Tesoro Woods Engineered Hardwood Flooring Review

Dylan Johnson

tesoro woods engineered hardwood flooring reviews

To update your home floor, there are many options to choose. Make sure that your floor is beautiful yet eco-friendly & sustainable. When it comes to hardwood flooring, Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood flooring is one of the best options.

This brand provides recycled & reclaimed flooring products that come with eco-friendly adhesives as well as low-VOC finishes. All the products meet environmental & health standards so that your home will look elegant.

In this article, we will discuss it further focusing on the price, durability, installation, maintenance, and styles of Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood flooring.

So, you can decide whether it is right to invest this hardwood floor.

Tesoro Woods Engineered Hardwood Floor Pricing

The first consideration when purchasing new floor is the cost. If you are looking for hardwood floor with a competitive price tag, Tesoro Woods is a brand you should choose. The average prices range from 7 to 10 dollars per square foot.

It depends on some factors such as where you buy it and the quality of flooring. These prices exclude the installation.

In fact, installation requires some tools & supplies. Even more, you will need to pay more if you consider hiring a professional installer.

Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood is not the cheapest flooring. However, you have to consider the durability & beauty. Usually, cheaper floors will have lower initial costs because they are not durable enough.

Here, Tesoro Woods offers sustainable and eco-friendly products that will not satisfy you all.

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Tesoro Woods Engineered Hardwood Flooring Durability

As we know, hardwood floor is typically more expensive compared to other kinds of floors. However, hardwood floor is more durable.

If you can care & maintain it properly, it will last a lifetime. Tesoro Woods offers various warranties for their products.

The first is a lifetime structural warranty. Besides that, there is also a finish warranty for 27 years, only for UV urethane finished products.

One more, there is also a warranty on products that come with a light commercial finish for 5 years.

You have to keep in mind that the warranties will not cover damage that happen from improper installation, misuse, accidents, and exposure to moisture.

With its high quality, Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood really looks beautiful. However, there are a few precautions you have to know.

You also need to know that scratches can happen over time. Actually, scratches can be prevented with many ways.

For example, you can use furniture coasters and leg protectors. Besides that, you may also need to clean the floor everyday to prevent grit and sand from scratching the floor.

In addition, denting can also happen under heavy furniture and appliances. In this case, furniture coasters will be useful. Alternatively, rearranging furniture can also prevent denting. It is important that you never expose this engineered hardwood floor to moisture.

Therefore, you should not install your floor in moist and humid rooms such as basement, bathrooms, and below-grade rooms.

You are also not allowed to use a wet mop. You need to know that moisture may cause this floor to warp, buckle, and become stained.

Tesoro Woods Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation

To save money, people usually consider going to DIY flooring installation. Professional installers will charge a lot.

However, is it possible to install Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood floor yourself. If you do so, of course you will save a lot of money.

Tesoro Woods designs their products to be easy to install. The company provides installation guides on their official web. There, you can see the tips what o do like a professional without emptying the wallet.

However, it still requires time, skills, & patience so that the floor can be installed properly. If the floor is not correctly installed, damage can happen and it will not be covered by the warranty.

Some right tools & supplies are also required. You will need to have some tools such as a power saw, tapping block, rubber mallet, and scraper.

There are some ways to install this engineered hardwood floor. Besides a nail-down floor, you can also consider a glue-down floor and a floating floor.

Anyway, there are some steps to follow. First of all, you have to acclimate the floor to the area where you want to install it.

After that, you need to prepare subfloors. Then, what you should do is to measure the space. Next, you are required to map out the plan.

Of course, it will take time. However, the company provides detailed step by step so that you can install Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood flooring yourself. If you are not sure that you can install it yourself, hiring a professional can be your best option.

Tesoro Woods Engineered Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Maintenance is very important for your floor. If you maintain your floor properly, it will not only look beautiful but it will also last a lifetime.

The good news is that you can maintain Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood flooring easily. Even more, the company also provides complete guidelines.

For example, the company asks you not to wear high-heeled shoes on your floor. Besides that, you are also required to use protective mats in order to keep moisture, dirt, and sand at bay. In addition, it is also a good idea to use floor protectors so that scratches can be prevented.

There are some cleaning & maintenance products recommended by the company such as Woca, Rubio Monocoat, and Bona.

For daily cleaning, you can use a dust mop or broom. If you want to use a hardwood vacuum cleaner, make sure that it does not come with a beater bar.

Styles and Colors

Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood floor is available in different styles and colors. So, you have to find and choose one that fits your home.

When it comes to the styles, you can find many options from traditional to modern styles such as Great Northern Woods, Coastal Lowlands, and Coastal Inlet. In relation to the colors, this hardwood floor is available in natural walnut, red oak, maple sand, and white oak.

Its color varies depending on your screen settings. Therefore, you can get an idea of the flooring style and color easily. You can order samples before purchasing the hardwood floor. From the manufacturer, the samples cost 50 cents each.

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Final Verdict

Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood flooring comes with so many advantages. Besides eco-friendly, it also looks beautiful.

So, if you want to add classic beauty to your home interior, this can be a good option. The durability makes it last a lifetime.

Even though this hardwood floor is easy to maintain, you will need to use special products in some cases.

So, you have to be careful in cleaning the floor. For the options, Tesoro Woods offers various styles and colors. You can choose one that suits your own home.

Tesoro Woods engineered hardwood is not the cheapest flooring but the quality and sustainability are really worth it. To save your money, you can consider DIY installation by following the detailed guides provided by the manufacturer.

However, if you are not sure, it will be simpler to hire a professional to install your new engineered hardwood floor.

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