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Veranda Decking Review

by Ryan Matthews

Homeowners need to read Veranda decking review if they want to install the deck for their outdoor setting.

You probably have been familiar with the brand Fiberon, but not many people know that the manufacturer does have another product within their lines the Veranda decking.

In case you don’t know it, Fiberon has their own budget series and it isn’t a coincidence that Veranda (composite) decking has similar features and characteristics as those budget series products.

But then again, they are completely different, especially in overall accessibility and also colors.

About Veranda Decking in General

As the name suggests, Veranda composite decking boards is included within the composite class.

It means that the deck is created from plastic and wood mixture although the proportion is unknown.

All of those boards have been capped for extra protection which will secure them from the elements. As a result, these boards have good resistance against insects, rot, mold, and mildew.

Maintenance is made super minimal and easy and you can still enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting with these composite boards.

If you read many Veranda decking review, you will see that many homeowners are happy to have these boards for their decks.

The Overall Appearance

When compared to other brands, Veranda composite decks are available in square profile with dimension of 5.3 x 0.93 inches.

The brand itself is solid, but the bottom has scalloped form. It means that the boards are reversible. Moreover, the decks come in 12 foot of length as well as the 16 foot.

They are only available in those sizes. For colors, they only have Gray and Brown. Both of them have textured top imitating wood appearance but not so much, really.

Veranda deck is included in the budget class. The deck itself has its own warranty of 15 years of performance.

You probably think it is a long year, but when compared to other boards within the range, 15 year of warranty isn’t exactly long.

The deck is considered negative for areas with heavy weather. That’s why this deck is great and suitable for United States areas and not other regions.

In other areas with crazy weathers or unpredictable condition, the deck may not hold up pretty well.

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Costs and Availability Veranda Decking

Based on Veranda decking review, it’s not difficult to find Veranda decking. You can try Home Depot (in Canada or the United States). In this retailer, Veranda decks are included as exclusive products similar to Fiberon and ArmorGuard.

Both colors (from Veranda) have similar price range. They are sold as single item or within packs (consisting of 10 or even 56).

Prices may vary from one retailer to another (or from one place to another), but the general price is around $20 for a 12 foot board.

If you want to pay for a pack (consisting of 56), it would be around $1,300. If you opt for the 16 foot type, it would be $26, or around $1,757 for a pack (again, 56).

To compare things, a pack of 56 of Fiberon ArmorGuard decks is around $2,460. It is for Seaside Gray shade.

Where to find those boards?

According to Veranda decking review, the Home Depot can be a great resource for the boards, especially if you live close to Canadian border or in Canada.

There are also several online retailers to get those boards. Within the site, you should be able to find different series that consists of HP, Elite, Ultra-Light, and Vintage decking.

All of them are pretty similar when it comes to styles, but they have various different warranties. The Ultra-Light variant even comes as a full profile board not scalloped.

The Pros and Cons and the Ratings

Many of the Veranda decking review state that having samples is a must if you want to choose affordable composite decks.

If Home Depot isn’t too far away from you, it would be a good idea to check whether they provide samples or not. In the event they don’t, ask them whether it is possible to have those samples ready for you.

Having samples is one way to save up money, especially if you choose products with short warranty. Many of the reviews are mixed, and it can be confusing.

Naturally, there are some of the greatest things about this product, such as:

  • Affordable price. This is the biggest perk of Veranda decks. Considering that it is made and produced by reputable company and the price is quite inexpensive, you basically get yourself a good bargain.
  • The construction. Veranda decks aren’t made from bare composite material. It has a protective cap that will repel snow, UV rays, and rain from causing damages to the decks.

However, not all of the Veranda decking review are good. Some of them also show the downside of the product:

  • Colors. Veranda decks are dominated by mostly Gray or Brown. It is natural, alright, but not all homeowners are into such color scheme. If you don’t like those colors, then you are out of luck. Otherwise, you may have to choose the color you dislike.
  • Not exactly wood-like. Other brands may imitate the wood-like appearance better than Veranda products. If you want a close-up and almost real imitation of the wood, then Veranda decks may not be the one for you.
  • Short warranty. Warranties are only applicable to 15 years which is shorter when compared to other flooring or decking warranties.

In terms of rating, the overall one is 3 stars out of 5. The arrangement would be:

  • Style options or ranges of colors: 1
  • UV resistance: 3.4
  • Overall quality: 3
  • Stain resistance: 3.5
  • Scratch resistance: 3.5

Qualified and Professional Installer

It’s pretty common that homeowners encounter issues during the process. It can be overpaid installation or they can’t find reliable local installer.

It’s the common issues, based on Veranda decking review. But no need to worry; you can now access an online estimate tool that can help you get local bids within 24 hours.

The tool is completely free, and you can get yourself 3 bids at least. The tool should be able to help you compare services and prices not to mention also help you avoid being ripped for the job.

Comparing the 3 bids can help you get the reasonable installation cost and avoid getting ripped.

Feel free to leave a comment to share your reviews of Veranda decking or Veranda installer below.

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FAQs Veranda Decking

Who is the manufacturer of Veranda decking? Where is the manufacturing process taking place?

Fiberon is the company responsible for the manufacturing. They sell the products at Home Depot.

What is the proper way to store Veranda decking until the deck is ready for the installation?

It is advisable that all (decking) boards are still wrapped and covered within the original wrapping. It should be maintained in such a condition until the installer (or you) finishes the preparation. In the event that you remove the cover and the boards are being unwrapped, they must be stored with support. It should be supported for every two feet when being stored. Make sure that they are kept under the shade.

If my deck is exposed to ice during winter, what would be the safest product to melt it?

Based on the company’s guide, you are free to use products containing calcium chloride for ice removal (applicable for their composite decks). You can also use rock salt. In the event you also need a shovel to make the snow go away, choose the plastic types so they won’t hurt the deck.

If I get bored with the color of the deck, can I paint it?

It is possible but it isn’t recommended to do it. Based on previous experiences of buyers, it will result in more problems than benefits. Composite decking isn’t meant to be stained or painted because it is supposed to enhance the original color while withstanding elements at the same time. So, if you paint the deck, it would be on your own risk.

Can I clean the composite decking? How often do I need to do it?

Veranda recommends cleaning the deck twice a year (at least) so debris and dirt won’t accumulate on the deck. Once they accumulate, they would be even more difficult to remove. If you deal with difficult or stubborn stain (which your broom can’t handle), then use the combination of water, scrub brush, and soap. It should do it.

Can I install Veranda decking boards in a commercial environment? And how long will it stand?

Veranda has 10 years of warranty for their deck items within commercial environment. They have 25 years of warranty for residential use. However, Veranda decking review says that such deck isn’t exactly the ideal pick for commercial usage, especially with the fading and stain.

Does the installer need special or specific tools for Veranda composite decking?

You may need to use a drill or a miter saw. It is possible to use a circular saw too but only do it if you have steady and reliable hand. If not, find other tools. Even better, consider hiring a professional if you are clueless about using the tools or installing the deck.

Final Verdict

As you can see, Veranda decks have some good (and positive traits) as well as the downsides just like other decking types. They require careful approaches as well as care and maintenance.

With different variations, you need to look into each type carefully Make sure you do your research thoroughly and deeply, including exploring Veranda decking review, so you can make an educated and wise decision.