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Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Reviews

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Reviews for Your Home Improvement

by Dylan Johnson

It is just a great idea to start beautifying your homes from the flooring element, no matter you are in your starting design or home improvement. Make sure this Trafficmaster laminate flooring reviews is placed at the first list of consideration.

Due to the fact that Trafficmaster is one of the most affordable brands of laminate flooring, it is now much recommended either for a new-built home or for home improvement.

Perhaps, you find your budget is not enough to afford the expected tile or hard floor. Perhaps you find your old flooring begin to wear out and fade in color so that it is no longer good to look at.

So it is just the time to think of installing a new flooring from Trafficmaster.

In fact, Trafficmaster laminate flooring is listed among the most durable flooring on modern market, meaning that it has been existing and increasing from years to years.

You want it now, you’ll get it soon. Simply to understand, Trafficmaster is quite competitive among its competitors.

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Ideas
Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Ideas

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Ideas

Apart from the idea of using the Trafficmaster laminate flooring, Trafficmaster is a brand which is firstly manufactured by Shaw Indutries.

Trafficmaster products include the floating laminate which means it needs no glue for the installation.

In relation to the Trafficmaster laminate flooring ideas, we come with the three best ideas you can consider choosing out of the Trafficmaster options.

Those are trafficmaster glue-less laminate flooring, discontinued Trafficmaster laminate flooring and Traffic Lakeshore pecan 7mm laminate flooring.

For more detailed information, have a look at the following sections:

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Trafficmster Glue-Less

The first idea you can pick up from Trafficmaster is the glue-less laminate flooring. The Trafficmaster Glue-less laminate flooring is a kind of laminate flooring at which the installation process need no glue. It is due to the fact that the planks laminate has already glue attached on its layer.

All you need to do is just snapping the planks laminate to the subfloor and all is complete. To strengthen the laminate flooring, you can use the hand roller.

However, one thing to remember about installing the glue-less laminate flooring is to make sure that the subfloor is clean and clean from any dirt. Once you install the laminate, you cannot remove it for improvement.

Glue-less laminate flooring is considered the easiest laminate types to install especially for beginner.

However, the instructions must be followed well to get the highly durable laminate flooring. Noticeably, the proper installation will make the floors lasts even for 20 years.

Trafficmster Glue Less Laminate Flooring
Trafficmster Glue Less Laminate Flooring

Discontinued Trafficmaster

Trafficmaster laminate flooring is the budget flooring produced by Shaw Industries, meaning that it comes in a very inexpensive price to suit people who want to be beautify their homes easily.

Trafficmaster is basically designed for residential and commercial use. Hence, it is provided with the 25 year limited warranty along with the features of stain, scratch, and fade resistant to support the durability.

In relation to how to obtain the suitable laminate flooring, you can surely find your discontinued Trafficmaster laminate flooring easily on online stores.

It is just easy to find your desired laminate flooring especially on stores such as Home Depot which especially sells the Trafficlaminate products.

Traffic Lakeshore Pecan 7mm

Other variant of Trafficmaster laminate flooring you can have a look to consider purchasing is the Traffic Lakeshore 7mm laminate flooring which offers the unquestionable long lasting durability.

It is due to the fact that this laminate has 7mm thickness and 50-5/8 inch width, making it suitable not only for residential use which means for your personal home but also for commercial use which means for renting houses.

Traffic lakeshore 7mm pecan laminate flooring looks very much natural yet stunning to suit either the traditional home design or the modern interior ones. This flooring is just a great asset for your business places, too.

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Reviews

Being populae with its much affordable brand, Trafficmaster has absolutely patented features to allow the homeowners easily obtain the laminate, install it and take care of it.

Easy installation is the first patented features that most people are looking for out of laminate flooring.

Since Traficmaster products are mostly the floating laminate, it is unquestionable that the laminate is pretty easy to install even though for a beginner.

In this regards, there are some steps that can be skipped during the installation process.

Along with the tongue and groove connections, each of the planks click with the other boards and tiles together.

Trafficmaster laminate flooring proves its high durability due to the certification support provided by North American Laminate Flooring Association for Trafficmaster planks and tiles.

Additionally, Trafficmaster laminate products are pet and children friendly, meaning that they are safe for both your pets and children to play without worrying they spill their juice or tomato sauce.

All you need to do is just easily wiping up the spills from those staining materials.

Apart from its performance, Trafficmaster is noticeably stylish. There are nearly 46 varieties of wooden laminate produced by trafficmaster.

You can freely choose the laminate flooring from the wide selections of oak look, walnut look, cherry look or hickory look.

Different from other manufacturers, Trafficmaster never produce two laminates or tiles with the same look.

So, there are never two tiles with the similar look. This allows you to have a very natural wood look of laminate flooring.

As it has been mentioned, Trafficmaster laminate flooring is popular for its affordable price, isn’t it? Let’s assume so.

Truly, it comes with the much affordable price because the manufacturer uses synthetics and thinner layers in all products. The most stylish laminate flooring from Trafficmaster is approximately $0,50 to $2,00 per square foot.

To support the durability of the Trafficmaster laminate, 15-year residential warranty. Hence, every time you get your floors damaged by a certain accidents, it would be just easy to replace them.

Even when your pet runs through the room causing damaged, you can likely ask for a replacement.

Isn’t this Trafficmaster laminate flooring reviews clear to you?

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Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Installation

Easy installation frequently becomes the first reason why people choose a laminate flooring. imilar to most laminate flooring, Trafficmaster is pretty easy to install. There are 3 easy installation steps to follow in general.

  • Prepare The Surface

Preparing the surface is the first installation procedure that must be carefully done. In this case, you are a must to clean and clean the subfloor.

Traffic master laminate product can be typically installed over wood or concrete subfloor.

  • Plan The Installation

When the surface of the subfloor is ready, the next way you can do is to plan the installation. Measure the length of the room and divide it by the length of the laminate.

Let a quarter inch gap on each end. Next, measure the width of the room where you want to lay on the laminate flooring and divide by the width of the laminate.

If the result is less than a half of the laminate width, you have to trim the first and the last row with the same width. This is aimed to make the room look balanced in the end of the installation.

  • Install The First Row

After measuring the length and width, install the first row. Start installing the first row in the corner of the room. Lay on the first laminate flooring down facing the wall.

Don’t forget to left a quarter inch spaces between the laminate or planks and the wall during the installation. This is aimed to allow the subfloor contraction and expansion.

Install the second row of Trafficmaster laminate flooring at the 45 degree angle tightly by pressing down on the seam.

To strengthen the bond of the gripstrips, you can use a hand roller. Continue laying the next row on the subfloor and rolling the seams as you go to the last row.

When you are installing the laminate flooring around the door openings, it is best suggested that you cut the door casing in order that the laminate will be able to slide underneath.

Place the laminate next to the casing and mark the laminate thickness. Use the hand saw or jam cutter to cut the door case.

Seal the seam using the large floor roller and install the molding. Your room is going to complete.

Overall, it is pretty easy to install laminate flooring. Thus, consider installing this kind of laminate flooring in your home now to add such beauty to your spaces.

However, just because it is extremely easy to install doesn’t mean that the laminate flooring has a poor quality.

Instead from our reviews, Trafficmaster laminate flooring is durable along with the very low maintenance.

Furthermore, the proper Trafficmaster laminate flooring installation can extremely add the durability of the floors.

All in all, this great type of laminate flooring is very much considerable for your home flooring improvement. So bring it home to make your house looks more natural and stunning.