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Stanton Carpet Reviews

Stanton Carpet Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Stanton Carpet Reviews – For more than 40 years, Stanton has become the leading manufacturer in the market of soft covering flooring.

Though Stanton carpeting is widely used in millions of homes around the United States, their products are mostly available for commercial settings, too.

Therefore, this Stanton carpet reviews we are going to share you at present will show you what to expect from the company’s carpet collections and check out how they stand out in the competition.

Thus, in this reviews, there are some sections with the detailed explanation. Those are the Stanton carpet corporation, the Stanton carpet collection, Stanton street commercial carpet, Stanton carpet cost and availability, Stanton carpet pros and cons, ratings and the way you are looking for qualified installer.

Now let’s check with the detail of each sections:

The Stanton Carpet Corporation

Founded in 1980, there has been an expansion of Stanton carpet over the past decades. Believe it or not, Stanton carpet offers not only the carpet but also the luxury vinyl flooring planks alongside custom rugs and residential carpet.

This way, the corporation comes with the four additional brands that are Hibernia, Crescent, Rosecore and Antrim.

Once you visit the company’s website, you will be able to browse any product in the recent catalogue including their own line as well as other brands under their umbrella.

There is a feature of “Create a Rug” that provides you with the options of pattern, color and finish. So you can take the benefits of them.

With Stanton website, you can easily access anything like filtering through the whole catalog in many kinds of method. There are more than 100 collections and dozens of fiber combination available in the site.

However, you can narrow down your choice just by staying with us to check out all about Stanton carpet.

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Stanton Carpet Collection

Based on our Stanton carpet reviews, there are more than 350 styles to select along with the 16 different runners and a small number of premade rugs.

Though Stanton carpet has the widest selections, there are no carpet tiles at which you will never find any hand-tufted patterns in the lineup.

Most of the carpets in Stanton carpet collection are face-to-face woven. There are also 60 styles coming with Wilton Woven or machine-tufted along with the nearly 20 styles of hand-loomed carpets. Stanton does not provide many printed patterns. Stanton is the only one place to get Sisal carpet, too.

Wool and nylon are the most prevalent fiber types offered by Stanton. Both of these materials are constructed from the blended variants. This way, you can select nylon 6.6 polysilk blends or carpets that are made from 100% wool.

Thanks to the Scotchguard and Stainmaster technologies that make the carpet resistant to stain. Tempo and Midnight are the examples of such carpets.

When it comes to fibers and styles, Stanton’s line of carpeting can be the best option to consider. There are also hundreds of colors available. So no worry about to select the carpet styles with Stanton.

Antrim Carpet Collection

Stanton acquired Antrim in 2007 with the purpose to produce an amazing line of hand-loomed carpet. Antrim carpet collection is basically riven between wool and nylon along with the numerous patterns and styles.

Antrim’s wool carpeting is a result of the blend and dyed except for Indra that is made from 100% undyed wool. Truly, there are a dozen of wool carpets blended with nylon or viscose.

The premium wool carpeting from Antrim is designed with the soiling resistance. This carpeting is blended with the synthetic fibers, adding such an extra layer of protection.

If you tend to like the natural wool, you can check with the catalog that contains more than 50 options including the fine weave patterns such as Karma.

If you prefer the hand-loomed wool, Antrim collection is the one to opt while if you love the luxurious carpeting, Antrim offers a line of wool rugs that come with the three different sizes.

Rosecore Carpet Collection

Later on our Stanton carpet reviews, it is stated that Rosecore collection offers some more interesting pattern options though they may not have the largest carpet collection.

In this case, the Messa Meadow comes with the fascinating combinations and fibers while the Denim-Colored Bennett carpet stands out in any home areas.

Messa is different from the other carpet in this collection dealing with the combination. It is made of a mixture of 5% polysilk, 5% wool and 90% bamboo.

If you want to find a unique choice, Privee Prisma is the right choice. It is made of 15% nylon and 85% New Zealand wool. At present, the company produces the 15 wool blended carpets in the collection.

Crescent Carpet Collection

Among the 40 styles of Stanton carpet styles, Crescent carpet is just a small brand and one of the new comers in the world of Stanton carpeting. Though they are small in number, they make up more in the fiber options.

Crescent carpet offers a carpet made of wool and tencel as well as an artificial silk blend. Bedford Cord or Briggs carpet are the examples of beautiful silky hand-loomed carpet in this collection. These two brands are made of 100% premium wool.

Most of homeowners who likes the nylon resilience will prefer the distinctive styles of Esquire from the Tailor Made Collection.

Meanwhile, for those who like a hand-loomed carpet made from a blend of wool and polysilk, Tinsley Tweed can be taken into consideration.

Do you want to walk on the wild side?

Make sure you select the flat-woven Leopard carpet that is made of wool. Optionally, City Grid is constructed from 100% polychenille. It comes with 6 calming colors.

Hibernia Carpet Collection

Hibernia is considered as the special carpet of Stanton. All of the carpets in this collection are made from wool though the type and blend are different from each other.

This way, Hibernia offers a choice between hand-loomed, hand-tufted and machine-tufted carpeting. The styles vary from the simple and subdued to the classic including Heartwood and Heathers which are a 100% made of high quality wool though the manufacturing method is different.

Cost and Availability of Stanton Carpet

Once you fall in love in Stanton carpet, head yourself to find the local dealers in your area. This way, Stanton carpet products are not available in hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Though you may be able to shop online, you must contact the dealer for a pricing information.

Based on the company’s official website, you are allowed to purchase the samples for $2 each with a limit of six.

To find the product easily, you can utilize the “dealer locator tool” to look for the showroom in your area. This is the time when you can have a consultation with the dealer.

Pros and Cons of Stanton Carpet

Based on this Stanton carpet reviews, the pros of the carpet lay on their high-end product though they are not budget-friendly like Trafficmaster and Lifeproof. Further, they have some unique blends like bamboo and polychenille.

The cons of Stanton carpet lay on their limitation of how to purchase the products. As we have mentioned, you can purchase the carpet products through a showroom. Later, you won’t either find the widest range of fibers since the company focuses on wool.

Ratings of Stanton Carpet

To ensure you about the Stanton carpet, checking out the rating is the best way you can do. This way, the ratings show you how the consumers feel about the products.

In this regards, Stanton carpet is rated 3 for its range of fibers and rated 4 for its colors, styles and stain resistance. The overall rating is 4.5, meaning that most of the customers feel satisfied enough with the products.

Now want do you think of Stanton carpet?

Will you choose it?

Have you found your choice?

Looking For The Qualified Installer for Your Stanton Carpet

Unfortunately, some readers find it hard to find the qualified local installers or overpaid the carpet installation. As a solution, there has been developed am online “free estimate tool” designed to help you find the local installer only in 24 hours.

This tool is supported by Networx that specializes not only in collecting but also in vetting and rating the carpet contractors for over 20 years.

Further, the tool will enable you to get the reasonable installation cost as well as to avoid getting ripped.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now our Stanton carpet reviews include a few of frequently asked questions as follows:

Can I purchase an affordable Stanton carpet?

Unfortunately, Stanton carpet is not offering affordable price.

Can I check with the carpet pricing on the website of the company?

No, you cannot. You can only check out the pricing if you contact the dealers directly.

How can I browse the carpet styles options?

Check the styles options out of the catalog in the company’s website. There have been listed the options available.