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Tesoro Woods Bamboo Flooring

Tesoro Woods Bamboo Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Tesoro Woods Bamboo Flooring Review – Today, bamboo flooring is very popular because it provides a classic beauty like hardwood. From many kinds of options available, Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring is one of the best brands to choose.

It offers sustainable flooring with low-VOC finishes & glues so that it has a low impact on indoor air quality. Besides, this product is also stunning and last long.

In this article, we will discuss it further. So, this can be the reference to decide to buy this bamboo flooring. We will focus on discussing its durability, installation, costs, maintenance & styles.

Tesoro Woods Bamboo Flooring Durability

As a high-quality residential flooring product, Tesoro Woods’s bamboo flooring meets the highest health & sustainability standards. So, is it appropriate for you who have children and pets?

Many problems of hardwood flooring also happen to Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring. For example, it can be stretched by pet claws, furniture legs, and high heels.

Bamboo is more water-resistant but we cannot install it in a room with high level of humidity or moisture as this can cause the floor to wrap. Even more, this can lean to the mold growth.

If you care and maintain it properly, you can keep your floor lasting longer. Averagely, it lasts 20 – 25 years. If you maintain it properly, it can last up to 50 years. To get the best choice, you should look for Tesoro Woods’s bamboo flooring that comes with a warranty on the UV-urethane finished products.

This is covered by a limited warranty for 27 years. For the flooring with a light commercial finish, it is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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How to Install Tesoro Woods Bamboo Flooring Yourself

People usually pay a professional installer for a bamboo flooring project. However, you can save a lot of money by performing DIY Tesoro Woods’s bamboo flooring.

In fact, this is easy to install yourself. If you have never performed this project before, you can see and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can glue down the bamboo flooring or install it as a floating floor without adhesives.

In this case, we do not recommend nail-down installation methods. In addition, you should beaver install it in a below-grade room like a basement.

With detailed step by step installation guides, you can install your own Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring easily. The step by step includes installing a vapor barrier where you have to let the wood acclimate for 48 hours and prep the subfloor.

The manufacturer also provides a list of tools & supplies as well as detailed instructions for floating floor or glue-down installation.

You have to keep in mind that you have to follow some steps well. For the tools, you can consider renting or buying. If you really cannot do it or do not have time to install it yourself, hiring a professional installer can be your second choice.

How Much Money Do You Spend for Tesoro Woods Bamboo Flooring?

It is important to know how much money you need to spend for this kind of flooring. Since it is an affordable flooring project, the price depends on some factors including where you purchase it, where you live in, and the style you select. Averagely, Tesoro Woods’s bamboo flooring costs 5 o 7 dollars per square foot.

Compared to other brands, it may be a bit higher. However, you will not be disappointed with the result. Even though it is expensive enough, Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring has some advantages.

One of them is that it is low-VOC in its glues & finishes. Besides that, it is also eco-friendly and sustainable. If you want to make a cleaner and greener home, this flooring will be excellent for you.

How to Clean and Maintain

Usually, it takes a few hours to clean & maintain floors. Fortunately, Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring review is easy to clean and maintain. You just need to follow the care & maintenance guides provided by the manufacturer. It is important to know how to prevent scratches.

For example, you may need to remove shoes, work boots, and high heels. To prevent pet claws, you can use mats and rugs. Using furniture legs and floor protector can also be considered.

Your flooring should be protected from direct sunlight and intense artificial light because they can cause discoloration of the bamboo. With a vacuum or sweeping, you can keep your Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring clean.

If you find dirt’s, you can clean them up with floor cleaners such as Woca, Monocoat, Rubo, Bona, etc. If you find any spills, you must clean them up immediately to prevent discoloration and warping. Keep in mind that soaking your floor is not allowed.

However, it is fine if you use a damp tile mop. To hide small scratches, you can use a stain pen or stick scratch remover. If it shows excessive wear, you can opt for recoating it to restore the beauty.

Tesoro Woods Bamboo Colors

Tesoro Woods’s bamboo flooring is available in some colors. You have to choose one that matches your home decor. You can find bamboo that comes in very light frost and dark & dramatic umber. If you want more traditional colors, this bamboo is also available in caramel and natural colors.

We think there will not be a problem to choose the color because all of them will fit any home. If you are still not sure, there are also samples you can buy. Each sample only costs 50 cents. If there is a local Tesoro Woods dealer in your area, you can directly obtain samples there.

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In conclusion, Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring review becomes a perfect choice for you who are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly flooring. Since it is low-VOC, this flooring will not bring bad effects to health. It is also durable and easy to maintain. 

However, you need to invest more money to purchase this flooring. Just feel free to choose your desired color that matches your home.