Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Review

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tarkett linoleum flooring reviews

When it comes to choose a home flooring from the many types available on the market, search no other but Tarkett linoleum that we are going to open up in our Tarkett linoleum review.

Why must Tarkett linoleum?

If you are looking for a natural and sustainable flooring, Tarkett linoleum can be the considerable choice.

In fact, Terkett linoleum has been existing since 150 years ago, meaning that the flooring proves to have the best quality and is top rated by the consumers.

One of the greatest things about Tarkett linoleum flooring is the fact that it is designed not only for residential but also for commercial applications.

This means that the flooring is good both for homes and for your commercial spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, stores and etc.

In addition to the Tarkett linoleum flooring sustainability, there are more that the manufacturers offers such as durability, beauty and comfort.

However, is Tarkett linoleum flooring competitive enough in its features and strengths as it is promised by the manufacturers?

This time, we comes with the Tarkett linoleum review to help you picture the product including the styles, durability, sustainability, installation, care and maintenance.

Thus, you can determine whether or not it would best meet your needs and fit you home style.

Colors and Styles

Out of the many parts of flooring that a person would like to see, styles are the first factor influencing the final choice. No matter what, appearance is the first point that most people are looking at.

In relation the linoleum flooring styles, Tarkett offers the unique beauty over its styles. There is a wide variety of colors and styles offered by Tarkett linoleum flooring, from muted and neutral to bold and bright. Either for residential or for commercial places, Tarkett linoleum will fit them all.

There are four different flooring collections offered by Tarkett linoleum that makes you easily find which colors and styles you are in need. Those collections are Harmonium XF Lenza, Harmonium XF Etrusco, Lino Acoustic and Harmonium XF Veneto.

Lenza collection is featuring a marble look which makes the floors unique and antique for a commercial place. It has 2.5mm total thickness. Lenza collction also presents 15 different designs.

The next collection is Lino Acoustic line which is featuring a polyurethane foam layer, allowing the floors to reduce the noise when someone is stepping on. This Lino Acoustic collection has 3.8mm thickness within 27 designs available.

Later, Tarkett linoleum review includes the information about the linoleum flooring styles in Etrusco collection. This kind of Tarkett collection is popular for its clean and elegant looks. As one of the popular Tarkett options, Etrusco provides the consumers with the five solid tones along with the 2.5mm total thickness.

The last collection of Tarkett linoleum colors and styles is Veneto which comes with matte finish. Veneto is available in 32 different designs along with 2.5mm total thickness.

Now whatever colors and styles you want to find to match your home interior design, Tarkett linoleum flooring collections has all to offer for everyone, from bold to sleek and even stylish.

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Terkett Linoleum Flooring Durability

The next thing to watch out over a flooring product before being finally purchased is the durability. All people won’t surely invest the flooring unless the flooring is highly durable.

In this regards, Tarkett linoleum is one of the linoleum options that is extremely durable. True to this durability, Tarkett linoleum is especially designed for homes of families with pets and children.

Yup, Tarkett linoleum flooring is very much suitable for high-traffic home areas. So never feel too much worry about your flooring showing tear and wear too fast.

However, proper care must be performed well to achieve the high durability. It is due to the reason that damages like scrapes and tears may possibly occur.

Luckily, once you see your Tarkett linoleum flooring get damaged, you can easily repair them without replacing the whole floors.

This is one of the reason why people use Tarkett linoleum over its drawback.

Terkett Linoleum Flooring Sustainability

Later, our Tarkett linoleum review will tell you about the product sustainability. If you are looking for a sustainable flooring option on in the market, you must be happy with Tarkett linoleum that noticeably offers the definite sustainability.

In fact, Tarkett linoleum flooring is not only sustainable but also natural efficient and eco-friendly despite the fact that it was not well-reputable in the past.

Through the innovation and technology usage, Tarkett is developed from years to years, therefore, it proves its sustainability nowadays, making people more and more prefer to opt.

Truly, Tarkett linoleum is constructed of 94% natural raw materials including wood and cork, linseed oil and resins.

Tarkett linoleum flooring also comes with Cradle to Cradle Certified, meaning that this flooring product is safe to use for residential where families including kids and are gathering.

In addition to Tarkett linoleum sustainability, Tarkett linoleum flooring is designed along with the manufacturers’ xf² surface protectant feature to increase the durability and provide you with the easy way of cleaning and maintaining the floors.


Once you make your decision for a purchase of Tarkett linelum flooring, the next thing you need to check out of our Tarkett linoleum review is the installation technique and recommendation.

A big question is; where can you install this flooring?

Basically, Tarkett linoleum flooring are especially designed for application in many high-traffic home areas.

For example, for residential use, you can install this linoleum flooring in the kitchens and entryways.

For commercial places, you can definitely install it on your stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops and many other commercial place you may have.

Keep in mind that only professional installers can install this linoleum flooring.

Though most manufacturers provide you with the detailed instructions, tip sheets and technical tutorial videos, you can’t expect to be the DIYer for your Tarkett linoleum flooring installation.

It is due to the reason that this flooring type must be properly installed to avoid the possible damaged occurred during the installation process.

Hence, Tarkett linoleum floors is not available in DIY options since hiring the professional installers is much more recommended to ensure the durability of the floors so that the floors has the longer lifespan.

So don’t take it for granted. You may cost a lot to hire the installer, but having such wonderful and durable floor won’t disappoint you.

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Care and Maintenance

Never feel worry too much about the Tarkett linoleum flooring care and maintenance.

As one of the widely used flooring option, Tarkett linoleum is not too hard to clean and maintain. It comes with the tips share by the manufacturers to let you keep the floors look best and new.

This way, the manufacturers recommend that you perform the daily cleaning based on how high the foot traffic stepping on the floors.

For daily cleaning which is also categorize as regular maintenance, sweeping and vacuuming are the best easy ways to remove the dust and dirt so that you can keep the floors not only clean but also shiny along the day.

Meanwhile, if you find an amount of dirt which seems difficult to remove, you can also opt to damp mopping to get the floors deeply clean.

One thing to remember about the care and maintenance of Tarkett is that you are strongly recommended to use neutral cleaning solution suggested by the manufacturers.

Avoid applying solvents, sweeping compounds, disinfectant cleaners and all-purpose cleaners. These all will cause damaged to your Tarkett linoleum flooring.

Alternatively, you can also perform the neutral cleaning solution that soaks up to 15 minutes using a single-rotary machine.

All in all, sweeping and vacuuming are the two basic ways of cleaning and maintaining the floors in a regular basis. For difficult dust and dirt, dam mopping is alright but please use only the cleaner suggested by the manufacturers.

One more thing to remember that though you are juts new to Tarkett linoleum flooring that you may not know how to care and maintain the floors, you can just refer to the instruction and guidance provided by the manufacturers.

Do care and maintenance as professionally as you can to achieve the higher durability and lifespan of the Tarkett linoleum flooring.

When you are mopping the floors, it is much recommended that you use nylon or rayon mop. Auto scrubber is also much recommended to clean the floor immediately so that you can create the new look over the floors every single day.

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Final Words Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Review

Overall, our Tarkett linoleum review clearly states that the flooring product is very much sustainable. It is also stylish to fit your home interior designs.

You can’t go wrong with this flooring product since it is also constructed with all natural materials, making it eco-friendly.

For your commercial spaces, Tarkett linoleum flooring product is pretty easy to clean and maintain. One greater thing is the fact that this flooring product is highly designed to suit high-traffic areas.

So you don’t have to worry about using it for your commercial places.

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