Tongue and Groove Decking Reviews for More Interesting Boards

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Tongue and Groove Decking Reviews

It is such a great luck to find the tongue and groove decking reviews when homeowners are trying to find more interesting options of boards. This review will presents all the things about the tongue and groove decking used commonly for porches and decking.

Basically, this decking type is made of traditional wood or composite boards. Tongue and Groove decking is also popularly called as T&G decking.

To tell you what the decking offers, here we have included the sections of content which consists of the explanation of tongue and groove decking, the types of tongue and groove decking, the best decking and porch boards, the wooden tongue and groove deck boards, the composite tongue and groove boards and the conclusion.

We’ll also add the frequently asked questions to enrich you with the other related information.

Now let’s have a look at each sections of tongue and groove decking reviews as follows:

The Explanation of Tongue and Groove Decking

For centuries, flooring and cabinetry have been using the process of joining two objects together through the tongue and groove technique.

While there are some different techniques applied to this approach, tongue and groove refers to any boards along with a groove at one edge and a ridge on the other edge.

This let the boards lock together like a puzzle piece to form a flat surface. The tongue and groove boards design is much ideal to fit many kinds of applications which are popular in the flooring industry.

This way, the boards can be used not only for decking but also for the covered porches and small outdoor backyards.

Sadly, lots of manufacturers claim decking as tongue and groove when it comes for the decking to gear towards the hidden fastener systems.

In this case, tongue and groove boards are popularly used for exterior siding and interior walls and porches.

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Types of Tongue and Groove Decking

It can be difficult to locate the boards if you are searching for the full-sizes deck boards. The materials are also limited. There are only two options you can choose that are the natural wood and composite decking.

Tongue and groove deck boards which are constructed from natural wood are relatively easy to track down either in local store and online.

However, it doesn’t mean that finding the size you desire along with the acceptable shipping rate will be easy. There are some wood species available to choose from but only Cedar and Pine become the two popular options among the others.

Dozens of companies keep producing composite boards along with a tongue and groove profile as their specialization. A few of them use synthetic tongue and groove decking that would be well worth your time.

The Best Tongue and Groove Decking and Porch Boards

Later on this tongue and groove decking reviews, we are about to explain the best tongue and groove decking as well as the best porch boards.

This way, there are more boards geared towards the porches and walls than the decks. The list includes all of the suitable options locally and online.

However, sometimes it is also necessary to check with a contractor and your local building codes before picking up some of these materials for a bigger outdoor deck.

Wooden Tongue and Groove Deck Boards

Are you interested in using the wooden tongue and groove deck boards?

If so, it is highly recommended to purchase them in the local stores due to the most affordable price offered.

Be aware of the shipping costs and the built-in charges required by online deck dealers. If the products are not specially ordered, such cost and charges must be taken into account.

Tongue and groove porch decking is usually available online through Advantage Lumber. This way, they comes with the unparalleled selection, free samples and shipping availability to any state in the continental United State.

Of course, there is a reasonable rate. At present, the companies carry Cypress, Massaranduba, Garapa, Itauba, Tigerwood and Cumaru as well as IPE.

These species are all available for sale through Advantage Lumber along with a tongue and groove profile. However, they are only available in porch board sizes.

The sizes provided ranging from 1” x 4” to 5/4” 6” depending on the species. These sizes also include the popular +Plus sizes, too. If you are shipping on orders, you will be charged over $2,500.

Based on the research finding and our tongue and groove decking reviews, the local store is the best place to purchase tongue and groove decking. Lowes, Home Depot or 84 Lumber are considered the stores that sell the product.

However, you cannot purchase the boards online at 84 Lumber. Just come and visit the stores so you will see a wide range of timber for decking projects. Menards can be a good alternative to get the cheapest decking if there is one located near your area.

Menards don’t offer an online ship.  The boards will be shipped to the store including the series of tongue and groove decking from Meadow Valley.

This way, you have options to choose Spruce or Cedar in two standard sizes at 2” x 6” or 2” x 8” boards. Spruce comes with the boards sized in 8” and 12” while Cedar comes with the boards sized in 12” only.

Menards have also a treated Pine porch flooring in a 1’ x 4’ x 8 along with a tongue and groove profile and it is available to ship across the United States.

Lowes and Home Depot have a limited selection online but more in their local stores. The research found that Lowes is a better place to buy the boards depending on the wood type you are searching for.

Lowes have also a style of tongue and groove decking sized in 1” x 6” x 8 boards which can be purchased either online or locally.

If you are looking for pressure-treated decking, the company highly recommends YellaWood. This way, the company is offering a collection of tongue and grooved profiled boards called YellaWood KDAT porch flooring.

In this case, there are three different sizes available along with the five lengths and five different grades. This option is not sold directly. Instead, you can find them through the local building stores and home centers as well as at the smaller hardware stores like ACE.

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Composite Tongue and Groove Boards

Now our tongue and groove decking reviews would talk about the composite tongue and groove boards.

Though you might be one of the big fans of traditional wood decking, most homeowners feels interested in using composite decks due to their easy maintenance and weather resilience.

In this case, composite decking has been one of the most popular types of decking manufactured by nearly dozens of companies. However, only a few companies that keep manufacturing boards with tongue and groove profile.

In this regards, Timber Tech is the most well-known brand manufacturing tongue and groove composite boards. They offers a few collection of porch flooring featuring fully capped composite boards designed in monochromatic and multi-tonal colors.

The monochromatic boards offer more affordable price along with the three different colors. However, Cathedral grain is the only finishing provided by the manufacturer.

The company’s multi-tonal boards include Coastline and Weathered Teak. These are far more realistic and designed in multiple widths. There are two new finishing techniques supporting the Straight-Grain or Wire-Brushed textured finishes.

The porch collection from Timber Tech offers a fairly reasonable price and a top-tier warranty rated for 50-years on stains and fading as well as a lifetime limited warranty on structure.

Decorators is just another best brand recommended at length based on their solid collection of composite decking. This brand also produces boards with tongue and groove profile.

The recent boards are produced in 3 1/8” x 7/8” and in 10’, 12’ or 16’ length. These boards are capped but they have only three limited hues. In general, Decorators’ porch boards stand out on the ground or water. Further, they offer a 25-year guarantee.

LumberRock might not be as popular as other brands. However, they are one of the companies that manufacture the tongue and groove profile of boards compared to the thinner porch boards.


Conclusively, tongue and groove refers to a profile of boards. And, the companies mentioned in our tongue and groove decking reviews are just a few samples which are considered the best.

You can consider purchasing boards from the companies if you really intend to think out of the box with your design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is tongue and groove decking available for budget-friendly options?

Yes, it offers the most affordable price especially if you purchase the boards at the local stores.

Can I maintain the tongue and groove decking through regular maintenance only?

Yes, because the boards are designed with the easy maintenance. Regular maintenance is good to keep the boards clean and look new.

What things should I keep in mind if I live outside the US but I am eager to buy the products?

Consider the shipping availability and the reasonable rate.

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