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Tesoro LuxWood Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Tesoro LuxWood Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

For homeowners who can’t afford hardwood, they have Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank as the alternative option. Flooring industry can be complicated and confusing.

There are so many different flooring types out there, and yet, those flooring types aren’t for everyone. There are some specific floors for certain settings.

Hardwood flooring may not be for everyone, but the same also applies for vinyl flooring.

About Tesoro LuxWood Floor

Today’s luxury vinyl floor is coming with advanced technologies and sophisticated innovations.

Not to mention that the floor has the combined positive features of both vinyl and hardwood flooring.

It has the beautiful and gorgeous natural appearance, and yet, it is resistant to water and it is easy to maintain.

The floor is affordable and inexpensive, and it is also affordable. You should be able to improve the look of your house without having to hurt your financial.

In the past, vinyl flooring had been known to be quite resistant to water or moisture although the feature wasn’t very good.

But modern technology has brought new improvements and developments to almost everything, including the flooring industry.

Now, vinyl flooring has better moisture resistant quality, and more benefits are offered by the modern Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank.

But how is the quality of the floor itself?

Is it as great as claimed?

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Affordable Tag Price

Every homeowner knows that hardwood floor is one of the priciest materials in the flooring industry.

Solid hardwood may cost you from $8 a square foot to $14 a square foot. And that’s the price for standard or regular types. If you choose designers’ types, then you may even have to spend more than $20 a square foot.

Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank may look like hardwood floor, but the floor is basically an engineered (vinyl) composite floor.

It isn’t actually wood, but it is a non-organic floor with visual appearance of hardwood.

Because of it, the price tag is somewhat more affordable. For this brand, expect to spend around $4 a square foot, which can save you a lot of money for your home improvement project.

Don’t forget, though, that this price tag is only for the material only. You still need to consider installation cost, extra supplies, the possibility of hiring a professional installer, the tools, and such thing alike.

Of course, if you want to save more, you need to consider the possibility of installing the floor on yourself.

But in general, the vinyl floor from this brand is super affordable. It is a budget-friendly floor for all homeowners.

Durability and Strength

When compared to bamboo or hardwood, Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank is quite durable.

Yes, it is quite affordable and inexpensive, but it doesn’t seem to compromise the quality of the floor itself.

One thing that makes this floor excels more than hardwood is the fact that it is waterproof absolutely 100%.

Most homeowners know that moisture and water are two major elements that are bad for hardwood. But that’s not the case with this vinyl floor.

It is designed and constructed from Stone Core Technology to make sure that floor won’t warp, buckle, or stain even when exposed to moisture.

Because of these features, the floor is perfect for direct installation in places where the moisture level is high, such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens.

You won’t be able to install hardwood in those areas, but you should have no problem installing Tesoro in those places and you don’t even worry about anything!

Despite the fact that the floor can last for many years with proper maintenance and care, it will be damaged and wear out as time goes by.

Let’s not forget that this floor is prone to scratches and dents. Pets, active kids, and heavy objects (including furniture) will leave scuff marks on the surface.

It is also possible that dirt or small debris from outside or from the shoes will be taken back to indoor and cause those scratches.

There are ways to deal with it. First of all, you can trim the pets. It is also wise to use furniture pads or coasters so they won’t scratch the floor.

It is also a good idea to rotate and move around the furniture to prevent the dents. When you have to move them, use boards or plywood whenever you have to drag them.

Taking your shoes off is also important. Place mats on entryways and doors so clean your feet before entering the house.

Another flaw about this floor is that you can’t refinish it. Hardwood floor can last up to 100 years because homeowners may refinish it again and again all through the years.

You can’t expect such a thing with vinyl floor. And it is a sure thing that you can’t expect Tesoro vinyl plank to have such a benefit. Once the floor is damaged or worn, it needs replacing right away.

Tesoro are confident that their products are super reliable. That’s why they have warranties to back the products up.

There is a lifetime (limited) warranty for residential function. There is also 15-year warranty covering up light commercial applications.

Although the company offers warranty for the wear-through usage (for the finish layer), they don’t cover indentations, scratches, cuts, or scuffs

Proper Installation Areas

Hardwood has its own limitation for the areas where they can be installed. Areas that are sensitive to high level of humidity are a no-no for hardwood flooring it will be easily damaged because of the moisture.

As it was mentioned before, it’s not advisable to install the floor in kitchens, bathrooms, basements or laundry rooms.

Such restrictions, however, don’t apply to Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank. Feel free to install it in any area in your house, from the living room and foyer to basements and even the bathrooms.

This floor can also be installed in residential setting or light commercial areas.

This floor can’t be installed in industrial areas or heavy commercial settings. And make sure that you only install it indoor within a climate-controlled surrounding and environment.

Keep in mind that moisture build-up can lead to mildew and mold growth. When they grow in your floor, then problems will start to appear. This is why you should clean up any splashes and spills immediately.

Don’t allow water to pool or sit too long or you will have issues with the floor.

DIY Installation

Certain types of floors require professional installation which will add up your expenses. It’s a good thing that you should be able to arrange a DIY project with Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank.

Thanks to the Uniclic technology and floating floor mechanism, you should be able to install the floor on your own.

There is no need to acclimate it either. Once it is installed, it is ready to go. Another cool thing about the floor is that you can install it on top of your already existing floor.

No need to tear out or remove the old flooring just to have the new one.

The company provides installation instruction and guide right on their official website, including the proper way to prep the subfloor and install the floor correctly.

There is even guide for on-stairs and bathrooms installation. If the written instructions still confuse you, they also have the video so you have the idea on how to manage it.

It is crucial, though, that you dedicate time and efforts for proper installation. This is a project that shouldn’t be rushed.

You need a lot of time and patience to make sure that all the planks are laid down properly and to have perfect finish.

Tesoro LuxWood Vinyl Plank Cleaning and Maintenance

You won’t need costly polishes, waxes, or even fancy cleaning equipment to clean the floor.

Simply use a regular broom to remove the debris, dust, and dirt. A hard floor vacuum is okay as long as you don’t use the beater bar.

What if you want to perform deeper and heavier cleaning?

Just use a damp mop with mild cleaner containing no wax or harsh chemical contents. Make sure not to saturate, flood, or soak the floor.

Tesoro LuxWood Vinyl Plank Designs and Styles

Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank comes with wide arrays of collections and options.

For a starter, they have 30 colors, including Winter Grey, Walnut Espresso, Antique Chestnut, Hunter Brown, and Cool White.

You will never get bored with the various color options offered by this brand.

Unfortunately, this brand only offers one style which is the Contemporary Wood look collection.

The collection itself is quite perfect for most home settings and decors, but then again, different homeowners have different preferences.

Some of them may like rustic vibe, while some prefer more modern and contemporary look.

This can be a problem for those types of homeowners when using Tesoro LuxWood products.

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Final Words Tesoro LuxWood Vinyl Plank

In the end, this vinyl plank from this brand does have some winning qualities and features.

The great durability and the solid durability are some of the things to like about the floor.

Cleaning and maintenance are also great not to mention that it is also DIY-friendly. But then again, the floor may not have long lifespan.

The limited style is also another downside about this brand. These may be a deal-breaker for some homeowners.

That’s why you should have a look at Tesoro LuxWood vinyl plank and make sure that it is the right floor for you.