Stressless Furniture Reviews

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Stressless Furniture Reviews

Furniture exists in your room not only for its decorative function but also for how you can sit comfortably and can help you unwind. Yes, you know the Stressless brand, a unique furniture maker? You can read these Stressless Furniture reviews to learn more about this brand.

The Stressless furniture brand from Ekornes is known as ergonomic furniture. Ekornes specializes in its manufacturing of recliners and has been in this industry for almost 80 years. It sells super comfy furniture. And Ekornes provides comfort in all its products.

Product and Price Range

The Stressless brand focuses its furnishings manufacturers on accent chairs and recliners like the brand Homestretch furniture. Its product design tends to the Scandinavian style. This brand also carries out the comfort in high quality in its products. Why?

This product is designed to follow the human body’s ergonomics, so the chair’s curve follows the contours of the spine. Besides that, the leather is soft to touch. All these factors make Stressless recliners ultra-comfortable.

Many variant furniture that Stressless produces. And it groups them into several categories. The following is a list of Stressless furniture product categories you can easily find on their website.

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ReclinersGenuine Leather
Top Grain Leather
Ultra-microfiber textile called Dinamica
SofasGenuine Leather
Top Grain Leather
Ultra-microfiber textile called Dinamica
DiningGenuine Leather
Top Grain Leather
Ultra-microfiber textile called Dinamica
Home OfficeGenuine Leather
Top Grain Leather
AccessoriesGenuine Leather
Top Grain Leather

Pros and Cons of Stressless Furniture Reviews

Pros and Cons of Stressless Furniture Reviews
Pros and Cons of Stressless Furniture Reviews

What are the pros and cons of Stressless Furniture Reviews? Let’s see this below.

Pros of Stressless Furniture

Here are some pros of Stressless product :

  • The Stressless brand produces its product from top-grain leather. That is one of the best qualities of leather material.
  • Besides that, you can choose various colors and styles of its product.
  • Moreover, you can customize almost every part of its recliner.
  • The recliner is available in three types sizes-small, medium and large. So you can adjust your size to the size of a recliner. 
  • This recliner from Stressless is suitable for your back and hips because this is the only chair that The American Chiropractic Association supports.
  • The Stressless product is easy to care for and clean.

Cons of Stressless Furniture

Here are some cons about Stressless product :

  • Some buyers categorize Stressless prices as high prices for recliner products.
  • No price information is available on its website. So you need to find a local retailer. You can input your ZIP code on its site to find the authorized dealer in your area.


Due to the use of suitable materials such as genuine leather, and top-grain leather, this furniture can last for 20 years. Of course, it happens when you take care of it under the instruction of a Stressless company.

Using genuine leather can also make the recliner easy to clean. So the dust, spills, and even oils only have to be wiped, which can cause the furniture not to peel off fast.


The Stressless furniture company provides a product warranty. It divides the warranty into four groups.

Firstly, a ten years warranty for the mechanism recliners/sofas and the internal framework of wood/steel, including the metal springs.

Secondly, a five years warranty is for the base of chairs and ottomans, such as gas lift, swivel ring, extensions, interior padding, and foam. In addition, this kind of warranty covers electronic motors and parts for power mechanisms and accessories.

Thirdly, a two-year warranty is valid only for the batteries of the recliners. This guarantee is valid from the date of initial delivery. Besides that, this guarantee is only valid for genuine batteries from Stressless. If you use the batteries from another party, then your whole warranty will be canceled.

The last is a 1-year warranty covering the fabric or leather upholstery with one condition that the treatment must comply with Stressless guidelines. This warranty includes zipper assembly and stitching.


Because Stressless only allows the authorized retailer to sell its product, so all shipping process comes from its dealer. So do the delivery policies. You may find different expedition couriers from one retailer to another. And of course, you will find the various delivery costs too.

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Return Policy

You can only return your ordered item if the retailer allows it. You can contact them for information about the return process if they provide it.

Stressless has no rules about this because Stressless does not sell its products directly via stores or websites.

Final Words

After reading these Stressless Furniture reviews, you will know that this furniture is highly comfortable because it is made from good quality leather. However, because Stressless doesn’t provide direct selling, you must contact your retailer to know about the purchasing process.

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