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Valyou VS Thuma

Valyou VS Thuma: Which Brand is Good in Price and Shipping?

by Ethan Ross

Valyou and Thuma are brand furniture that has their specialization. But, they have similarities, which provides a solid frame for their product. There are still many differences between them. What are they? Let’s take a look at this Valyou vs Thuma review.

It is the same as Lovesac vs Burrow reviews. And this review shares the comparison between the two brands in terms of price, variation of product, shipping, and ordering process, including the pros and cons.

The Comparison Valyou vs Thuma

Price Range$24,95 – $9,200$145 – $1,095
Product Range :Valyou has many variants of furniture items that are grouped in several categories. Thuma just specializes in producing bedroom furniture.
The Ease Ordering & Shipping :Valyou provides four kinds of delivery services. They are picked up inside the room of choice, curbside delivery, and White Glove Assembly and Set Up.

It’s easy to order, only online shopping on its website. All information you need for each item like warranty, details, shipping, and others are displayed on it.
This Thuma brand provides fast, free shipping costs.

Thuma’s web design is not user-friendly, making it difficult to find product categories.

You can shop on its site. Just click the “Add to Cart” button.

The payment method with affirmative financing is available.

The color and size options are available on its online shopping windows.
Quality of Service Delivery : You can send items back that don’t match. However, only certain items can return. The time of the return process is 14 days after delivery.

The time of return processs is 14 days after delivery.

Your packaging will be delivered within 1-5 weeks.

Besides that, you can receive your packaging from just thefront door until White Glove Assembly service. It depends on your choice.
Your packaging will be shipped to you in 3-5 working days.

Thuma ships the bed in 3 boxes to you that fit upstairs and in hallways.

You’ll get 100 days to try your first purchase of the bed from Thuma. 

In addition, the product is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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About Valyou Furniture

About Valyou Furniture
About Valyou Furniture

Valyou furniture company creates many items of furnishings. They are grouped into several categories: living room, dining room, bedroom, office, storage, and even decor.

The furniture from Valyou has a simple design in terms of shape. However, it has so many beautiful color options for coloring your rooms. Of course, your room will look no boring. 

Besides that, the material to make this furniture, like solid wood or performance fabric, makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Valyou Pros

This Valyou furniture has some pros :

  • Valyou creates various styles of furniture for you to choose from.
  • Sometimes, you will get a discount product. And it’s a super big discount.
  • The Valyou company provides high-quality furnishing at an affordable price.
  • So many various kinds of fabric and colors are available. 
  • In addition, the material has attractive and cheerful colors.
  • You can upgrade your shipping service into White Glove Delivery Service.

Valyou Cons

The following are the cons of the Valyou Furniture brand :

  • Valyou brand only gives its customer a 1-year warranty. It is a very short guarantee.
  • Some shoppers have had bad experiences with Valyou’s customer service.
  • It takes a long time for Valyou to replace the packaging you return.
  • Valyou brand doesn’t provide free shipping costs.

About Thuma Furniture

About Thuma Furniture
About Thuma Furniture

Thuma is a furniture brand that produces only beds, nightstands, side tables, and accessories related to bedroom furniture.

However, the company is still committed to designing beds that make you feel comfortable sleeping in and relaxing. Therefore, it cooperates with craftsmen to make it. In addition, this brand also uses good quality wood. These materials make Thuma products sturdy and last longer.

Not only that, in the hands of this furniture craftsman, it looks more natural because wood grain impressions appear on it.

Thuma Pros

This Thuma brand has some pros :

  • The bedroom furniture gets the Greenguard Gold Certification. It means that this product is free of dangerous chemicals, and besides that, it keeps the environment sustainable. 
  • Thuma provides size and color options in its online shopping windows. So you can freely choose it.
  • This product is easy to assemble.
  • Craftsmen craft all bed and other bedroom furnishings.
  • This brand provides a fast, free shipping service.
  • You can get the 100 nights trial.

Thuma Cons

These are the cons of Thuma furniture products :

  • The Thuma brand only gives a limited warranty.
  • The website is not user-friendly, so it’s very difficult to find the product and shop online.

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Final Words

Valyou and Thuma are both furniture brands that excel in solid frames for their product. The product category, price, and shipping service make these two brands different. Thuma’s price is lower than Valyou’s. Similarly, with the shipping process, the Thuma is better than the Valyou.

That’s the Valyou vs Thuma comparison review. Wishing this review can help you to make a decision.