Steve Silver Furniture Reviews

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Steve Silver Furniture Reviews

Steve Silver has been considered as a huge company. This company is focusing on world-class furniture for global needs, whether it is a company dining table or an ottoman chair. But you should check Steve Silver furniture reviews before buying anything – nothing is bad though.

Just like buying items in general, you have to ensure the quality, right?

How would you know the quality without purchasing the item in the first place?

Well, this is the function of checking the Steve Silver furniture reviews.

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There are plenty of products you will find on the Steve Silver furniture catalog. One of the most popular ones is the Roland Round coffee table with an elegant bronze metal base. This item is number one on several online marketplaces though.

Generally, the coffee tables get a lot of recognition on various platforms – one of them is Amazon. You will more likely find everything you look for with this brand.

Especially if you take a look at the collections of the Steve Silver furniture living room, you will find items to decorate the room effortlessly. Yet, it is crucial to check Steve Silver furniture reviews before processing your purchase.

Pros of Steve Silver Furniture

In general, there is nothing wrong with this furniture brand in the first place. Especially when it comes to table collections, Steve Silver has so many things to offer. On the other hand, most people like this brand due to its simple assembling process.

You would love this brand because it keeps up with the trends while the collections are timeless. This brand also combines various hi-end materials to make a unique yet point-stealing aspect in the room, whether it is a living room or a dining room.

Other than that, according to Steve Silver furniture reviews, the price is quite affordable while the quality is top-notch. Also, the assembly process is quite straightforward – nothing to worry about. Thus, you won’t be disappointed by this brand.

This brand also offers dining sets, arm sofas, recliners, and many more. There are plenty of things you will find interesting from Steve Silver, after all. But make sure that you ask about the warranty and other crucial aspects about the product.

Cons of Steve Silver Furniture

However, several consumers complained that several products are not created equal. For instance, the coffee table with a round marble table top – a few users claimed that the top is not real marble.

Other than that, some items came with holes on them. The worst part is that the customer care didn’t give any response. Meanwhile, the expedition and the manufacturer wouldn’t take the blame nor give any compensation.

Another user also complained that the manufacturer sent the coffee table in two packages. It’s not necessarily a drawback but quite unusual though.

Generally, the complaints are not that many. Some buyers were just disappointed because some items didn’t come as described in the picture. Still, Steve Silver furniture is a brand worth considering.

Is It Expensive?

Gathered from several online marketplaces, the price starts at USD50.81. And in case you are looking for a Steve Silver company dining table, you should check out the price on the manufacturer’s catalog to get a little description about what you will buy.

The exact price depends on what item you are buying. Yet, many people on Steve Silver furniture reviews agreed that this brand is quite affordable. More than anything, this company wants to provide the best products at an affordable price.

Again, it depends on the furniture you are buying. If you want to purchase items for your living room, such as a side chair and coffee table then you should go with Steve Silver furniture, for sure.

Just like most items sold on the online marketplace, you will find things that may not meet your expectations. As long as you are fine with that then go ahead to purchase this brand.

Is It Durable?

When it comes to durability, the Steve Silver furniture reviews are quite mixed. Several buyers stated that even though the delivery might take weeks, durability and quality of the items are superb. Those were worth the buyers’ money.

However, some former consumers complained that the product wasn’t that durable. Also, the customer service is not that great either. Well, it may depend on which Steve Silver furniture outlet you are going with, after all.

What about the Delivery?

In case you purchase a Steve Silver coffee table, you may want to know about the shipping policy, right?

Well, it depends on where you purchase the furniture in the first place. According to the Steve Silver furniture reviews, this brand is huge and highly popular.

By that, it is no wonder if you find lots of furniture items sold by various online stores. So, you better check the delivery policy of the online marketplace you’ve used for purchasing your table.

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Is Steve Silver furniture good quality?

Yes, it is. Generally, everything sold by this company – from the coffee table to the centerbridge – is about quality.

What is Steve Silver furniture warranty?

One-year limited warranty from an authorized dealer.

Is Steve Silver made in the USA?

Steve Silver has a HQ office in Texas. However, the manufacturer facilities are located in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. So, it really depends on what items you are buying.

Final Words

Customer care is surely one of the things all companies should pay attention to. Even big companies stay big and become bigger due to excellent after-sales service. According to a few consumers, after all, Steve Silver needs to improve its customer care – regardless of where the outlet is.

All in all, according to Steve Silver furniture reviews, this company is an okay one. You can purchase furniture items from this manufacturer’s catalog but make sure that you’ve checked what you are buying. Generally, this company wants to deliver great appearances at worthy prices.

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