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USFloors Cork Flooring Reviews

USFloors Cork Flooring Review and Your Eco-Friendly Option

by Dylan Johnson

You can consult USFloors cork flooring review to find out whether cork flooring would be the right option for you. As a homeowner, you may find out that there are myriads of different flooring types out there.

It can be quite overwhelming and confusing, especially when you have to narrow down your options to a particular type. No need to worry, though.

If you want a natural and eco-friendly floor that can improve your interior home decor without harming your financial state, the cork flooring would be the perfect option.

Why Cork Flooring?

There are several benefits why today’s homeowners are mostly turning to cork flooring when compared to traditional flooring, such as harwood.

First of all, cork flooring is natural. The manufacturing process doesn’t include chemical mixture or any dangerous process that can hurt Mother Nature.

Second, it is biodegradable, meaning that it can break down when it is worn out and its time has ended. There is no worry about pollution concern as cork wood won’t cause such a thing.

Moreover, cork flooring has its own natural properties that can benefit the floor and the homeowners. It provides natural insulation so it can make the floor softer and somewhat cushier.

It affects the overall atmosphere and surrounding of the room because of its warmth. If you live in the area with cold climate, having the cork flooring would be wise.

Fourth, the floor is durable and long-lasting with minimum care. As long as you can provide regular maintenance and care, the flooring can last for years even decades.

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USFloors Cork Brands Review – A Glimpse

When we are talking about cork flooring, we can’t help but to mention USFloors. After all, the company is the leader in the industry and they have proven their quality for more than a decade.

The company started their business in 2001, showcasing their flooring products that are claimed tobe unique, durable, and innovative. They produced bare flooring (such as hardwods) with premium quality.

Then later in 2003, they introduced the cork flooring which was claimed to be eco-friendly and unique without compromising style and look. You can get handy information about the brand from many of the USFloor cork flooring review available out there.

USFloors Cork Durability

You need to remember that not all cork floors are the same. Although the cork flooring itself is durable and solid, it also depends on the manufacturers and the manufacturing process.

Flooring is a costly matter that’s why you don’t want to carelessly choose the type of floor that won’t last. You don’t want to spend thousands on products you think to be premium only to find out that they don’t live up to their claims.

Well, it’s a good thing that USFloors have the great quality of products that would be perfect for your needs.

Based on USFloors cork flooring review, many homeowners say good things about this floor. They have the flooring in areas where the foot traffic is high and they aren’t disappointed.

These homeowners have the cork flooring in the kitchen, the living room, the kids’ rooms, and others areas. Many of them have pets too and they are satisfied with the outcome.

Not only the floors are durable and tough, but they are also soft. It feels soft and plush on the feet, making walking and standing (even for a long time) comfortable.

The floor is also quieter when compared to other types of flooring (hardwood floor included) so they don’t have to worry about making a lot of sound or noise.

The cork floor is able to blend well with the remaining decor elements. It creates a harmonious and balanced design effect that is aesthetically pleasing. And there is a sense of homey feel to the overall decor.

In general, the floor can perform its function up to 25 years give or take. As long as you can manage a proper and regular maintenance and care, you can expect the floor to last for good.

And if you don’t like the appearance of dust or dirt, this floor is the perfect pick. Bare floors generally show dust and dirt easily, but it won’t happen with cork flooring.

Be advised, though, that some homeowners got damaged products. It wasn’t the homeowners’ fault as the products were defected or the damage had happened during the delivery.

If such a case happens to you, no need to worry. You can always exchange them easily and without extra cost.

USFloors Cork Cleaning and Caring

Another great thing about this floor based on USFloors cork flooring review is the easy maintenance and care. A regular hardwood vacuum cleaner, a dust mop, and a regular broom would be easy to keep the floor clean.

There is no need to do any excessive cleaning or buy costly cleaning products to make your floor stay in good condition.

It is advisable, though, to use a mop already dampened with a special product (designed to clean hard floors) or dampened with water occasionally.

It would keep the shine intact. Abrasives or harsh chemical substances are no-no they can do extensive and significant damage to the floor.

Cork flooring is water resistant, but it would be wrong to saturate the floor with water or moisture. When there is spill, make sure to wipe it off and clean it up right away.

Protectors are also advisable, especially for heavy furniture. They would prevent dents. You simply only need to place them under the furniture and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

But you should know that cork flooring is basically durable and also resilient. It has a natural ‘bounce-back’ property meaning that it can rebound and return to its original condition and state as long as you give it a time.

Cork flooring is prone to direct sunlight because the light can cause discoloration and fading. If you want to maintain the beauty, consider using window films on the windows.

You can also use rugs to cover the floor especially on rooms getting the direct sunlight.

Although the USFloors cork flooring review says that the floor is tough, but there are some natural flaws of the floor that you just have to deal with whether you like it or not.

USFloors Cork Flooring Costs

The average and standard cost for cork flooring ranges from $3 to around $8 for a square foot, depending on the brand, quality, and retailer.

The USFloors products range between $3 and $6 for a square foot. When compared to other types of flooring (such as engineered or solid hardwood), the cork flooring is definitely cheaper.

The USFloors products themselves are pretty inexpensive when compared to the similar products from other brands.

But still, you need to consider the extra spending coming along with the installation. If you hire a pro, you will have to pay them.

Even if you decide on installing the floor on your own, you will have to consider the trim, the tools, and such things alike. Don’t forget to include these expenses in your spending.

USFloors Cork Installation

Homeowners are always given the options of installing the floor on their own or hiring a professional service.

USFloors provides the installation guides (in detailed manners) within each collection they have. The guide includes subfloors preparation, the needed tools, and the installation methods.

Despite the claim that you can always install the floor on your own, flooring installation isn’t exactly a super simple process. The project would be a chore and you will have to dedicate your time and efforts (sometimes plenty of them) to get the job done.

If you read USFloors cork flooring review, you will see that many of the buyers experienced issues during the installation.

Some had a difficulty to make the floor lock together, while others experienced damaged while they were using the tapping block. Some had to be creative to close the seams.

Others, however, experienced no issue at all during the installation. Hopefully, you will be one of those lucky people without any drama. Let’s just say that you have been warned.

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USFloors Cork Flooring Downside

Despite all the great benefits you can enjoy from this brand, self-installation isn’t one of them. According to many USFloor cork flooring review, many homeowners have tried tackling the click-and-lock system and most of them fail.

When compared to the click-and-lock mechanism from other manufacturers and brands, the one from USFloor is somewhat more difficult and trickier.

Installers are left with only two options: They hire a professional service for the installation (which adds up their spending) or they spend more time, efforts, and energies to finally tackle the obstacle.

If you choose the latter, you can still expect a great finish but it will definitely cost you extra time and energy. If you aren’t exactly a patient individual, then this option isn’t the perfect one for you.

All in all, every system, product, and method has its own benefits and downsides. The same also applies to USFloor products and variants.

After you have learned the facts, benefits, and also downside from USFloors cork flooring review, you can now decide whether it would be the right one for you or not.