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somerset engineered hardwood flooring reviews

Somerset Engineered Hardwood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Many people love hardwood floor but you will need to spend a lot of money for it. If you want the more affordable option, it will be a good idea to install engineered hardwood floor. There are so many brands available in the market and Somerset engineered hardwood flooring is one of the best options.

This flooring is different from solid hardwood. It is created with a thin wood veneer affixed to a piece of plywood. That is why it is more affordable than solid hardwood.

So, is the price worth it?

In this article, we will discuss it further so that you will know whether this flooring is appropriate for you. So, you can decide to buy it later.


Since Somerset engineered hardwood flooring is not a solid hardwood, it is much less expensive. So, it may be not as durable as solid hardwood. For your information, it comes in ½ inches.

The floor looks similar to Somerset’s traditional solid hardwood but with added advantages. This engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished. It can also be installed below grade or over radiant heat. Anyway, this is more eco-friendly.

The manufacturer says that this flooring is durable. It can be seen from the excellent warranties offered. The products are covered by a structural integrity limited warranty for lifetime.

Besides that, a finish wear layer limited warranty is also offered for 50 year. So far, it belongs to the best warranties.

However, you have to keep in mind that this floor can still be damaged by everyday use over time. If scratches happen, you will need to refinish it.

Even more, you may also need to replace it in extreme cases. If you do not know how to refinish or replace the floor, it is better to hire a professional.

Using furniture protectors & coasters can prevent scratches. You also have to be careful because denting can happen under heavy furniture.

In this case, you may need to rearrange furniture from time to time. Alternatively, it will be a good idea to use furniture coasters.

This floor can also fade because of the excessive exposure to sunlight. To prevent this, you can use area rugs. Alternatively, you can also use window treatments so that the sunlight is blocked.

Water can also damage this engineered floor. Therefore, Somerset engineered hardwood flooring is not appropriate for bathrooms and other rooms with high level of moisture.

If you do so, it will cause warping, buckling, or even staining and these issues are not covered by the warranty. Anyway, these problems also happen to solid hardwood.

However, you hardwood floor is sanded and refinished so that it must be replaced. Of course, you will need to pay more.

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Somerset Engineered Hardwood Floor Pricing

When it comes to the price, Somerset engineered hardwood flooring costs different from one to another. It depends on where you purchase it.

Anyway, it usually costs from 5 to 6 dollars per square foot. It may be more expensive than other brands of engineered hardwood. Anyway, it is really worth it.

Compared to solid wood floors, of course it is less expensive. However, the quality is same. Even more, it offers extra benefits.

Even though it is more expensive, you will save money on maintenance. In fact, it can be refinished so that you should not replace it to make it look new again.

Somerset Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you consider installing this floor yourself, you will need to have some tools. Besides that, you also have to follow the guided instructions.

In addition, you also must have a lot of time to do this job. In fact, installing this floor consumes a lot of time and effort.

First of all, you have to test for moisture. Make sure that the moisture level is not too high. After that, you need to prepare subfloors.

Then, what you have to do is to lay out the flooring. Next, you must cut planks as required. Some basic tools and a power saw will be needed here.

The company provides the details of installation. You can install it by floating floor. Alternatively, you can also use adhesives. Alternatively, it will be a good idea to install it with mechanical fasteners.

If you think that it is too complex, it is better to hire a pro installer. It will be more efficient. However, you have to spend more money. You have to keep in mind that improperly installed floor is not covered by the warranty.

Somerset Engineered Hardwood Flooring Styles and Colors

There are many styles and colors of Somerset engineered hardwood flooring. You may choose a traditional, modern, or rustic style. Whatever the style you choose, it will be great for your home floor. The company offers many collections.

The first is the Hand Crafted collection where it comes with subtle texture. It also features hand scraping that looks traditional yet stylish. For the color options, this collection is available in oak, maple, and hickory.

The second option is the Classic collection. It features Appalachian oak in different tones. This collection comes with traditional styles and has lightly textured surfaces.

For the next option, there is Character collection with different variations including natural knots, grain, etc. The colors include Appalachian oak, walnut, maple, and hickory that look unique.

The Specialty collection is the next option. It is available in maple and Appalachian hickory. It looks more modern. It also offers different color options.

If you are interested in Appalachian oak, you can consider the Color Plank collection. It comes with solid & engineered hardwoods in various shades.

As you can see, there are so many options available related to styles and colors. Now, you have to choose your desired style and color of Somerset engineered hardwood flooring to enhance your home.

How to Maintain Somerset Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Since the company offers detailed instructions on the care of this floor, you can maintain it easily and properly. In fact, this engineered hardwood floor is easy to clean & maintain.

On a regular basis, you can keep the floor clean by hardwood vacuuming or just sweeping it. Somerset floor care products are required if the stains cannot be removed easily. You have to keep in mind that wrong cleaners may damage the floor and the warranty does not cover it.

In this case, the company recommends you to use a Touch-Up Kit. With this product, you can care for this engineered hardwood floor safely. If you find sever damage, you need a professional refinishing. Spills must be cleaned up immediately.

You also cannot use a wet mop because it can damage the floor. Steam mops should also be avoided because they can cause the floor to swell.

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Final Verdict

If you are searching for a low-cost option to solid hardwood floor, you can consider Somerset engineered hardwood flooring. It comes in various colors & styles.

You can also care for & maintain it easily. It belongs to most durable hardwood flooring. You can also enjoy its superior warranty.

However, Somerset engineered hardwood flooring may cost higher than other brands. Anyway, it is really worth it considering the beauty & quality. Even more, you can also install it yourself easily to save money.