Teragren Bamboo Flooring Review

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teragren bamboo flooring

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Review – Bamboo is not just for pandas, plat-eating bear, and the quintessential. Now, it is often found as a flooring material. Bamboo flooring does not only provide comfort but also offers low maintenance.

That is why it is a good idea to install bamboo flooring in your home. Teragren bamboo is one of the most recommended brands available. It comes in various styles. Anyway, this bamboo flooring will be sturdy and long lasting.

The Benefits of Teragren Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is very popular around the world especially in the United States. In fact, it has many benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the eco-friendliness. So, it can be a good alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.

As we know, bamboo is the quickest growing plant around the world. It stretches to three feet in 24 hours only. It takes 5 years only to mature whereas other woods can take 20 years.

Teragren bamboo is a great flooring material that will not cause environmental damage because of the traditional harvesting.

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Reliability

Teragren delivers this high-quality product to meet your needs. Teragren bamboo flooring will be able to expect reliability. So, it will not disappoint and dissatisfy customers.

It is very important to note that the manufacturer does not refund improper installed flooring. They will send technicians to examine the personal installation. Then, they will determine whether the claim is valid or not.

Therefore, make sure that you install it correctly or hire a professional one to get the best result.

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Durability

When it comes to the durability, we all know that this bamboo flooring is a hardy material. So, it is very strong. We can see from many users’ reviews that this bamboo flooring is resistant to scratches, scuffs, & other unsightly marks that are caused by daily wear & tear. So, this flooring can be a good option for you who have kids and pets.

Talking about the durability, it can be different from one to another. It depends on the style you choose. For example, you choose a Teragren bamboo that comes with a top layer of laminate.

Of course, the laminate protects it from potential damages. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not foolproof. For the optimum durability, bamboo flooring should not be used in a high-traffic area.

If you have pets and kids, you must care for it better to avoid scratches and other damages.

On the contrary, there is a carbonized bamboo that is typically weaker. Carbonization will change the internal structure. The process of carbonization also changes the color from natural light to darker.

The fact that carbonization process weakens the bamboo makes it easier to get damaged. However, it will look more stunning.

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Compared to other flooring materials, bamboo has more installation rules. The boards & tiles should be left to acclimatize for three to seven days to prevent shrinking or expansion. Besides that, the material requires extra steps to install it.

Of course, you must have more considerations. For your information, bamboo flooring cannot be glued with latex or water-based adhesives as their excessive moisture can cause warping.

As we know, bamboo is hardier compared to other wood products. So, it will require thicker nails & stronger nail gun. Alternatively, you can consider Teragren bamboo flooring that interlock with one another.

This option will create a cleaner, smoother floor. This floating installation method requires a special material underneath in order to manage the heat.

Last but not least, the levels of humanity and moisture are very crucial. It is important to check the room environment before installing it. You may also need to research sea level as well as general climate.

However, it is long lasting. You have to decide what you want to do for a long-term flooring solution. Anyway, Teragren bamboo flooring will be appropriate for your home design as long as you do not live in the area with high-humidity level.


Purchasing Teragren bamboo flooring costs from 6 to 8 dollars per square foot. You can purchase it from a local retailer in your area or via online. It seems more expensive than other bamboo flooring brands. However, it is worth it because it offers the better look & durability.

If you are interested in Teragren bamboo flooring, you can consider registering for “lifetime structural residential warranties” as well as a 25-year floor warranty. The first warranty protects when something wrong with the bamboo structure whereas the second one guarantees the floor that last less than 25 years.

In addition, you can enjoy 5 & 10-year commercial warranties offered. However, you should not worry if you install it for home. If you run a grocery store, bakery, or restaurant, it will be too risky to install this bamboo flooring.


There are many styles of Teragren bamboo flooring review available in the market. You may want to choose Teragren bamboo with natural color but there are other options with the natural hardwood colors like chestnut. Each of them features a 7-coat finish that is very useful to shine and prevent damages.

Teragren bamboo flooring is made of real wood, titles, & boards with many variations so that they look unique. Since it is not uniform, the floor will look more natural compared to wholly synthetic flooring like laminate. Mostly, this product comes with micro-beveled edges & ends to create a smooth finish.

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The Final Verdict

In conclusion, Teragren bamboo flooring review is available in various products. This bamboo flooring is very good to meet every homeowner’s needs.

Anyway, if you are searching for a reliable bamboo flooring product that is budget-friendly, Teragren bamboo flooring can be a perfect choice for you.

Even more, the fact that it is environment-friendly flooring makes it more impressive. In addition, it does not matter if the climate changes during the season. Now, the choice is yours whether you decide to purchase and install it in your home or not.

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