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Tarkett Laminate Review

Tarkett Laminate Review and the Achievement of Elegance

by Dylan Johnson

If you want to create an elegant European vibe at home, then it is imperative to read Tarkett laminate review so you can learn more about the floor.

The laminate floor from this brand is known for the quality construction not to mention the attractive finish and beautiful result.

If you have this floor at home, you won’t have to worry that it will look cheap or lame. You can still achieve a hardwood-look alike without having to spend a fortune.

About Tarkett Brand

As it was mentioned before, Tarkett floor delivers classic and elegant European vibe to the house. It’s pretty logical, considering that Tarkett is basically a German flooring company that has been operating for 130 years.

They manufacture wide ranges of floors and products. They have created vinyl, laminate, and hardwood products, as well as sports stadium Astroturf.

Because of this, they are considered the number one flooring manufacturer in Europe with premium quality. 130 years in the industry has given them many insight of what expected from their line of products.

They started out the business as a pure European company, but they are now expanding. They have become a worldwide company with offices and factories in America.

As one of the major European companies, they have a serious and deep concern on environmental sustainability and green issues.

For them, responsible consumption is crucial and it is higher than those of their American counterparts.

For those who are into environmentally-friendly practice, this matter is crucial. That’s why they have positive Tarkett laminate review.

Another thing to like about them is that they focus so much on high-end brands, cutting edge style, elegant sophistication, and premium performance. Even their website is elegant with its own simplicity.

If you check the site, you will see a minimalist and simple layout exuding a classic elegance that is mostly associated with European or even Scandinavian design.

All in all, Tarkett is an upscale and classy option that is worth exploring about. If you want to make a worthy spending, and then you don’t regret in the end, then Tarkett should be in your priority list.

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Available Collections and Styles

For their laminate collections, Tarkett has 128 various shades. Feel free to choose the very light options (such as snow oak, painted white, or white oak) to absolutely dark shades (like dark sand or black buzz).

When compared to others, they have a pretty wide collection of gray-scale and blue shades.

So, if you are thinking about having a modern and trendy vibe without completely ditching the classic and traditional feel, you have come to the right place. Many users in Tarkett laminate review are quite satisfied about the color options.

Their collections consist of Essentials, Woodstock, Premium, and Commercial. Each of them has its own distinguished look and features.

  • Essentials Collection

If you are looking for traditional and classic feel, with various traditional of soft and rich natural brown, this one would be just perfect for you.

This collection has timeless designs but with various options for the color. The thickness is 8mm. They have various colors with saw marks that are just right to deliver the perfect characters.

The floor can be exciting and it matches to whatever room décor or design you have. The floor is made from premium materials and following high standard of application.

They also have melamine protective layer for the floor. As a result, the surface is resistant to stain, scratch, and scuff. Thanks to the Unifit system, the floor should be easily installed.

  • Woodstock Collections

Aside from the beautiful and classic elegance, the floor has the so-called Plus Effect technology it is designed to enhance the natural feel.

The thickness is 8mm and they have 2 beveling options: the 4V or the 0V. Thanks to the technology, the floor has this beautiful and natural wood grain.

The floor also comes with melamine protective layer for better scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. The colors are ranging from lush beautiful honey to stylish grays and deep browns.

  • Premium Collection

Based on Tarkett laminate review, the Premium collection has its own sections of Spectra, Primo, and Eclipse.

If you want non directional designs (or patterns) and you want to create fun vibe with attractive colors, this is your go-to option.

As the name suggests, the Premium line is made from the best materials suitable for public buildings, health care facilities (because of the hygienic feature), and others.

The floor is super resistant against heavy traffic, stains, and chemicals. And they do have attractive modern and bold colors absolutely the opposite of the classic and traditional collections.

  • Commercial Collection

This one is made from resilient materials so the floor won’t disappoint when installed in commercial environment.

Not only they are sturdy and tough, but they are also beautiful. Tarkett doesn’t want to forget the aesthetic appeal for this line.

The collection consists of various linoleum, composition tile, LVT, vinyl, and rubber for different use.

For instance, rubber laminate is durable and easy to care. It has good shock absorbent and impressive slip resistance.

If you go with the Linoleum line, you can get a naturally durable, comfortable, and beautiful floor.

It is made from 94% of (natural) raw materials, resulting in cost effective, super durable, and easy cleaning floor.

This collection can be used in offices, schools, gyms and fitness centers, and so many places.

Artistic Designs and One-of-a-Kind Stone

What makes Tarkett is different from the others is because they have their own selections of unique and unusual designs (embossed type) and you can apply those to any of the available color.

Their laminate stone designs, for instance, imitate the concrete or stone floor instead of imitating the wood grain.

If you go to their Lumin’art collection, you will see unique designs of patterns, flowers, and other beautiful artistic creations.

As if it weren’t enough, they have the so-called Infinite plank with bevels along their length. It creates longer boards illusion as if the planks were directly cut from the tree.

Tarkett’s Floor Health and Environmental Benefits

As one of the top-leading European floor manufacturers in the world, sustainability and environmentally-friendly features are one of their main concerns.

The company prides themselves in implementing and practicing sustainable operations and products.

They have the so-called circular and closed-loop design within the manufacturing process which way beyond all the certifications and promises of American brands.

Aside from using recycled materials as well as striving for reliable certification (for cleaner, healthier, and better indoor air standards), they even dedicate more time and efforts for creating greener and safer products.

They have their own VP for the environment and they try as best as they can in the sustainability project.

The company has their own commitment in making use of resource stewardship, people-friendly reuse and spaces, and good materials.

They mean it by go through eco manufacturing process and eco design. They create flooring products with recyclable and recycled contents.

They also collect old floors for the sake of repurposing transforming them and including them in new flooring production.

Does it seem like it’s too good to be true? Who knows?

But if you check into the company’s official website and you choose any of the product, you will see a pdf document containing materials’ chain of custody.

This is one of the reasons why people entrust their floor to this brand at least that’s what Tarkett laminate review mostly says.

Availability Tarkett Laminate

As one of the top-world leading companies and brands in the world, it won’t be difficult to find Tarkett products in the majority of hardware and big box retailer chains, such as Home Depot and Menard.

Be advised, though, that the collections may not be overly complete. But they are available.

There are more American retailers that can provide more options, including specific styles and colors.

And if you want to enjoy more complete collection, you should be able to purchase the items you want from the company directly. Feel free to visit the official website and enjoy the shopping splurge!

Price and Cost Tarkett Laminate

Because of the exclusive line and the seemingly expensive look, most people think that this product is costly.

But most of them are surprised to find out that the floor is actually very affordable and inexpensive.

If you have to compare them to Mohawk or Armstrong, Tarkett products are basically the same.

If you go to Menard, for instance, you will find that Tarkett is sold between $20 a carton and $60. It isn’t a bargain option, but that’s what you get when you want something exclusive and elegant.

But still, this is a nice price range based on Tarkett laminate review .

Installation Tarkett Laminate

Although laminate floor is claimed as a DIY-friendly floor for homeowners, it may not be the case with Tarkett brand.

According to Tarkett laminate review, many homeowners believe that the floor isn’t exactly easy to snap together.

Unlike other brands that have easier mechanism for the installation, Tarkett is a bit more challenging. It would be helpful if you see some Youtube videos first before you start the project.

And if you think that it would be impossible for you to install the floor on yourself, then it is a great idea to hire a professional service.

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Cleaning and Caring Tarkett Laminate

Laminate floor is relatively easy to clean. You basically only need a regular broom and a damp mop to remove stubborn stain.

However, there are some Tarkett laminate review claiming that film (which is hard to remove) starts developing after quite some times. To prevent this from happening, it would be helpful to use Tarkett own cleaning products.

Yes, the company does their own products for cleaning and caring. And there are also some cleaning videos that can be helpful at least giving you insight of what to do with the cleaning.

The Conclusion Tarkett Laminate Review

Tarkett floor is proven to be reliable, durable, and pretty tough. You can find them in most retailers and you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money like the one you spend for hardwood.

The collections are some of the best things about the brand. There are so many different options to choose you will never run out of options.

Sure, the floor does have its own flaws and downsides. That’s why you need to make a careful decision based on the Tarkett laminate review you have been reading.