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Stainless Steel Cable Railing Reviews

Stainless Steel Cable Railing Reviews

by Ryan Matthews

You may be wondering what is stainless steel cable railing and to what extent it will be good for your railing system. Here we come with the stainless steel cable railing reviews to let you understand deeply about it and make your decision.

So we navigate you to the content of our review which includes the definition of stainless steel cable railing, the allure of stainless steel cable railing, the types, installation cost, pros and cons and the installation method as well as the buyer’s guide to find the right stainless steel cable railing.

Without wasting too much time, let’s just read on each review sections as follows:

Definition of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

As the name suggests, stainless steel cable railing is defined as any railing system that uses infill made of stainless steel cables. Infill is the material used to “fill” the gaps between the posts and below the handrail.

It is quite possible that you are picturing the standard railing looking like the wooden dowels as the infill.

In fact, he railing made of stainless steel cable appears to be beautiful and dramatic to any railing either indoors or outdoors.

In the world of railing, stainless steel railing system is mostly used in industrial, marine or other outdoor settings.

Nowadays, it finds its way to homes and business through its unique look for the interior. Because of this unique style, many homeowners feel the stainless steel railing for their home and business settings.

Thus, we come with this guide to lead you to learn what stainless steel cable railing offers.

The Allure of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Wondering whether stainless steel cable railing is the right option for you?

To fulfill your curiosity, just figure out the benefits when you make decision. Below are the things that you can take into consideration.

The Wonderful Open View

Stainless steel cable railing offers a wonderful open view that is the most desirable among homeowners. It is because such railing is proper for any setting.

Besides, it also offers safety and security of handrails. This kind of railing will perfectly fit not only your indoors but also your open floor plan like a terrace.

High-End Design

To support the appearance, stainless steel cable railing is created with the high-end design to increase the sale value of your home.

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Durability and Low Maintenance Option

If you are choosing the high quality stainless steel cable railing, it seems that you have made the right decision since it will last for a lifetime.

In addition, the maintenance could involve wiping down the cables and some techniques for rust prevention techniques.

Due to the fact that the railing is widely used, the company already made the products able to withstand the harmful condition.

Safety First

In anything you put on home, make sure you provide safety for yourself, your family and your guests. In this case, superior safety means that the railing is designed with the high-quality and properly installed.

Types of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

The stainless steel cable railing offers some types you may consider choosing to suit your personal choice or preference.

Basically, there are two main categorization dealing with the types of stainless steel cable railing.

So consider the following description:

Horizontal Vs vertical

Horizontal vs Vertical Stainless Steel Cable Railing
Horizontal vs Vertical Stainless Steel Cable Railing

The first type you can picture from a stainless steel cable railing system is the one with horizontal and vertical installation.

So how do you give any value to the type aside from their aesthetical?

Compared to vertical variety, horizontal appears to be less expensive because the vertical stainless steel cable railing need more materials like cable, connection and etc.

Horizontal stainless steel cable railing comes with the simpler installation than the vertical. However, vertical cables look taller and larger.

For design options, vertical cables tend to have limited number of designs because the materials used are less diverse.

Wood Vs Metal Posts

Metal vs Wood Stainless Steel Cable Railing
Metal vs Wood Stainless Steel Cable Railing

The second tyoe to picture is wood vs metal posts. Dealing with the fact that the infinite lifespan is determined by the proper rust prevention maintenance to make it last forever, wood stainless steel cable railings offer benefits you can expect from a wood post.

Wood posts can add a charm look over stainless steel cable railing, making them feel like industrial. Further, choosing wood is offering ergonomic benefits. Metal posts can get hot due to the direct sun. Therefore, wood is more user-friendly in sunny installation.

For durability, metal posts tend to be more durable for your stainless steel cable railing. This way, wood posts will likely need frequent replacement more than the metal one though wood is far less expensive.

Simply put, if you want an option without monotonous look, choose like no other than wood. However, metal is more economical for the long term.

Finishing or Coatings of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

It is out of the question that stainless steel is stainless steel. However, just because it is stainless steel doesn’t mean that you cannot change the look of your cable railing installation.

There are two kind of finishes and one coating in stainless steel cable railing.

First is the brushed finishes which add a grain-like texture. You can easily clean this kind of finish just by using a scouring sponge.

The second finish is a mirrored finish. It adds an anti-corrosive property to the stainless steel cable railing.

It is designed to be ultra-sleek and modern to make the railing looks brighter. Though it appears to be more expensive, the costs are sometimes mitigated by its anti-corrosive benefits.

If you want to have stainless steel cable railing in any color you want, simply choose the one with the powder coating. It works by charging the dry powder electrostatically and spry it. Then, you can finish it by using heat.

Installation Cost of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

In our stainless steel cable railing reviews, the cost of installing the railing can be challenging due to its nail down pricing.

In addition, the price of a stainless steel cable railing will also depend on where you reside, current market conditions and the options you select for your railing.

In this regards, the average cost is around $3,000 for the 50 feet of stainless steel cable railing. This allows you to put railing around a deck with 350 square feet.

Well, this average cost is just an estimation. The price will still be affected by the materials you choose, the size of your railing and your location which is the major factor in determining the cost.

Note, stainless steel cable railing offer two primary types. They are 304 and 316. Whichever type you select will play the role in determining the installation cost.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Just like any building materials, stainless steel cable railing can be perfect in some ways and imperfect in another way.

The biggest downside according to the customers’ reviews is its industrial feel. Yes, stainless steel cable railing feel too industrial. Therefore, adding softer accent like wooden posts is necessary to do.

For the pros based on reviews, there are some list that makes the stainless steel cable railing keeps existing nowadays.

  • Stainless steel cable railing is breathtaking to obscure the railing.
  • The railing systems are available in pieces, making them easier to transport.
  • The materials options are rated for the harshest conditions. In this case, the marine-rated stainless steel cable tends to be more expensive and have low maintenance along with an infinite lifespan.

Installation Methods

If you are a DIYer that loves to carry out a DIY project, take this stainless steel cable railing installed easily by yourself since it is available for DIY options. Alternatively, if you feel it is less adventurous for the project, you could just hire a pro.

If you keep reading on this article, it means that you are likely about spending your weekend to install the projects by yourself. So let’s thank to the plenty of cable railing kits which will the self-installation easier.

Self-Installation method comes in some options which include a full self-installation, partial self-installation and minimal self-installation.

The full self-installation method comes with the long lengths of cable so that you need to measure and cut it properly. It offers the most economical cost but the specific tools must be rented to manipulate the cables and connections.

The partial self-installation usually comes with the pre-cut lengths of cable at which the connections are already there on one end of the cables.

The minimal self-installation, on the other hand, offers a fully connected cable length that requires you to cut it specifically for the installation site.

This installation method offers a simple installation site, making it easier and suitable for homeowners with the minimum experience.

Hiring A professional Installer for a New Stainless Steel Cable Railing Projects

Last in our discussion, we talk about hiring a professional installer for your stainless steel cable railing. In this case, if you have a lack of skills and experience, there are lots of professional installers willing to do the project for you.

It has been evaluated that DIY projects for stainless steel cable railing installation need mostly corrections.

Therefore, it is also very considerable to hire a professional installer. Though hiring a pro is sometimes challenging, you can ideally choose a contractor who specializes in work with stainless steel.

A Buyer’s guide to Find the Right Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Without the buyer’s guide and reviews, you will get just an endless selection to choose a stainless steel cable railing. Use this guide to help you narrow down your choice easier:

Select a post type

In selecting the post type, you must firstly know that you should make the choice between aesthetic and application challenging. Here are the post types you may want to consider choosing dealing with the way you are looking for a stainless steel cable railing:

  • Engineered aluminum

Engineered aluminum can actually withstand the pressure of the stainless steel cable infill with no bending. It is resistant to pest. It has a plenty of colors.

  • Stainless round

If you are looking for a modern stainless steel future along with the brushed finish and round shape, stainless round is perfect type to choose right now. This type is very ideal to use indoors and in maritime installations since they are featuring corrosion of tsunami.

  • Stainless square

For an industrial look, you can just simply opt stainless square. It offers brushed finish and modern look. It also anti-pests, anti-corrosion and anti-bland.

  • Engineered wood

Engineered wood has the lowest and flexibility that can be painted and stained to fit any design with a softer finish.

Select a Top Rail

After selecting a post type, next you must select a top rail. A top rail can simply be a finishing piece for the handrails. In this regards, there are four top rails to choose from.

  • Aluminum rectangle

Aluminum rectangle is an attractive option for decks and balcony designed with the squared off edges and flat surface.

  • Aluminum shaped

Aluminum shaped are great for railings as the handrails on the steps and stairways. It also come with the industrial look of stainless steel cable railing.

  • Aluminum Steel

Aluminum steel is ideal to choose as the best anti-corrosive materials. Its industrial look makes it perfect for maritime settings.

  • Premium wood

Premium wood has a flexibility in design and finish for the top rail use. It also offers industrial look.

Select your cable

There are variety of cable you can choose for your stainless steel cable railing. Those are:

  • Stainless 1×19

1 bundle of 1×19 strands twisted together, allowing for options with clean and low cost look for the popular interior residential designs.

  • Stainless 7×7

This option comes with an industrial look which will be ideal for uses at which the high flexibility is importantly needed.

Select your hardware

There are two fittings making up the two ends of the cable. They are:

  • Thru-post fitting

Thru-post fitting is usually used on the first post and the last post. It will hide the hardware inside the posts for a clean and fascinating look.

  • Swageless fitting

There is no specialized crimping tools needed for swageless fitting. Thus, stainless steel cable railing is ideal for DIY installation options.

  • To-post assembly

This to-post assembly will be attached in the post for a clean finish and unique look along with an exposed hardware.

Select Add-Ons

Add-ons will finish your stainless steel cable railing, serving like finishes.

  • Gates

Gates are frequently made from the similar materials as the post and top rails but you can mix to create a unique design.

  • Handrails

Handrails are frequently used as top rails for a cable railing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions about the stainless steel cable railing reviews you may have similarly. Check them out below:

Which is better to choose, DIY option or Hiring a Pro?

If you are skilful to work with stainless steel, DIY options will allow you to save money but make sure you have all the tools required. Meanwhile, if you are not patient enough in doing the project, you had better hire a pro.

What is the biggest drawback of stainless steel cable railing that I may get?

The industrial look and feel over the stainless steel cable railing.

Is stainless steel cable railing durable?

Metal stainless steel cable railing tend to be more durable than the wood since the wood needs frequent replacement.