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Is It Possible to Have Your Own Stylish Cork Flooring for the Home?

by Dylan Johnson

Not all homeowners are pretty confident about designing and creating stylish cork flooring for the home. Their insecurity may root from two main issues: They don’t really understand cork flooring characteristics and they believe that they don’t have any home interior design skills.

Well, here is good news: You can actually pull up any kind of home improvement ideas or designs and then improve your house in the simplest manner.

There is no need for fancy stuff just a simple idea and then progress from there. And your floor should be the main foundation of the design where you can then develop your creativity and inspirations.

Good Things about Cork

Cork may not be as hard or durable as the other hardwood materials (like oak or even birch), but then again, cork has its own beneficial elements that may suit the preference of some homeowners.

Remember, cork flooring may not be for every homeowner, but when it is adopted by the right homeowner and the right house, the result would be amazing.

The idea of being able to create stylish cork flooring for the home may be out of your head, but such a thing isn’t impossible. You need to keep in mind that all elements within the house need to be balanced and harmonious.

When you can match up cork flooring with other elements, then you have yourself a good-looking outcome looking like a professional!

Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy, extravagant, or glamour.

Even with simple efforts, you can manage a beautiful and homey crib that suits you the best, along with your family. 

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Create Patterns

If you want to avoid boredom and bland effect, why not creating patterns?

Yes, be creative and create patterns on the floor to make the floor look more interesting.

You can even use different patterns to define different areas or sections, especially if the room is connected to another.

For instance, you can use two types of cork flooring patterns for your kitchen and your dining room. You can use the first pattern for the main palette while the second one is for accents.

For the accents, you can use them as borders or as mixed look. Another alternative is to use them to create a smooth flow from the kitchen to the dining room, or vice versa.

The first pattern can be used on the kitchen, the area between the two rooms can use mixed patterns, and the second pattern is applied to the dining area.

Basically, you are free to create any design that you want after all, your creativity has no limit.

Modern Space

Do you know that cork is a flexible material that is suitable for both contemporary look as well as classic theme?

This what makes cork super great for any home improvement project.

To create stylish cork flooring for the home, you can always use natural cork (either natural color or natural texture) to create a homey and yet inviting vibe.

If you have tons of artistic and elegant decorative furnishings, you can pair it up with the cork so you are able to create a sophisticated and modern look. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and hues.

Choose natural colored cork for the main connecting (floor) material and go with a tad darker shade to delineate areas or sections. Don’t forget to properly seal the floor and keep it clean.

Whether you use the floor for high-traffic areas in residential settings or you use such a design for your office (or other commercial spots), you can always achieve good-looking effect without spending a fortune or having to worry that it may be damaged.

Cork Flooring for Kitchens

Just because you have cork flooring in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean that it should be shabby or gloomy or ugly.

You can actually create stylish cork flooring for the home, especially for the kitchen, with the right combination of color and patterns.

Consider this scheme: You choose chestnut flooring color that would be contrast to the white palette on the cabinet borders and kitchen appliances.

Despite the contrast, it somewhat creates a balanced and harmonious look. And add dark cabinet wood along with stainless steel hardware and accessories to create dynamic visual appeal.

When compared to vinyl floor or ceramic tile, cork may not be the most popular pick for kitchen setting.

But if you can seal the floor and manage several layers of it, you won’t have to worry about its integrity or condition. The floor should hold up the stains and moisture just perfectly.

Cork in Multi-Use Spot

Do you have a room at home that is used for many different activities?

You may use it to entertain close friends and families.

In other times, you may use it as your exercise space. Your kids may like to spend times there, either playing or studying. When there is no one around, you like using it as your sanctuary your place to enjoy ‘me-time’ alone.

Well, cork flooring can be quite beneficial in this room. The softness and plush effect is great as your cushion when you exercise. And then it also provides extra protection and support for the kids when they spend a lot of time there.

The beautiful and natural finish is gorgeous, making it perfect to entertain guests. And the cork’s natural ability to absorb noise is just ideal when you just want to be alone, not bothered by the world and the surrounding sound.

You can definitely create stylish cork flooring for the home that doesn’t compromise the homey and warm feeling of the room. Choose neutral or warm earth hues to deliver peaceful and quiet vibe.

You can match the floor with white wallpaper, and match it up with contrasting brown blinds or curtains so the palette won’t be too boring or bland. Feel free to use darker curtains, if you want to.

The color combinations aren’t too much or too contrast, and yet it is able to create comfortable and inviting atmosphere which feels nice for everyone. Not to mention that it is also a feast for the eyes!

Cork Plank Usages

Modern technologies have enabled homeowners to choose whatever flooring styles or designs for their homes.

Because of it, cork flooring is also available in plank forms imitating the traditional and old-school hardwood floor. And yet, homeowners can benefit from the soundproofing and cushioning features offered by cork flooring.

You can choose modern light blue shade for the wall that looks great when paired with the cork flooring. With soft green accents (probably on the furniture too), the effect would be stunning and elegant at the same time.

If you want an attractive decor with simple arrangement, you can expect charming result without overdoing it.

Elegant Living Room

Who says cork flooring isn’t perfect for darker shades?

Do you know that you can create stylish cork flooring for the home with darker palette?

You can even create a dramatic look without making it too much.

Dark cork flooring can be matched up with pea green hue for the wall. Choose furniture in cream colors so the natural earthy tone won’t be too overwhelming.

You can turn this room into a formal one with the darker hue. Keep everything minimal. Accents are okay but not too many.

Simple and Clean Zen Room

Cork comes with various styles and designs, from natural to modern appeal. If you are into Zen style (with its minimalist characteristics), then you can always choose the natural cork design.

Choose light shade of cork flooring that can be paired up with ivory, cream, or beige wall. You can either choose light-colored or dark-colored furniture but the later one will create (a little more) dramatic effect compared to the previous one.

But still, you can create stylish cork flooring for the home without too many elements, accessories, or accents.

Unique Patterned Cork Flooring

Feel free to choose the plain floor or the one with unique patterns. Most homeowners play it safe by choosing the plain floor. Some may choose the natural textured patterns to deliver unique and vintage appeal.

However, if you want to create a bolder look, feel free to do so. You can create hexagonal or even zebra-patterned design so your floor would look unique and one of a kind.

But when you already have such a busy patterned flooring, make sure to choose simple and minimalistic furniture and decor so the final result won’t be too much.

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Contemporary Stylish Cork Flooring

Some homeowners may choose darker hues to create masculine appeal. Dark cork flooring will look great with black coffee table and dark sofa.

Your visitors will never guess that you are using cork flooring for your house!

Feel free to include brighter colors or open room design to pair with the cork flooring. The result would look absolutely smashing and gorgeous.

In the end, cork flooring can be a great option as long as you can do it right. You should be able to create stylish cork flooring for the home that matches perfectly with other decor elements in the room.