Style Selections Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

Dylan Johnson

Style Selections Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

What’s so special about Style Selections wood look tile? Have you ever visited a friend and marveled at the beautiful decor of their house?

The floor looks so gorgeous and inviting with its hardwood appearance that is just beautiful.

But you are awestruck to find out that the floor isn’t actually a hardwood floor. It is a wood-look-alike floor often known as wood-look tiles.

If your friend didn’t tell you about the real nature of the floor, you would never have guessed that it isn’t a real wood!

So, what is wood-look floor and what are the benefits?

Understanding Wood-Look Flooring

As the name suggests, wood-look floor is a type of floor that looks similar to wood, but actually made from completely different materials.

The floor may be made from vinyl, porcelain, ceramic, or even laminate. But it uses good visual graphic attached on the top surface so the floor would look like wood.

Style Selections wood look tile is one of the most popular products in the market and their popularity happens for a reason.

Hardwood floor is undoubtedly beautiful and gorgeous, but then again it has its own weaknesses.

It is sensitive to scratches and dents not to mention also fading, warping, and buckling.

The biggest issue is water as the nature of wood would absorb water. Water damage is hardwood’s number one nemesis, making the floor impossible to install in areas with high humidity and moisture.

You can’t install hardwood floor in basements or bathrooms, unless you are ready to replace it in another year or two.

Since hardwood is also prone to direct light, hardwood can’t be installed in outdoor setting because the color will fade. 

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Different Variants and Options Style Selections Wood Look Tile

If you are looking for a brand that can imitate the look of traditional wood just perfectly, then Style Selections wood look tile collections will amaze you.

They have many products imitating the look of the most popular wood types and they have different color ranges too. Whether you are looking for light or dark shades, they have it.

Are you into elegant or rustic style?

They also have the options for you. The company does provide impressive arrays of collections living up to their names. Whatever styles, finishes, or colors you want, you should be able to find them easily.

Some of their collections include Whitewash Natural Timber for the rustic look, Brazilian Pecan for the exotic feel, or Serso Black Walnut for elegant vibe.

If you want to focus on the handsome dark hardwood, the latter one would be the perfect pick. Of course, you can also choose Graphite, Wheat, Cinnamon, Mahogany, or Ash with their color variations.

And the floor is also available in different sizes, so you really have the freedom to create beauty and artistic atmosphere inside the house.

A lot of homeowners claim that they are highly satisfied with the floor and most of their guests think that they use real wood to achieve the natural and gorgeous finish.

Biggest Advantages Style Selections Wood Look Tile

When talking about Style Selections wood look tile, of course, there are several perks to expect.

The first one is the durability and sturdiness. Unlike hardwood, the floor should withstand heavy traffic, pets, and also kids.

You won’t have to worry about dents or scratches those things won’t happen on the floor. You don’t have to worry about fading either, because the floor is pretty solid and resistant.

Whereas hardwood floor is complicated and can’t be installed in any room, such thing doesn’t apply to wood-look flooring.

Feel free to install it on your outdoor setting, the bathrooms, and even the basements. If you have pets or kids, the wood-look flooring would be the most perfect pick.

In this way, you are sure that the floor is able to take all the abuse and beat of everyday activities and yet you can still expect it to last.

The second perk to like about the floor is the easy cleaning and minimum care. You won’t have to deal with complicated and fussy refinishing work.

You don’t need to buy costly cleaning products or tools. Just use the regular one that you usually have at home and you are good to go. Regular broom, tile mop, tile vacuum, or steam mop is okay for the floor.

It would be better if you can clean the floor everyday, but if you can’t, you can do it twice a week and the floor will last for decades.

If you want to perform deep cleaning, simply use mild soap and a mop to bring back the shine.

Feel free to use homemade solution like vinegar and warm water to clean the floor. If you happen to have a textured floor, you can use soft brush to scrub the floor.

In this way, all the dirt, dust, mildew, mold, and debris can be removed effectively.

However, you need to remember that porcelain tile isn’t 100% resistant to anything. The floor can chip or crack, especially when dealing with heavy objects.

When you move heavy furniture across the floor, such actions can scratch the surface and create permanent damage.

To prevent it, you can use furniture pad. And try not to drop anything heavy on the floor because it can chip it.

But in case such a thing happens, you can always replace the affected tile with a new one. No need to replace the entire floor.

Cost Factor Style Selections Wood Look Tile

One of the biggest considerations you need to make when doing the home improvement work is to carefully consider the price range.

Flooring is one crucial element in home interior decor, and installing one can cost you a fortune.

That’s why you should be super wise and thoughtful when making a decision about the floor and the installation.

Style Selections wood look tile is set between $2 and $4 for a square foot. This is pretty inexpensive, especially when compared to other brands that can go up to $9 a square foot.

For budget-conscious homeowners, this floor gives them the alternative option for affordable and inexpensive flooring work.

Of course, when compared to real hardwood floor, wood-look tiles are definitely cheaper.

The standard average price for softwood floor alone is around $3 to $6 a square foot, and hardwood flooring can go up to $14 and even $20 a square foot.

The price is only applied to the Style Selections wood look tile floor alone. You still need to consider other costs, such as installation cost.

If you decide to hire a professional service to install the floor, you will have to spend more money. But you won’t have to worry about the installation let them do the work.

You only have to sit and enjoy the final result. Expect to spend around $5 (more or less) for a square foot.

Yes, you will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for the work, but there is no need to break a sweat over the project.

Others, however, may choose to have a DIY project. In order to save up money, they prefer having a DIY project where they do the installation work on their own.

This is also another possible solution for those with limited budgets. If you decide this option, though, you need to remember that you still need to spend money for the tools, equipment, and supplies. And the project requires extra patience.

You can’t rush things because everything needs to be done carefully and thoroughly.

The problem with Style Selections wood look tile is the fact that it isn’t the easiest home improvement project to do.

A lot of homeowners using the floor claim that they end up hiring a skilled installer because of the complexity of the work.

Placing the tile is difficult because you need don’t want gapping (between the tiles) to happen. Cracking, chipping, and warping are also possible during the installation leading you to buy extra 10% to prevent shortage.

If you have zero knowledge and experience, it is advisable that you hire a pro unless you want the end finish to look messy and chaotic.

If you insist on doing the project alone, make sure that you are ready with the consequences.

You need to dedicate your time completely. And you need to have all the tools, supplies, and equipment ready so the process can run smoothly.

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Final Words

The greatest thing about the wood-look tiles from this brand is its compatibility to any setting, themes, and styles.

The durability is also another plus factor that most homeowners like. Almost all of them enjoy the easy care, cleaning, and maintenance everything can be done and managed without drama.

For busy homeowners, the floor is definitely an alternative solution that can deliver beautiful vibe without the weaknesses and extra costs.

However, you may have to make big expenses at the beginning, especially with the purchase of materials and the installation cost.

But then again, the total expenses are way below the standard cost for installing hardwood.

In the overall end, you can always turn to wood-look tiles if you want a floor combining durability and beauty.

And with Style Selections wood look tile, you can rest assured that your house will have an improved appearance and look.

Dylan Johnson
As a flooring enthusiast, I love everything about it - from the way it looks to the way it feels underfoot. Nothing beats a well-crafted floor that adds character to any space.