of marble ranges from $9.00 to $14.70 per square foot while travertine costs $9.00. For the slate or other natural stone, the cost ranges $1.80 to $4.35.

These prices are increasing when the flooring materials are applied in the kitchens and master bathrooms.

Since we are now focusing on small bathroom, travertine that cost $9 will be suitable along with the 15% discount for cut and breakage.

With the 65 square foot bathroom size, you need to pay $672.75 for self-installed flooring materials. Consider finding the higher-end figures and you will find the lower prices.

If you just want an excellent and durable flooring for your small bathroom, slate and other natural stone can be the perfect choice though some people think twice in purchasing it because of the expensive price and hard-installation.


Though it is considered uneasy to install, slate or other natural stone are tricky.

Thus, don’t hesitate to hire a professional installer to do you project. Nevertheless, it would also be better if you also try how to install the tile by yourself.

A small bathroom space will require only a little effort. You can enjoy taking your time to carry out the project excitedly.

Make sure you can give extra time to finish the project including having fun in cutting the tile and matching the patterns.

Engineered Wood

The last but not least small bathroom flooring idea to consider is engineered wood.

You want a wood look flooring in your tiny bathroom while you don’t want to have moisture problem. Well, engineered wood is the right option of all.

Basically, engineered wood is a better choice than the solid wood dealing with the high moisture conditions.

Along with a plywood base, engineered wood will be able to hold up well in wet locations such as bathroom where the water penetration almost occurs.

However, careful maintenance like being suggested by the manufacturer must be taken into account since all type of wood are basically prone to get damaged in the bathroom.

No worry about the beauty of this wood flooring type. Truly, engineered wood looks very authentically like wood due to the top layer that is constructed from the real hardwood veneer. It is also dimensionally stable.

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Flooring To Avoid In The Small Bathroom

Now that you have known the small bathroom flooring ideas in detail through the article, it would also be good to necessarily share the flooring types which you must avoid using for bathroom.

In this case, wall-to-wall carpeting and solid hardwood are forbidden.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting keeps the moisture too long, making it slowly dry in the bathroom spaces. That’s why it is considered as a poor option even for a small bathroom.

However, if you insist on having the carpet flooring in your tiny bathroom, make sure you choose the one with the low pile and inorganic material such as nylon or olefin.

Solid Hardwood

The second flooring type to avoid using in the bathroom is definitely a solid hardwood. It is because solid hardwood doesn’t come with protection against moisture.

Believe it or not, even the smallest amount of moisture can cause a problem to the flooring material.

Solid hardwood is a better choice than the carpet. It comes with the great looks and warmth underfoot.

If you are really interested to have an exotic look of flooring in your cute bathroom, make sure you hire a professional installer to ensure there is zero gaps for moisture.