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SmartCore Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

SmartCore Ultra Flooring Review Complete Guides

by Dylan Johnson

Homeowners need to understand the overall facts about SmartCore Ultra flooring, especially if they are thinking about having one at home. This is a part of LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) that is gaining popularity lately.

Many homeowners demand the floor because of several positive sides of it.


SmartCore Ultra flooring is considered a premium and high-quality engineered vinyl floor that sports various benefits and positive sides.

But what makes it super special is the patent-pending rigid construction, making it perfect to cover and hide any imperfection on the subfloor.

Thanks to this feature, this floor is just perfect for uneven or damaged floor. As a result, you will have an absolutely perfect, flawless, and shining floor.

This floor offers floating installation, which means that you don’t need to use any glue or whatsoever to install the floor.

Simply install it on any hard subfloor and you won’t have to worry about the complication. There is no need to remove any old laminate, tile, or other flooring types.

This floor is available at Lowe’s so you should have no problem with the installation. The waterproof quality makes this floor great for any room, including areas with high level moisture, such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

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The Benefits SmartCore Ultra Flooring

  • Waterproof Quality

Not all vinyl flooring has good waterproof quality, but this one from SmartCore is different. It has 100% waterproof quality that won’t swell or warp when having a contact with moisture or water.

That’s why this floor is ideal for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens because you won’t have to worry that water splashes or spills may damage it.

  • Adaptive and Flexible

Despite the rigid construction and top-notch quality, the floor is pretty flexible. Simply place it on any hard surface without having to prep it or whatsoever.

Want to lay it on laminate floor or ceramic tiles? That’s totally doable!

The DIY-friendly feature makes it possible for homeowners to install everything on their own, so they can save up installation cost. The glue-less installation mechanism is also handy to make the process easier.

You won’t have to worry about having complicated installation or even buying expensive tools.

  • Cover Imperfections

There is no need to worry about telegraphing, one of the most common issues in flooring. It usually happens when the subfloor isn’t properly prepped or thoroughly cleaned.

The floor is designed in such a way so all kinds of floor contours would be perfect for the floor and you won’t have to worry about the final result.

  • Household Protection

If you are into green or environmentally-friendly products, then this one would suit your alley.

During the production, there is no harmful gas or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission being generated.

The products are all CARB-compliant, meaning that they are within the approved limit (for production) for the VOC emission.

So, if you are looking for a green product that won’t hurt the environment, then consider having this floor.

SmartCore Flooring Types

In general, SmartCore Ultra flooring is divided into two major types: Ultra and Pro. Depending on your preference, you can decide on which floor to have.

But make sure to really understand the specific features and nature of the floor itself.

  • SmartCore Ultra

This one is often known as the WPC Wood Polymer Core. It means that the floor has polymer plastic and wood fiber combination. Because of the contents, this floor is generally softer.

This type of floor is usually advised for residential use. However, the brand has a special 5-year guarantee when installed in commercial constructions. The floor has 12 mil of wear layer and 7.5 mm thickness.

Ultra is qualified as medium grade Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile. When it comes to variants, styles, and designs, SmartCore Ultra flooring may not be as many as other brands.

However, this floor offers affordable cost without compromising quality or visual effect.

After all, residential constructions generally require 6 mil to 12 mil of thickness, so Ultra already passes the requirement. Moreover, you won’t have to think about hardwood floor refinishing cost or such thing alike.

The greatest thing about this brand is its ability to mix (low) price and (great) quality. Since the product comes as a waterproof flooring, you are welcomed to install it in any room and level.

Feel free to even install it in basements which are mostly popular as the area with high level of moisture.

  • SmartCore Pro

When compared to Ultra, this variant is thinner with ‘only’ 6 mm of thickness.

However, when it comes to resilience, this one is better than the Ultra because it has solid and tough center polymer and stone build. It has 20 mil of wear layer which is ideal for normal and commercial Luxury Vinyl Plank.

Pro is a solid and tough product where you can use vacuum for cleaning. This one is referred to as SPC Stone Polymer Core. It means that it has polymer materials and stone combination so the floor would be extra rigid and solid.

Having 10-year of warranty, this floor is sturdy, but it doesn’t mean that it is resistant to fissures or faults. The warranty applies for commercial construction.

For residential apartments, the warranty would be a lifetime. It has 20 mil of wear layer and 6 mm of thickness.

Many of this variant comes in rustic appearance wood would be the dominant one. It has 3 major (color) options: dark, medium, and light hardwood.

But you should also be able to find multi-tonal types as well as those with combined colors. The planks are generally available in 48 x 7 inches.

Homeowners can safely use vacuum cleaners that are designed for carpets and rugs. No need to worry, the floor won’t be damaged.

  • Naturals

Besides those 2 major SmartCore types, there is another type from SmartCore: the Naturals.

This collection consists of genuine and solid bamboo vinyl and waterproof hardwood with protective film layer. This collection is relatively new.

It is designed as an alternative option for homeowners wanting to maintain the natural feel and authentic grain impressions within their property.

Each plank is considered unique in its own way. This is also a tough floor where the usage of steam mop is allowed.

SmartCore Ultra Flooring Options and Styles

This SmartCore Ultra flooring is available in plank forms. There are also different sizes of the plank, but the general one is 24 x 12 inches.

Feel free to match it with different trim and molding work to create a finished and gorgeous look.

As the floor imitates the look of stone and wood, expect to find variants of color, such as gray and brown in Rustic Hickory, Canberra Acacia, Tahitian Walnut, and many others.

Feel free to choose the classic type or the trendy (and modern) one, depending on your preference.

SmartCore Ultra Flooring Installation

So, what about the installation mechanism for SmartCore Ultra flooring?

This floor comes with drop and lock mechanism. The planks are relatively wide with 5 inches of size so it shouldn’t be difficult to install the floor. This is one reason that makes the floor a DIY-friendly type.

You simply need only several tools, like rubber mallet, tape measure, spacers, and circular saw. Even if you don’t have the tools, it won’t cost you a fortune to rent them.

When you install the floor, lay those planks on the already prepped hard subfloor. Do it in staggered pattern. Plan the layout before installing them it includes planning the shades and patterns.

For the 7 inches planks, it is best installed with angle and tap method. Make use of tapping block, crosscut power saw, a pull bar, and a hammer to install the planks.

Another great thing about this plank is its ability to be compatible with radiant in-floor heat system.

SmartCore Ultra Flooring Maintenance

Want the floor to last longer?

Make sure to clean and maintain it properly. This type of flooring mustn’t get too much exposure from direct sunlight.

Have rugs to cover the floor or have a better window treatment to filter the sunlight from entering the house.

To protect the floor from scruff and scratches, use furniture pads so the legs won’t scratch the surface.

What about cleaning the floor?

A regular broom will do. A regular vacuum with hard surface setting and soft bristle is also okay. A damp mop is ideal for cleaning the floor.

Want to have a deep cleaning routine?

Simply use warm water and mild cleaner without any harsh chemical contents. Just do it regularly, and your floor will stay in a good condition for years.

General Reviews

In general, most homeowners are quite satisfied with this SmartCore Ultra flooring’s performance. The floor gets 4 stars for their quality and constructions.

There are different feedbacks and opinions homeowners have mixed feelings about it.

Some are satisfied with the installation, but some are struggling. Most are happy with the artistic and aesthetic appeal of the floor they are amazed on how the floor looks real and authentic at home.

Although people have mixed feeling, they are all happy with the results. In the overall end, they are happy and satisfied with the floor.

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Final Verdict SmartCore Ultra Flooring

Homeowners looking for durable and long-lasting floor without compromising the appearance and aesthetic element can turn to SmartCore and their Ultra variant.

Enjoy the 100% waterproof quality, reasonable tag price, and a lifetime warranty to create beautiful and gorgeous finish.

The floor has an impressive collection, including sizes, tile options, colors, and also wood species. Unfortunately, you can only find the floor at Lowe’s.

If you are looking for its variants, you have to make online order for this SmartCore Ultra flooring.