Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Ideas – Some Existing Options You Have

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Vinyl Plank Flooring for Bathroom

Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Ideas – It’s a good thing that we live in today’s era because we have tons of gorgeous and visually pleasing bathroom vinyl flooring options. Forget the days where vinyl was associated with lousy and ugly look.

Today’s vinyl looks artistic and beautiful. It is able to imitate the look of natural stone or wood, and the visual effect can drastically improve the look of your bathroom.

Most homeowners make the mistakes by thinking that their bathroom is the least important room in the room. Well, it shouldn’t.

You should pay the same detailed attention to the bathroom as you give to other rooms. And even if you don’t have many budgets to spare, vinyl flooring can be very helpful. You can choose different types of vinyl flooring along with their patterns, sizes, and colors.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas with Vinyl

There are so many different options for bathroom flooring vinyl ideas. There are various picks for the modern bathroom vinyl flooring that is actually functional. Some of them include the luxury vinyl floor, the white vinyl, and the waterproof type.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas with Vinyl
Bathroom Flooring Ideas with Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl

This flooring option usually comes either in tiles or planks design. In general, the planks are designed to look like the wood while the tiles to look like the stone.

This type of floor is constructed from several thin layers, resulting in durable and yet flexible floor that is easy to care, maintain, and clean.

Just as the regular vinyl flooring, the floor is waterproof and solid. That’s why such a flooring is just ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

The good thing about this product is the attractive look. As it imitates the look of natural stone and wood, you can deliver an exclusive and high-end effect to the bathroom.

You can easily install the floor over the already existing floor, so installation process shouldn’t be difficult. And such a floor is also comfortable to step on. It is safe and you can walk on comfortably on it.

The downsides may include the cheap look if you install it the wrong way. Moreover, vinyl floor may not actually improve the property value.

So, even if you have to spend thousands of dollars doing the bathroom remodeling work, it won’t increase the property’s value when you decide to put it on the market.

But if you don’t have any plan to sell the house, you can always improve the look with natural and beautiful stone or wood-look.

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Waterproof Vinyl

There are actually 2 types of waterproof bathroom vinyl flooring. They are SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). You probably already guess what they are made of from the name.

The SPC is made from plastic and stone mixture, while the WPC is from plastic and wood flour. These are the newest products of high-end vinyl flooring. Gone the days where vinyl looks flimsy or cheap. If you install this flooring in your bathroom, it will immediately transform your bathroom into a beautiful one.

The specialty of WPC and SPC lies on the layered construction. And with the waterproof core that won’t absorb any liquid at all, the floor won’t experience any swell, warp, or mildew.

The high-quality printed layer is the one that makes the floor look realistic and beautiful. The wear layer will act like the first defense for the flooring. This is the surface where you walk on.

That’s why it is usually made from substantial and thick layers. The thicker the layer is, the sturdier the floor will be. 

The advantages of waterproof flooring include the sturdy and solid construction, combined with the beautiful and artistic outcome. The floor should be able to handle everyday abuse and water spill without compromising the quality.

It is also easy to clean and maintain. And you won’t have to spend a fortune to install one in your bathroom either.

The only downside is that the luxury and high-end flooring can be quite expensive. But you should also realize that it would be a worthy spending. Your bathroom won’t only last long but it will also look beautiful in such an aesthetic manner.

White Vinyl

Some homeowners want to deliver elegant and graceful look into the bathroom, but they don’t really have much to spare.

Well, you can always use the white vinyl flooring option. Such a flooring can immediately improve the bathroom with such a simple way.

Whether you want to choose the plain white floor or you want a little effect with a brushed look, you can achieve it with the white vinyl floor.

If you want a little color or a little pattern, you don’t necessarily have to choose the plain white floor. You can choose one with patterns and colors. Feel free to pick either white planks (or tiles) with a little bit of color as the pattern or not.

You’d be surprised to find out that a little bit of pattern, color, and texture can change the look and atmosphere of the room right away!

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Bathroom

The plank is made from PVC composites that are mixed together with limestone based material. Because it has no fiber or felt layer, the plank comes in a solid material with extra thickness.

The plank itself is still flexible, and yet it is somewhat more sturdy and rigid than the vinyl tiles or the sheets. What’s unique about the plank is that the construction has its own groove and tongue system.

Some people call it the ‘click’ system because you generally click both planks together. Some people call it as the snap and go mechanism.

Whatever that is, the special design makes it possible for each plank to overlap one another and then snap in place. Because of this construction, you don’t need to use the glue at all.

The plank is ideal when you want to imitate the wood effect without actually using the real wood.

As you are well aware of, wood isn’t exactly great for bathrooms they will rot and decay when they come in contact with water. But thanks to vinyl plank, now you can create a homey and gorgeous wood look in the bathroom without having to worry about a thing.

Since vinyl is waterproof, you won’t have to worry that your floor will be damaged. And you can definitely improve the look of the bathroom without compromising the safety and spending a fortune.

Whether you want to include dark wood or light wood atmosphere into the room, the planks would do the job quite well. You can also expect a brushed or a worn look whatever your preference!

Sheet Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

This type of flooring comes in the form of continuous polymer material sheet that is generally produced in 6 x 16 feet in size. The vinyl sheet is made with digital graphic layer (or film) of the PVC, giving the color and pattern on the flooring.

This layer is then attached to the felt (or fibrous material) base layer and then bonded together. For the top surface, you can find the protective outerwear layer that is designed to protect the PVC layer.

The sheet only has a few seams because it is a big roll. Because of the few seams, the sheet is better at repelling the water. It is also great to cover a big room, requiring you to spend less time and effort.

This flooring is generally glued down to the floor, but you can perform a floating installation over underlayment or you can bond it within the perimeter.

This flooring is quite popular among homeowners who want to spend less money for the project. The sheet is cheaper than the tile or plank, but it actually costs more on the longer run.

Tiles Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

Tiles Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom
Tiles Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

The VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) is made from the mixture of thermoplastic binders, filler materials, color pigments, and also natural pulverized limestone.

Basically, it is made from plastic and pulverized stone. When the solid sheet is produced, it is then cut into tiles. The surface is generally porous (because of the natural stone element) so you will have to polish the surface.

You can expect such a flooring to look like natural stone from the texture and also colors. You can even expect marble effect, coarse effect, and such thing alike.

However, unlike the plank and the sheet, this one comes with many seams. Because of it, it may not be as 100% waterproof as the sheet. The water resistance level is probably below the sheet. If water seeps into the seams, it can cause damage to the base layer.

Such a tile construction generally uses adhesive to make it stay attached to the underlayment. Although the peel-and-stick method is the common one (just like the stickers), there is also other possible methods, such as glue down or the towel on adhesive.

The modern tile bathroom vinyl flooring comes with attractive and good looking options perfect to create chic and gorgeous bathroom.

Plank, Sheet, Tile Comparison for Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to different types of bathroom vinyl flooring, you basically have 3 choices: the tile, sheet, and plank. They share the same functions and use, but they have their own basic differences too, especially in size, style, and final effect.

The sheet is the biggest of the three, generally available in rolls. This one is used for big rooms you only need to roll it out to cover the entire floor. The plank and the tile are both included in the luxury vinyl products.

They are known as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank).

  • The LVT is designed to look like the ceramic tile or stone tile. It has its own natural hues as well as the surface texture. Yes, you can actually feel the rough and coarse texture of the stone when you install this floor in your bathroom. Some of the products are even designed to have grout so you can enjoy the realistic effect.
  • The LVP is designed to resemble the wood and you can have it from various species to the natural color. The texture is often embossed or scraped, really look like the real. The planks can be installed in various ways, such as diagonally, in brick manner, and such thing alike.

In terms of installation, the three types are different too. The sheet is usually glued down to the sub-floor. The process is inexpensive, but can be complicated later.

In case one part is damaged, you will have to replace the entire floor. And the installation process is actually difficult and complicated too. It takes an experienced professional to do the whole thing.

The plank and tile can come in various installation mechanisms. There is the snap-and-go system where you don’t need to use the glue to install everything. And since you don’t have to glue it to the sub-floor, you can always remove it easily.

There is also the peel-and-stick system like the stickers. You only need to remove the backing and then stick the tile (or plank) to the desired spot. In case one part is damaged, you only need to replace the affected area with the new one and you don’t have to replace the entire floor.

And the installation process is basically a simple DIY project so you can always do it on your own.

How much should you pay for the flooring?

For a budget vinyl flooring, expect to spend $30 for a square meter.

For the standard vinyl flooring, you need to spend between $35 and $45 a square meter.

And for luxury and high-quality vinyl flooring, you need to spend from $55 to $90 a square meter.

You need to consider how much you are willing to pay for the work.

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Final Word

Vinyl would be a great option when you want to create a beautiful and also long lasting bathroom.

And you basically have different options that can match your personal preference and also the bathroom vinyl flooring interior decor.

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