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Tov Furniture Reviews

Tov Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Are you trying to find modern furniture and getting bored with the existing furniture? Want to try something sophisticated and chic? Let’s look at this Tov Furniture reviews, a furniture manufacturer that provides all kinds of furniture with a modern and futuristic style. Maybe you can find the furniture just like your style.

Besides Craftmaster, Tov is one of the manufacturers producing furniture with many variant products. They are living room & dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, home office furnished, decor & mirrors, lighting and so many others. Let’s take a look.

Product and Price Range

Here is the list of some furniture from Tov that maybe can be one of your choices.

ProductPrice Range
Sofas$575 – $2745
Accents$169 – $950
Occasional Tables$69 – $999
Benches$39.99 – $699
Sectionals$499 – $4395
Settees$599 – $1099
Dining Chairs$169 – $658
Dining Tables$599 – $1499
Stools$179 – $499
Buffets$569 – $1599
Beds$699 – $1899
Nightstands$219 – $499
Chests Dressers$599 – $1499
Mattresses$269 – $699

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Tov Furniture Pros and Cons

The furnished products from Tov Furniture have pros and cons. What is that? Let’s check it out.


Here are some pros of Tov furniture :

  • Tov products are available in various unique, futuristic and modern models.
  • Available in a wide selection of attractive and cheerful colors, ready to liven up the atmosphere of a room.
  • The leg chair and table material is brass, acacia wood, iron or stainless steel. This material is sturdy to bear the weight. 
  • The top of the table is made from any material such as acacia wood, MDF (middle-density fiber) board and marble. 
  • The dining chair has two parts, namely upholstery and legs. The material of upholstery is velvet with fiber-wrapped foam material inside. At the same time, the legs are made from brass, pine-plywood, wood and stainless steel.
  • The fill foam has a high density to create supreme comfort for customers.
  • The upholstery is so lavish in multiple color options.


Here are some cons reviews of Tov furniture :

  • The customer service is lousy. There is no response to customer complaints.
  • The Tov Company sends the package without confirmation, so customers are disappointed.

Tov Furniture Durability

Tov Furniture Durability
Tov Furniture Durability

Some materials are velvet, especially for upholstery for dining chairs. This material is stain resistant, so it is easy to clean. And the material on the table tops is made of marble and wood.

Meanwhile, the materials for the legs of the chairs and tables are load-resistant and sturdy.

Tov Furniture Warranty

These are the warranty policy you may need to know:

  • All products and their parts have a one-year warranty starting from the date of delivery time.
  • The exceptional conditions that Tov disagrees with the claim guarantee are the usage of commercial, contract, rental trade or any other non-residential purpose, damaged product because of improper assembly and normal wear and tear.
  • Your warranty claim will be considered if you only have evidence such as photos, purchase order number, manufacturer’s unit code and other necessary information.
  • Tov will not replace the product that a non-authorized dealer or seller modifies.
  • If an unrecommended treatment by Tov causes the damaged product, your claim will be rejected.

Tov Furniture Delivery

There are 3 option delivery service that Tov provides :

  • Basic Shipping. It is free for all purchases over $ 199. Your package is delivered to your front door without carrying it inside the room.
  • In-Room Shipping. You will be charged $69. This option includes two men helping to carry the huge or heavy package into your room. 
  • For In Room + Assembly Shipping, you must pay $149 for this upgrade shipping method. This option includes two persons that will help you assemble your order.

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Tov Furniture Return Policy

Here is the list of the return policy that you must know :

  • You can return your order if you change your mind for any reason. But make sure that your package is still fully wrapped in new and good conditions.
  • Tov will pay the refund after deducting the return shipping fee.
  • You can claim to return the product within 30 days from the date of delivery time.

Final Words

Tov has improved technology and design to create high-quality and beautiful products. This Tov Furniture reviews say with the low price, you can get the product with full features. The product is so luxurious to fill your room and make everyone interested in seeing it.